Christmas Morning

Wow! It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner which means our

Partners In A Pair Tree – Kelly And Mo Celebrate December

is almost at an end.

Today I will add my “Christmas Morning” ornament.

Christmas morning

But first, I’m curious.

When Santa visits your house, what is his routine? Does he leave behind a few wrapped presents? Does he fill stockings? Does he enjoy cookies and milk that you have left out for him?

Growing up in Florida, I remember gathering around our black and white TV on Christmas Eve to watch the evening news. The weatherman was able to track Santa’s progress on his radar would point out exactly where the sleigh was based upon the blip on the screen. He would give his best guess of Santa’s ETA reminding all the children that they needed to be asleep in bed by that time.

My sister and I were quite convinced that one year we would catch a glimpse of the jolly old elf. Each year we would map out a strategy. Literally, we would map it out. We would draw the best floor plan that an 8 year old and 5 year old could muster and pencil in the most direct (only?) route from our bedroom to the living room.

We fancied ourselves to be top-secret spies who were going to crack the case of the mysterious man.

But then every year our little heads would hit the pillow and we would fall fast asleep until early Christmas morning, having missed yet another opportunity to see Santa in action.

As we got older and wiser, we gave up on catching Santa in the act because by then we knew exactly what Santa looked like, even if our little brothers did not.

But, we would still make a map and a plan to get up very, very early to see what Santa had left us before the rest of the family was awake.

You see, in our house, Santa left our presents laid out like a display in the store. He would artfully arrange our goodies and we took such delight in seeing what he brought. Each of us had stocking that were filled with small favors and candy and left along with our individual display.

So my sister and I would get up early, use our carefully drawn map to find our way to the living room, take a sneak peak to satisfy our curiosity, then head back to bed for a little more shut eye.

One might wonder why we needed a map to find our way to our own living room but let’s just chalk it up to tradition.

I should have known that the early-to-rise-on-Christmas-Day gene would be passed along to my children.

From the time they were very young until quite recently (and my children are ages 31 and 28 – just so you know…) Annie and Walt would be up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, eager to get to the business of the day.

But in our house, the gifts that Santa brought were wrapped so there was no opportunity for a preview.

I’m not sure why Santa wrapped gifts for my children even though he hadn’t for me. I guess that times change, traditions change. Also, the Santa that visited my children was way less creative than the Santa of my childhood.

Our Christmas morning tradition became an “up and at ‘em” early morning wake up call at 6 am.

Annie and Walt would wake up Peter and me (quite insistently I must say, they were not going to be deterred by the complaints of their parents) then prepare to head downstairs to check out their bonanza.

I always made them wait at the top of the stairs so I could get to the bottom of the stairs with my camera to capture the iconic Christmas morning photo.

The kids LOVED that.

Eventually, Peter and I got smart enough to have the coffee pot all ready to go so that immediately after taking the photo we could press the brew button and have some of the necessary nectar to help with our bleary eyes.

While we sipped our coffee, the kids would empty their stockings then get to work opening gifts from Santa.

After all those gifts were unwrapped, we would open the other gifts under our tree and be completely done, ready for breakfast – and a nap – by 8:00.

Ah, great memories!

I’m not sure what the Christmas morning tradition will be like for our grandchildren. They are still so little that their parents get to call the shots. But what I do know is that for them, for us, for everyone, there is something quite magical and unforgettable about Christmas morning.

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  1. I will never forget my mom telling me about the year Santa was bringing us bikes(I would have been less than 10). Apparently they had to be assembled in the neighborhood with the help of elves. The elves began their work with the help of some special eggnog, it was a miracle they were assembled and a miracle they didn’t fall apart when we tried to ride them. Mom wasn’t convinced they would make it under the tree!

  2. Wonderful post Mo ! I love hearing about Christmas morning memories. My 2 daughters always had to leave milk and cookies for Santa, a carrot for Rudolph and a note to Santa . Mt husband or I had to disguise our handwriting to make a return note !

  3. The fact that you drew up a map for Santa just melts my heart. So very cute. I love that he tweaked the delivery method too. When I was little he left the stocking on the foot of my bed but at our house he leaves them in the living room! It’s curious that he still wraps everything in tissue paper though.
    Nice job Partner. Can I pop by for some eggnog?
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted…Christmas MorningMy Profile

  4. Once I was looking through some of my mother-in-law’s pictures, and I noticed the same shot every year. One of each of the three boys on the stairs, bleary eyed and in their pjs. It was funnier the older they got. My kids are spared that, but when they go to my in-laws on Christmas day they pose for plenty of photos…Grandma always has a camera in her hand. Merry Christmas, Mo!
    Dana recently posted…The classiness that is my familyMy Profile

  5. Mo the map is priceless. Santa did not wrap my gifts as a kids, they were carefully placed inside my Christmas pillowcase I would leave by the gas heater in the lounge room, the closest thing in our home to a fireplace. It seems Santa has followed the same tradition for my kids and there gifts too are loving placed inside their monogrammed sacks, no wrapping. A time saver this Santa enjoys as she bakes around the clock.
    Karen Main recently posted…Find out how to create the richest, sweetest gift of all.My Profile


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