Our Disney Vacation By Chip And Dale

Disney Castle at nightHi everyone. Chip and Dale here.

Our Momo is letting us take over her blog for the day so we can tell you all about our week in Walt Disney World with Momo, Tato, Mommy and Daddy. We may be only 2 years (and 3 months!) old but we think we did a pretty good job of rockin’ our Disney vacation.

We wish our little cousin Andy had been able to join us but we have big plans to make his first Disney vacation as wonderful as our’s was.

It felt like we waited half our lives but FINALLY it was time to head to Florida.

Countdown to Disney

After a ride on a plane, a bus and a monorail, we put on our Lightening McQueen hats and hit the ground running. Or more accurately, strollering.

Lightening McQueen hats

We met our namesakes, Chip and Dale,

Meeting Chip and Dale

got to kiss the very sweet Minnie Mouse,

Kissing Minnie Mouse

and, of course, said hi to the big guy, Mickey Mouse.

Greeting Mickey Mouse

We flew on the Dumbo ride


and went really, really fast in the race cars.

Disney Speedway

We tried going fast in the Teacups but Mommy started looking a little green so we had to slow down.

There were a few rides that we couldn’t go on because we are too short. Mommy and Daddy rode some elevator in a Tower of Terror while we amused ourselves and gave Momo and Tato a workout.

Boys at Tower of Terror

Every day we did something different. Momo said that Daddy did a wonderful job planning our days to avoid crowds using Fast Passes.

We have no idea what any of that means.

All we know is that we put a lot of miles on our stroller from morning until night every day.

Mommy, Daddy, Momo and Tato said we were going to take it easy one morning because we were all so pooped.


They are the slowskis. We are the broskis – never tired and always up for a new adventure!

It turned out ok, though. We played on the playground at The Wilderness Lodge.

Playground at Wilderness Lodge

We rode in something called a surrey – Wheeeeeeeee!!!!

Riding the Surrey

The grownups complained about it being hard work but we thought the ride was a breeze.

We got to see some horses at Fort Wilderness. Dale thought Tato might be afraid so held onto his hand tightly.


We ate at lots of fun places including the German restaurant where Daddy taught us the words to the “In Heaven There Is No Beer” song.

No beer?

Also where Momo lost her credit card.

German restaurant in Epcot

At Disney Hollywood Studios we got to meet Lightening McQueen and Tow-Mater. Sorry, no pictures because we were just too excited.

Mommy did a great job of finding the hidden Mickeys in these lights.

Osborne lights

On the last night of our trip, Mommy and Daddy let us stay up very late to see the fireworks show from the top of our hotel.

Pretty cool, right?


Sadly we had to say goodbye to Mickey and Minnie but we are pretty sure that Mommy and Daddy are already planning our next Disney vacation!

We are also pretty sure that our pre-school applications are going to be even more impressive now that we can call ourselves “published authors”.

Now please excuse us, we have some trucks to play with.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.
    Kathy G recently posted…Grow, Baby, GrowMy Profile

  2. WOW the trip,sounds amazing! When we took Caroline one Christmas she got to start the fireworks show at Epcot. She loved it. Though I prefer Disneyland to Disney World. I wish your family a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Aw they are close to my kiddo’s age! I can’t wait to take her to Disney-sounds like you all had a blast!
    Deanna recently posted…This week’s round-up and randoms.My Profile

  4. Excellent review of Disney, boys! Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the magic of Disney. My kids are anxiously awaiting their next visit, although they may tell you to skip the Tower of Terror even when you are tall enough! I hope I will be able to go to Disney with my grandchildren one day – you’re very lucky to be able to share it with four grownups who love you.
    Dana recently posted…Beyonce and Big WheelsMy Profile

  5. Awesome post! They looked like they had a ton of fun! I love their little hands in the air while on the surrey! Too adorable!
    Julia recently posted…Egg White and Turkey Bacon MuffinMy Profile

  6. Hello dear Mo… just catching up on making the rounds to all my favorite bloggers. Very cute post. Brings back memories of taking our girls to the parks. Looks like a great time had by all. The Mister and I always say… there’s no “tired” like Disney tired!! Glad you had fun!

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