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Welcome to Legoland

On Friday, I joined my brother and nephews D (age 11) and B (almost 8) for our annual trip to Legoland California.

Legoland is a mecca for lovers of all things LEGO. Although many of the rides are geared toward the younger crowd, there is still tons to see and do for visitors of all ages.

Ticket prices are not quite Disneyland high, but still not inexpensive. Coupons, special deals and the AAA discount all help.

Traditionally, we arrive when the park opens and head directly to Land of Adventure (don’t even think about calling it Adventureland or Mickey won’t be happy!!).

As you would expect, every ride and every activity involves LEGOs in one way or another. Most of the ride queues include an area in which kids can build with LEGOs while their parents hold their place in line.


There is a cute little Safari Ride featuring tiny, two-person jeeps that drive you around to see the “wild” animals like these guys.

Lego zebras

Fortunately, B escaped the jaws of this ferocious lion so we could continue on our way.

Legoland lion

A boat ride takes visitors past incredible replicas of iconic sites from around the world like the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower. Each was built using hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks and are truly works of art.

Legoland Eiffel Tower

The boat also cruises past a replica of Mt. Rushmore. Please note the LEGO guys cleaning George Washington’s ear with a LEGO q-tip. Oh those wacky LEGO engineers – what a sense of humor!

Legoland Mt. Rushmore

There are plenty of fun attractions including a driving school sponsored by Volvo that gives kids the opportunity to earn their “diver’s license”, all sorts of typical theme park rides in a wide variety of thrill levels and a mini tour showing how LEGOs are made.

Scattered throughout the park are spaces dedicated to building with LEGOs, each featuring a specific line of LEGO bricks.  These are D & B’s favorite. We probably spent an hour just at the Star Wars building area!

My favorite, though, is Miniland USA.

Here the talented LEGO artists have built replicas (scale of 20:1) of New York

Legoland New York

Sin City – Las Vegas

Legoland Las Vegas

and Washington D.C. (in addition to the U.S. Capitol, the D.C. area includes the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Monument and more – photos just don’t do justice to the whole thing!).

Legoland US Capitol

Southern California, San Francisco, featuring the Golden Gate Bridge, New Orleans and a New England Harbor round out the collection. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing and something that can really only be fully appreciated in person.

Seriously! Look at these things! Imagine number of LEGO bricks AND the patience that were required to put Miniland together.

Legoland California also includes a water park and aquarium but we have never included that in our day. Why run through a LEGO-themed spray park when you could be building a Star Fighter?

We keep saying that we are going to splurge on a night’s stay at the Legoland Hotel and hopefully someday we will. I will bring earplugs and possibly some valium.

Proximity to D & B and their parents is one thing I will really miss when we move away from Southern California. But as I always say, that’s what airplanes are for!

Speaking of Legos, I recently saw this story about a cargo ship which sank in 1997 off the coast of the UK dumping its contents – including 4.8 million LEGO pieces – into the ocean.

Kind of makes me want to keep an eye out for LEGO pieces as I’m cruising the beach looking for sea shells and sea glass!

Have you ever been to Legoland? Or found a LEGO octopus on the beach?!

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  1. I’ve never been to Legoland, but the Lego store at Downtown Disney has some amazing displays – it boggles my mind how people create them! Love your nephew with his head in the lion’s mouth; we staged a similar scene with dinosaurs at Disney. How can you resist?
    Dana recently posted…When you take your teenagers to an amusement parkMy Profile

    • There is a Legoland not too far from Disney World but we’ve never been willing to give up a day at Disney to go. We get our fix, as you said, at the LEGO Store in Downtown Disney. And no charge for admission!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Legoland, CaliforniaMy Profile

  2. Nope, never found a Lego octopus on the beach, however one summer I found a number of shoes. Happily they were empty. It was up at Tofino. A ship had sunk and its running shoe cargo spilled into the sea. Never found a matching pair, sadly. And sadly, I’ve yet to go to Legoland. Looks rather a hoot. One day. And yes, Mo, I’m with you – that’s what planes are for. On a side note – whenever I say goodbye to someone I’m not seeing for awhile I always say “We’ll see each other again sooner that we would have ten minutes ago …” It helps. Well, it helps me at least.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Top Ten Tips For Surviving FourteenMy Profile

    • Kelly, I absolutely LOVE your wisdom and the clever way you soften the sadness of parting! My mom and I always try to have the next visit planned – even in theory – which allows us to say, “See you soon!” instead of “Goodbye”. Your approach highlights that the time between now and “soon” gets shorter every minute!
      Also, glad for your sake and the sake of the owners that the shoes you found were empty…
      Mo Lux recently posted…Legoland, CaliforniaMy Profile

  3. Oh my gosh…my #1 age 26 would still love to go to this place…he was a big Lego fan…what a fun day.
    Beemie recently posted…Say it…My Profile

  4. I’ve seen Lego stores, but never the actual Lego Land! So cool!!! After raising two boys and purchasing MANY Legos, I’ve stored them all in the attic because I know they’ll never go out of style and someday there will be others who want to play.

    Glad you had a good time. You are a very sweet Aunt.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Spring Break in Atlanta by Leslie AnneMy Profile

    • Leslie Anne, you remind me that I have buckets and buckets of our son’s LEGOs in our basement in Chicago. I think the twins are still a little young for the tiny pieces but soon our son will be stepping on LEGO pieces in the middle of the night left behind during clean-up by HIS sons!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Legoland, CaliforniaMy Profile

  5. I feel bad that we never made it to Legoland when my boys were really into Legos. Our local university’s art museum had a really awesome Lego exhibit a few years ago and we did go see that – loved it!!!
    Kim recently posted…Living Without RegretsMy Profile

  6. Simply amazing. Would be a perfect job for either of my boys who couldn’t get enough of legos (I still get a wincing feeling in my feet when I remember how many times I stepped on little piece over those years). Thanks for sharing your visit there – it’s very close to my sister’s home in Carlsbad and when my little grandbabies are a bit older, we’ll visit.
    Barbara recently posted…A Writer’s DeskMy Profile

    • Oh Barbara, you will love taking the grandbabies when they are a bit older. There are lots and lots of things for little ones to enjoy including a building area dedicated to the large Duplo blocks. And I, too, can vividly remember that feeling of stepping on a wayward brick in the middle of the night. As I told Leslie Anne above, soon my son will have that “joy” with his own sons!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Legoland, CaliforniaMy Profile

  7. Wow that’s a nice one-there is a LegoLand in Schaumburg that I have been meaning to take my kiddo there. But I don’t think it has a spray park-how cool!! Must put that one on the bucket list.

  8. I adore Legos…this looks like a lot of fun!!! Hope you are soaking up these last days of your San Diego sunshine!! xoxo
    Sandy recently posted…Saut Hermès at Grand PalaisMy Profile

  9. Oh, I so want to go, but we just haven’t gotten anywhere near a Legoland! And my kids are now 11 and 8 so the clock is ticking. It looks amazing and fun. And there’s a hotel?!? Will wonders ever cease?
    Katy recently posted…The Surprising Truth about Canada, Part IIMy Profile

    • We did sneak a peek of the hotel last year and it is AMAZING! All sorts of LEGO displays and they say that every room has its own LEGO theme complete with buckets of LEGOs for guests to enjoy during their stay!
      Then, of course, you have the fun of seeing all the toonies in the ponds!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Legoland, CaliforniaMy Profile

  10. This place looks amazing! Such a fun way to spend the day! Enjoy your weekend, dear Mo.

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