Balancing All This Fun Is A Good Problem To Have

The ironic thing about writing a blog focusing on ways to connect with family and friends is that when I travel to visit family and friends, I’m so busy connecting that I don’t have time for telling the story.

Right now, I am in Chicago for a few days to take part in the Breast Cancer walk. I’m walking as part of the team formed each year by my friend, Monique, in memory of her beloved aunt.

While I’m in town I make plans with friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner – sometimes second breakfast or second lunch, too. I tend to over schedule in an attempt to connect with all the people who mean so much to me.

I always try to schedule a Girls’ Night In. Last night the gals were all here and they surprised me with a birthday cake. How sweet is that?!

When I go to Boston to visit my kids and grandkids, every day and night is packed with activities. Whether it’s playing with the babies or trying a new dinner in The North End, there are memories to be made.

When I visit other family members, in addition to having fun and catching up, often I am helping with one project or another. It feels good to be helpful, especially since I can’t be around every day.

This fall our college group is getting together twice. The weekends together are spent reminiscing about old times, getting updates on each other’s kids and  (hopefully) cheering on our football team to a victory.

There is nothing that makes my soul sing like time spent with family and friends. Each group, each relationship is special and different. It is important to me to nurture these relationships.

It's all good

I’m a relator.  (Again, remember that is relator NOT realtor.)

I live to bring people together with – truth be told – me in the middle.

But what happens on these action packed days that I am “on the road” visiting family and friends? I run out of time each day to connect with my virtual community. I write fewer posts, read fewer posts from the blogs I follow, and have much less time to comment and interact with my tribe.

I’m also a Libra. I crave balance. But we all know that balance in our lives is tough to achieve and to do well.

I guess what I need to do, in order to maintain my sanity and my personal standards, is to think about balance on a bigger scale.

I WILL celebrate my relationships by engaging in meaningful ways with the people I love and I WILL write about my adventures and connect with my virtual world. Just not all at the same time.

But most of all, I WILL remember to be grateful that I have relationships in both my real life and my blog life that bring me such joy.  Balancing these is a pretty good “problem” to have.

What do you do to balance the different aspects of your life?  Bloggers, is the process of living your purpose keeping you from writing about your purpose?

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  1. As a fellow Libra – and blogger – I completely relate to your dilemma. Finding that balance between living life and recording/sharing it is always a challenge. It seems like you are doing a great job though! Thanks for the thoughtful post!

    • Hi to my fellow Libra and happy belated birthday (since I know your birthday must have been in the past month)! The balance is something I’m always working on. I never want any fun part of my life to feel like a burden.
      Mo Lux recently posted…California SunsetMy Profile

  2. I’m definitely a relator too. I love bringing people together. Although, truth by told, I am planning a week’s solo beach vacation for this upcoming summer and am hoping nobody takes my offer to come visit! Have fun with your kids this weekend! Maybe we’ll run into one another 🙂

    • There’s nothing wrong with that! I love, love, love being with people but I think we all need some time to recharge. A solo beach vacation sounds like just the ticket!
      We were at The Beehive on Tremont last night. I looked for you. 😉
      Mo Lux recently posted…California SunsetMy Profile

  3. I’m pretty good at balance. I can sense when I’m too entrenched either way – entrenched in a good way. So I adjust. Have fun with your real life whirlwind – made me smile that you like to be in the middle of it. Isn’t that where the calm is? In the eye?
    Barbara recently posted…a loving kindness meditationMy Profile

    • Hi Mo…I am finding it harder and harder to maintain that balance. I had a huge void to fill with my nest emptying out last year (after 25 years of being a full time mom), and I have managed to fill the void so effectively that sometimes I am too busy. And, that my friend, IS a good thing!
      Have a lovely time in Chicago..what a great city!

      • Sandy, I think we all do that when our nest empties. Whether it is to do all the things you never had time for while raising children or to fill your days with activity to avoid being sad/lonely/bored, it’s pretty easy to go overboard. I guess that’s when you try some things out and keep just what makes your soul sing. It’s all good!
        Mo Lux recently posted…California SunsetMy Profile

    • I like the way you think, Barbara! I like to be in the middle because it is calm, the eye of the storm. That’s much nicer than saying I want to be in the middle because I am a control freak. I like your way better!
      Mo Lux recently posted…California SunsetMy Profile

  4. living your life out, in my opinion, should be priority number one. blogging is secondary—always. if i’m traveling and i don’t have time to blog, i don’t make a big deal of it because i know i just have that much more material for when i do have time to blog.
    catherine gacad recently posted…First Look at BabyMy Profile

    • You are a wise woman, Catherine. I am going to heed your simple words: living your life is the first priority, blogging is second – always. Maybe I should put that on a post-it note on my computer as a reminder….
      Mo Lux recently posted…California SunsetMy Profile

  5. I’m also a Libra and a relator. I think at the beginning of this year I was having a much harder time balancing living life with blogging about it. In particular, my first vacation since being self-employed, and feeling like it wasn’t much of a vacation because I was trying to finish up some blog posts. As the year has gone on, I think I have gotten a little better at the balance, realizing that while I enjoy sharing on my blog, living life and spending time with important people in my life is what is really important. I think it will tricky in an entirely new way as I soon learn to balance motherhood with all of these other things.

    Have a wonderful time with your family in Boston!
    Bev recently posted…The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide is Here! Plus Five Reasons to Buy Handmade this Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    • Happy belated birthday, Bev! It is great that you are mindful of the balance issue and have set your priorities. Balancing your life will get more challenging when your baby is born but challenging in the most wonderful way. I’m so happy for you!
      Mo Lux recently posted…California SunsetMy Profile

  6. Being busy with fun events and travels is the best kind of busy! Blog posts can wait – your readers will look forward to all the news!
    Vicki recently posted…Last Minute Halloween BannerMy Profile

  7. I have gotten way off track in my “real” life because of blogging, but am slowly working to regain that balance. It is so hard, because as you said so well, blogging can become all-consuming.-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…School Conferences Provide Parents Quite An Education!My Profile

  8. Yes I first read “realtor.”
    Mo – cannot agree with you more about the tendency to put blogging on hold while you travel. As you know, I’m a novice blogger. My last trip – to visit with my two over Canadian Thanksgiving – I waited until I got home to blog. Basically because I find it next to impossible to write more than a basic email on my phone! My daughter, bless her, gave me her iPad when she left. I really should take it with me when I travel. I did keep notes on things that happened that I’d like to blog about when I got back. Thankfully. This aging brain needs that!
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted…Hallowe’en Tricks-or-TraditionsMy Profile

  9. I have a very hard time finding balance in my life. My husband says I live a very black and white life with no gray areas. I’m either all in, 110%, or I’m completely out of it. I’m still really trying to find that balance.
    Kristen recently posted…30 days of free Wi-Fi hotspots with Bright House!My Profile

  10. I struggle with this so much. When I’m living my life I’m rarely thinking about how I’m going to transfer it to my writing. I hardly ever take pictures with my blog in mind. But DO try to sit down at the end of each day and recap what happened. Even if it’s just 5 minutes every evening, it helps. It’s a few minutes for me. A few minutes to take in the day. Not everything that I jot down ends up on my blog, but since I started doing that I’ve noticed it’s a lot easier to connect my life with the blog.
    Trish recently posted…A Day at Como Park ZooMy Profile

  11. Ahhhh you were in Chicago! I was in Indiana visiting the grandparents for the weekend and we drove past the walk, looked liked there was a lot of people participating!

    What eateries did you hit up-do tell! 🙂

    I hear ya on balancing blogging and real life-both fun but sometimes I am pressed for time. I am debating to go down to two posts a week but I don’t want my stats to go down. Don’t know what to do!

    I was talking to some Chicago SITS girls about doing a meetup one day, maybe you can join us if you are in the area!
    Deanna recently posted…My Kiddo’s Favorite Things.My Profile

    • It’s tough! I’m trying to do three posts a week but when I’m traveling I don’t always get there. I really need to get better about planning and writing ahead.
      I would love to get together with Chicago bloggers when I’m in town. Keep me posted and hopefully I can join the party once in awhile!
      When I was in town I mostly ate at friends’ houses but we did go to The West End Bar and Grille for brunch after the walk. It’s on Madison west of the Kennedy. Yumm!!!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Spending The Week With The GrandchildrenMy Profile

  12. Oh and Happy Belated! My brother is a Libra! 🙂
    Deanna recently posted…My Kiddo’s Favorite Things.My Profile


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