Avalanche Lake and Floating on the River

I’m back home after an awesomely fabulous girlfriends’ trip to Montana.  I’ve got a lot to catch up on because while Big Sky Country is resplendent with beauty, it is not so generous with an internet signal.  That’s a pretty fair trade off, though, as you will see.

Our last full day together was jam packed with activity.  We got up early and headed to West Glacier to enjoy the hike to Avalanche Lake.  On the way, I shot this picture out the car window going 50 mph.  I just love my little Panasonic Lumix camera!

The trail to Avalanche Lake was much different than our earlier hike to Iceberg Lake.  The path led mostly through forested area which provided different but equally gorgeous scenery.

Getting closer…  A peek of what is to come.

TA-DA!  Avalanche Lake. The lake is so clear and still that it looks like a mirror.

After a picnic lunch at the lake, we headed back.  On the trail we met up with a young family: mom, dad and little girl probably about 6 years old. The little girl had fallen and cut her leg.  She was trying to be brave but tears were trickling down her sweet little cheeks. The mom stopped us and asked, “Do any of you ladies have a band aid?”  Within 10 seconds we had produced 4 different band aid options, some neosporin, antiseptic wipes and a couple of packs of fruit snacks to cheer up the injured junior hiker. The mom just laughed and said, “I figured that a group of 5 women was going to be our best bet for help.” and boy was she right. We just kept pulling things out of our packs.  I think the little girl seriously thought we were going to pull out a pop-up hospital tent.

Having done our Girl Scout good deed of the day, we hopped in the car and drove over to Glacier Raft Company for a relaxing raft float ride down the Flathead River.  It was perfect weather – sunny and 70 degrees.

Our fabulous guide, Jake, kept us laughing and safe throughout the trip.

We were hoping to see some wildlife on the banks of the river but no luck.  Just lots of natural beauty.

At the end of the day, some storm clouds started rolling in. Fortunately we got off the river before the lightning and thunder started.

Later that night, I captured this shot of lighting in the distance over the mountains of Glacier.

It was another glorious day with my dear pals.

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  1. The beauty of your pictures continues to astound me. What a wonderful and renewing trip…and you were also able to rescue a girl in need with band aids, too! You guys did it all! 🙂 –Lisa

  2. What gorgeous photos! It looks absolutely amazing. Who needs an internet connection there?!

    And I love how you helped that little girl. Always prepared!

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