All Moved In

What a month it has been.

Busy, crazy, stressful. Exciting, happy, and successful.

Who relocates from Florida to Chicago in their 80s and 90s? My folks – and I’m so happy they did!

Many hands made the packing go quickly. We had a few thrills and spills but all in all, things went smoothly.

One of the many high points was the surprise going away party thrown by Gee Gee and Ray’s dear friends and neighbors on our last day in Florida.

These wonderful folks also managed to convince the county to rename their neighborhood pond in honor of “Doc” and Gee Gee.

pond dedication

Such a sweet symbol of the impact they have made during their 29 years in the neighborhood!

Now my fabulous folks are all moved in to their new Chicago area digs.

Thanks to many hands on this end as well, all the boxes are unpacked and the art is on the walls.

The place looks and feels like home.

Gee Gee and Ray are busy learning the ropes of their new “independent senior living” building, exploring the new neighborhood and making new friends.

Welcome to Chicago!


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  1. Mo — My parents are moving to Chicago from South Caroline this JANUARY!! Who moves to Chicago in the winter. They are both in their 80s and I’m looking forward to having them near again. Thanks for this timely blog.

  2. Welcome to Chicago Gee Gee and Ray! May you enjoy your time in the Windy (But fun) City and being near your family.
    Katy recently posted…10 Reasons Why The Tooth Fairy Did Not Come Last NightMy Profile

  3. You’re lucky to have them!
    Kathy G recently posted…Have You Seen Any Of These?My Profile

  4. So glad that your parents are close by and settled in their new home – a blessing for you and them. Family proximity trumps warm temps and sunshine every time! (Hope to see you in Boston in 2016!)

    • I couldn’t agree more. I always say that no one lives in Chicago BECAUSE of the weather, we live here in spite of the weather and because of the wonderful things, like family, that the city offers. I will definitely see you soon!

  5. How wonderful for everyone! They are intrepid, I must say! And adorable.
    Barbara recently posted…To linger.My Profile

  6. Love It!! Needless to say the move with all of the ins & outs would not be possible without the many hours the family & friends put forth to make it so!! Not many people arrive at their new home to find the beds made, electronics all set to go & the kitchen complete with even shelf paper down. We thank you all!!

  7. cutest couple award!!!

  8. So glad the move went well. What a sweet gesture to name the pretty pond in their honor. My Aunt once sent me flowers on the day I moved and the card said, “Life’s a journey.” Happy trails to Gee Gee and Ray on their new adventure!
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Granddaddy ain’t no haint by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  9. Linda Dooley says:

    It will be so nice to have your folks close by. They left some wonderful Florida neighbors, but I suspect that they will make a new friends quickly. I see your Dad is a Cubs fan! He will be close to all the Cubs action next year! Best wishes.

  10. How great that your parents have moved closer to you! When I first glanced the photo of your parents I thought I saw my own…I miss my own. I hope you have many wonderful years to come.
    Beemie recently posted…When life hands you leaves…My Profile

  11. I hope you are making sure your parents have all their winter gear in order! So nice for you to have them nearby. I can’t imagine not living near my parents – I’m pretty spoiled (and lucky).
    Dana recently posted…Just MommyMy Profile

  12. I can’t believe that they got a pond named for them! That is terrific.
    How nice for you to have them near. Both my parents are gone now, but I would not trade one minute of the time I got to spend with either one of them when they were in this stage of life. Enjoy!
    May recently posted…Cloud GateMy Profile

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