Please let me introduce the newest member of our family.


“Andy” arrived a week ago, the first child of my daughter, Annie and her husband, Jerry.

Since then we have been very busy kissing and hugging and snuzzling and inhaling deep breaths of the one of a kind, delicious scent of a baby.

Andy is very good at his jobs of eating, sleeping and you-know-what-ing.

His mom and dad have taken to this parenting thing like they have done it all their lives. I am in awe of their calm and confident manner.

I am ridiculously blessed to be here to spend time with our new little guy and with his big boy cousins, Chip and Dale, who CAN NOT WAIT to play trucks with little Andy.

big boys

Is he here yet? We have our trucks all ready to go!

Life is good…


Please note that it is my editorial policy to not show pictures of the faces of any the children – my adult family and friends are fair game but the little guys are off limits. Also, the names have been changed to protect identities. (My son and daughter-in-law are huge Disney fans but they did not, in fact, name their children Chip and Dale.)

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  1. Congratulations on the new baby!! I am so happy for Annie and Jerry…and baby Andy is precious!! Many hugs all around! xoxoxo
    Sandy recently posted…First Stop ~ TokyoMy Profile

  2. Is he named after Andy Cohen?? So sweet … what a head of hair! The other little darlings are cute too! Have a great week. I’m going to send you an email.

    • Hahahaha! Maybe… Annie and I are binging on Bravo programming in conjunction with snuggling with the little guy. Have to get our Andy up to speed on what’s going on before the season premier of RHOBH and Lisa’s debut tonight!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Introducing….My Profile

  3. Mazel tov, Mo! I can tell from his back that Andy is just as adorable as Chip and Dale. Enjoy every second with him!
    Dana recently posted…Who I’m reading…againMy Profile

  4. Congrats MO! What a cutie! How exciting! Have fun with the little guy!
    Deanna recently posted…The great city vs suburbs debate.My Profile

  5. Congratulations to the whole family!

  6. Aw, congratulations! How exciting for you and your family 🙂
    Bev recently posted…Happy first birthday, baby girl!My Profile

  7. Oh – how sweet!! Congratulations!!! Babies are so sweet – I don’t want to rush things but can’t wait to be a grandma one day!
    Kim recently posted…Can You Tell a Joke?My Profile

  8. He is precious and we can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family!

  9. Oh my stars! How precious is his little head! I had a dark headed boy that turned blonde, and a blonde headed boy that turned red! And I’m cracking up at the Chip and Dale references! So funny, and completely understandable. I don’t use names with my dudes either. Some things in this world need to stay snug, safe and all to ourselves.
    Congratulations on this beautiful addition to your family.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on My favorite Christmas ornament by the cape on the cornerMy Profile

    • It will be interesting to see how the little guy’s hair color turns out and if his eye color stays the current bright blue like his mom or more hazel like his dad. No matter what he is beautiful and perfect. And I’m not at all biased. 😉
      Mo Lux recently posted…Introducing….My Profile

  10. Mo, congrats to all of you! This truely is the best of times for all! Lol my husband would pay a kings ransom to have any of the hair your grands sport!
    Enjoy this bliss.

  11. How did I miss this? Here it is the 19th and you posted this precious news two days ago. Congratulations on the birth of your third grandchild. Man alive he’s got a lot of hair! We tend to produce bald bowling balls so I am very impressed. As for not posting full on photos and names – brilliant. I no longer do either. Cheers and best wishes to your daughter and son-in-law on the birth!
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Dad SayingsMy Profile

  12. What a cute little back! Congratulations!

    I like your no faces policy. On my blog I always get written permission to show people’s faces or use their first name. Young ones can’t give that consent. I did use my nephew’s hands in a couple posts.
    Tammy recently posted…Right of PassageMy Profile

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