Backup Your Computer NOW!

My computer crashed this morning.

I turned it on and it appeared to be frozen so I tried rebooting and got this:

Not good

Whomp, whomp.

My first call, of course, was to my fabulous, Apple Savant, son-in-law, Jerry. He was very kind but I could hear in his voice that THIS IS NOT GOOD.

I was able to get an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar (because Jerry lives 3,000 miles away).

As I expected, the Genius’s first question was,

“Did you backup your computer?”

I’ve been meaning to. It’s on my To-Do list. It just hasn’t gotten To-Done.

The genius worked and worked and worked.

The diagnosis: the file system is corrupted, blah, blah, other stuff I didn’t understand, and, although your hard drive seems to be OK, the little bugger is hiding so we can’t pull all your data off and start over.

Do you know who might be able extract the data?


Well, maybe, but he is unavailable/not real. So, I took my poor little laptop to a Secure Data Recovery place. Sounds very high-tech and very expensive.

I will hear back from them in a couple of days and likely will have to decide to spend $99 Gazillion or to say bye-bye to my photos and documents forever.

And can you guess what would have saved me from this potential Sophie’s Choice?

If I had backed up my computer.

So please, please, please promise me that you will take care of this vital task ASAP.

(Until little laptop is feeling better, I will be working on my iPad. Please excuse any wacky formatting or typos.)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and wishing I had spent last weekend backing up little laptop.

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  1. Oh, no! Did not think apples had blue screens of death. I am going to do mine right now as it has been on a slow decline. Fingers crossed.

  2. How totally frustrating! I’ve always used Apple products and my computer used to always send me a reminder to back it up, but now that I think about it, I haven’t seen that message in a long time! Thanks for the reminder, and good luck with your thing-a-ma-jigs.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Fairhope Flower Clock by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  3. Oh no! My computer crashed several months after I finished grad school. Thankfully it happened *after* I was done, but I still lost most of my work. I learned then to backup my computer! Hope they are able to fix it.
    Bev recently posted…{DIY} Lime in the Coconut Oil ScrubMy Profile

  4. Oh Mo, I am so sorry. Thanks for the advice. I hope it get straightened out. In the meantime, have an extra glass of wine tonight.

  5. Once I finish writing this comment I will back up my computer …thanks. Good luck and hopefully you will retrieve everything that is dear to you.
    Beemie recently posted…Beach Weekend…My Profile

  6. I’m horrible about backing up my computer. We actually have had 2 external hard drives crash – I’m taking one in tomorrow to see if the stuff can be recovered since it has 1000s of pictures, family videos and business information on it.
    Kim recently posted…Some Days You Have to LaughMy Profile

  7. I have been so confident and feeling very secure, backing up on external hard drives…….I didn’t even think about them crashing, too! Is anything ever really secure?

  8. Oh Mo say NO! Don’t we always believe it might happen to the other guy, but not to us? Hope it can be salvaged and not for a kazillion dollars!
    And Katie has the pourfect solution?

  9. Wow…that is beyond frustrating! Thank you for the heads up…definitely needs to be added to my to do list. Hope this week is going better. xoxo
    Sandy recently posted…Paradise at The Viceroy AnguillaMy Profile

  10. Noooooo! Just read this, Mo. I am so very sorry. That’s just UGH. I do hope they can recover some stuff for you. Have you any updates yet?
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Returning College Kids MaydayMy Profile

    • They said they could give me a bargain deal of $960 but I think I will pass and maybe get a second opinion. An expensive lesson learned!

  11. Ouch! That’s painful! Sorry to hear 🙁 I did learn that the hard way when I spilled coffee all over my laptop. Yup. And now I back up at lieast once a day.
    Amy recently posted…Best Of The Weekend 102…and…Hooray! It’s May!My Profile

    • I will definitely join you as a reformed and disciplined backer-upper once I get my computer back up and running. Right now I’m trying to limp along with my on-its-last-legs-and-very-slow PC.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Sweet Home ChicagoMy Profile

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