Family Tradition – The McLuxies

I love traditions.

Now that our children are grown and have children of their own, I love that our family traditions have created great memories and continue to keep us connected.

At this time of year our minds are focused on The McLuxies.

This tradition was started in 1992 with our dear pals Ellie and Archie. You can read more about it here and here.

Peter and I, our children and their spouses and Archie and Ellie all make predictions about world events taking place throughout the year. We keep a running score and the person with the most correct predictions at the end of the year is awarded with this fabulous trophy.

McLuxies Champion

Actually, for the first 21 years of the McLuxies, we did not have a trophy. The satisfaction of winning was the prize.

However, since the trophy came into play, my son-in-law, Jerry, has won every single year. Yes, he has accomplished an unprecedented 3-peat.

It’s time for that trophy to find a new home.

Please let me share with you my picks for the 2016 McLuxies:

NCAA Football champion – Clemson. (I came so close on this one…)

Super Bowl – Patriots defeat Panthers. The beautiful Tom Brady for the win.

Best Picture – Spotlight. I have seen a grand total of zero of the nominees but this film has gotten a lot of buzz and my pal, Katie Clooney, said it was very good.

NCAA Men’s Basketball – Oklahoma defeats Michigan State.

NCAA Women’s Basketball – Notre Dame defeats South Carolina. Go Lady Irish!

Masters Golf – Jason Day.

NBA Championship – Golden State defeats Cleveland. Sorry, LeBron.

Stanley Cup Winner – Stars defeat Capitals. But I’d be happy with a lost point and a Blackhawks victory.

Wimbledon Men – Djokovic

Wimbledon Women – Serena Williams. I would not bet against that gal!

Country with the most gold medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics – USA! USA!

Which college will Malia Obama attend in the fall? – Stanford. Thinking outside of the Ivy League box.

Best TV Drama – Empire. Never seen the show…

Best TV Comedy – Silicon Valley. Ditto.

World Series – Cubs defeat Red Sox. This is going to be the year, I just know it. Plus, The McLuxies have a “Cubs Clause”: if ever the Cubs actually DO win the World Series, anyone who predicted that win becomes automatic McLuxies champion of the year.

2016 Presidential Election – Hillary defeats Marco Rubio. I will skip any political commentary except to say just please, please, please no Trump.

People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive – Idris Elba.

Time Magazine Person of the Year – Hillary Clinton. This is one of the toughest categories to predict and we rarely get it right (although Archie did predict Angela Merkel in 2015 so hats off to Archie!). This year, 6 of the 8 of us picked Hillary. The other two selected Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

And finally, the tie-breaker….

Total gold medals won by the USA at the 2016 Summer Olympics – 44. My favorite number.

There you have it. What do you think? I’m going to take the trophy this year, right?

My predictions surely reflect the spirit of the McLuxies; the sentiment penned by my son Walt and spelled out in Latin on the base of the trophy.

McLuxies plaque

“Peritia, Fortuna Et Conjectura Temere”

Expertise, luck and random guesses.

In my case, mostly random guesses.

Want to play along? Send me your random guesses well thought out predictions and we will see how you do!

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  1. Love it, Mo!

  2. Malia’s old enough for college? Dang. Time flies.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on I heart you a Waffle Lot. by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  3. Will you be holding a Red Carpet event for the award ceremony??? And Who will you be wearing???
    Laura Ehlers recently posted…It’s Just Me, StyledMy Profile

  4. OMG … Mo – So much fun. There will be an awful lot of happy people in Beantown if your prediction is correct for the Super Bowl. I’d be happy if your presidential prediction is correct. I never heard of Idris Elba. A lot of the critics are saying Spotlight will walk away with the Oscar. I have another prediction… we are going to have the BEST darn time in SLC in Feb! I’m already chuckling about it and I’m not ever there yet!! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. My guess for Malia is Princeton…not sure why, just have a feeling. Love th McLuxies, another thing I may have to copy with my family and friends. Have a great weekend.
    Beemie recently posted…Much ado…My Profile

    • I think that Malia going to the west coast is a long shot so you might be right about Princeton. I highly recommend doing the prediction game with your family and friends. My daughter and son-in-law, both grads of George Washington University, do this with their college pals and call it The Cherry Picks.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Family Tradition – The McLuxiesMy Profile

  6. Okay, gonna confess that as a Canuck, the majority of the info listed here is as if you’re speaking Italian. Or perhaps Mandarin. I did understand the Malia college reference though and I agree with you on the Stanford front. However, how is it possible that she’s off to college? Golly, time is a zippin’ by.
    And Best Picture? I’m going with The Revenant.
    As for the rest of it well … let’s just say I’ve got all my crossibles crossed that Trump proves to be a flash in the pan. Oh my word. Can’t quite see him on the world stage as your rep. Nope. Impossible.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…My 93 Year-Old Mum’s Thoughts On ColorMy Profile

  7. I think I would suck at the McLuxies, but how fun it would be! I’m not particularly invested in most of the outcomes, although my family is extremely happy that you are wrong about the Superbowl. Nothing personal, Mo. We will never root for a Patriot win!

    Thinking Malia will not meet my college freshman on campus in the fall…totally different choices:)
    Dana recently posted…Sometimes a crayon is just a crayonMy Profile

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