Born on the 4th of July

Happy birthday

Tomorrow we are traveling to Florida to celebrate my step-father’s 95th birthday. Yes, that’s right, John was born on the 4th of July in 1918.

Family is gathering from all corners of the country: six from California, eight from Massachusetts and one from Oregon to join the three Floridians.  We all agree that July is not the best month of the year to vacation in Florida but no one wanted to miss out on the celebration.  We are thrilled to be together for such a happy and monumental event!

(When I saw the fun and festive items that The Dose girls found on Pinterest, I was very tempted to make these my birthday gift. But then I remembered that John asked for “no gifts” plus I love him and don’t think he really needs a ham dogger or condiment dispenser.)

This will be the first time that the birthday boy meets his great-grandsons.  It will also be the babies’ first trip on an airplane. My fabulous daughter-in-law has made gift bags for everyone on the flight containing candy, earplugs and a little note from the boys asking for patience if they get a bit noisy in their excitement. Super cute, right? Another great idea from Pinterest.

We out-of-towners will be staying at a resort nearby. We will all head off in different directions during the day to enjoy the nearby attractions like The Chihuly Museum, then gather for the (in)famous Carney cocktail hour(s) and dinner. Most days I plan to be in the pool with water up to my nose wearing my SPF 100 lotion, my SPF 50 long-sleeved swim shirt and a hat. Quite the look, eh? Or, even more likely, I’ll be wherever the babies are.

On the 4th we will spend the entire day together. Just one party after another. John will enjoy candles in his pancakes, candles in his ham sandwich, and candles in his birthday cake.  The resort has been kind enough to schedule a fireworks show for the birthday boy. Or to celebrate America’s independence. Either way, it will be a bang-up end to John’s 95th year and a great kick-off for year 96!


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  1. Have a wonderful time! My grandfather was born on the 4th of July… and he was QUITE a firecracker! He would be 87 this year!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet step-father! Hope you have a fabulous celebration…even if you choose not to go the ham-dogger route! ;)-Ashley

  3. Have a great trip!


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