Football and Friends

Last weekend Peter and I traveled to Dallas to meet up with our group of college friends.

Why Dallas?

Because Dallas was the site of this year’s Shamrock Classic. For the last five years Notre Dame has scheduled a “home” game at a neutral site stadium somewhere in the country. This year the game was at AT&T Stadium (AKA Cowboy Stadium) against the Sun Devils of Arizona State University.

AT&T Stadium

Holy, guacamole! That stadium is un-flipping-believable. It is a gigantic, shiny football castle. To describe the Jumbo-tron as simply “jumbo” is a crazy understatement. The screen is mesmerizing. We had to keep reminding ourselves to watch the game on the field since our eyes were constantly being drawn to the galaxy-sized TV.

Our group is made up of  families from California, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. It’s a big deal for us to be able to spend time with one another. Over the years since graduation, we have managed to gather for at least one football game every season. It has given us the perfect excuse to meet up and, since the schedule is published way in advance, we are able to get the dates on our calendars and make it happen.

When our kids were very little they all came along. Each get together was like a “family reunion” and the kids loved seeing their “aunts, uncles and cousins”. As the kids got older and were involved in sports, debate or other activities, we went through a period of spotty attendance. Everyone wanted to come but sometimes the family schedule did not cooperate. Now most of our children are grown and out of the house. The grown kids, some of whom followed in their parents’ footsteps by attending Notre Dame, often join us. It’s a multi-generational celebration!

Here Come The Irish

To tell you the truth, the football game is really just the excuse to get together. Yes, it is a shared interest, something we have enjoyed together for almost four decades. But the real fun, the magical part is being in each others’ company.

It is in the hugs as each person arrives and in the raucous conversation as we catch up on each others’ news, share photos, reminisce and laugh and laugh and laugh. And it is in the traditional night cap of Bailey’s on the rocks.

At the end of the weekend, as we all head home to our different parts of the country, we already have planned our next gathering. It gives us something to look forward to and makes saying good-bye just a little bit easier.

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  1. That really *is* a MEGA Jumbo-tron! WOW!! How awesome that you have multi-generational. gatherings like this with your friends! I can tell from your words that being together *is* the magic of The Shamrock Classic for you all! Aw!! SO GLAD you had such a great time last weekend with wonderful folks! 🙂 –Lisa

  2. That stadium is unbelievable! Glad to hear you had a great time. What a wonderful reunion!

    • I just found out that they give tours of the AT&T Stadium. It would be pretty amazing to see the “behind the scenes” aspects of the place!

  3. What a fun family gathering (especially since it involved Dallas and the new stadium!).

    • I think that the opportunity to see a game at they site was what drew so many people to the game. And I have to commend the stadium on their excellent set up for tailgating. We had a big grassy area that was perfect!

  4. Holy cow! I knew the Jumbo-tron was big from watching NFL games on TV, but I didn’t realize it was that HUGE. That’s crazy!

    • And my photo doesn’t even do it justice! We all teased that we needed a serious neck massage after craning our necks to stare at the screen for the whole game!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend, Mo!!!

    • It was not Paris but it certainly was fun! Last September our gang traveled to Ireland for the Notre Dame vs Navy game. We do love to travel!

  6. I just LOVE that you have this tradition!!! How fun to continue to connect with your college friends and share in each other’s lives as you have children, and everyone gets older…growing through the years.

    What a wonderful “family” you must have. 🙂

  7. oh boy, we watched this game! my husband is a huge notre dame fan (i think it has to do with him being born in nyc? i have no idea, but something about how there aren’t good football teams in the east coast, so they root for notre dame), yet he went to asu. so he was sorta kinda rooting for both!


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