My Constant Companion

Someone I recently met, as part of the getting-to-know-you-small-talk,  asked a very innocent and simple question.

“What are your hobbies?”

Hmmm… What are my hobbies??? I’m not an artist, I don’t read as much as I should, I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with cooking, I’m not a collector or a scrapbooker….  I muttered something about traveling (to visit family and friends…not to Istanbul or some other exotic destination), taking walks (I’ve done that a few times), ummmmmmm….

What I should have said – the unvarnished, honest answer – “My hobbies are my iPad and drinking wine.”  And If I’m drinking wine while playing on my iPad?  Well that is sheer bliss.

Wine and iPad

My love of wine is pretty well documented.  I love trying new wines, learning about new wines, going wine tasting, dreaming about building a wine cellar..  You name it.

But my iPad, oh my wonderful, brilliant, constant companion…

This glorious device keeps me connected in the obvious ways: email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And it also lets me touch base with far-flung family and friends by playing games like Words with Friends (currently 19 active games), keep track of all the recipes/quotes/design ideas/outfits/places/products that I love on Pinterest (which I guess makes me kind of a virtual scrapbooker) and I can explore and research ideas for my blog.

On top of all that, I can Face Time with my GRAND BABIES and see their beautiful, perfect, chubby little cheeks and hear them laugh, making the thousands of miles between us disappear.  Face Time is truly Steve Jobs’s greatest gift to grandparents.

I love Face Time

An acquaintance of mine, working on her PhD in psychology, described the planned topic for her thesis: internet addiction.  She waxed on and on about the mind numbing effect this condition is having on young people and expressed her great desire to save the next generation from the scourge of loving their computers too much.  She talked about her need to collect a group of addicts to study and wondered aloud where she might find such pathetic creatures.  Ahhhh, you’re looking at one, sista’.

Nevertheless,  I am not giving up my magnificent little app-filled friend anytime soon. Tonight you will find me curled up with a glass of wine and my iPad trying to find the perfect 100+ point gem to play against my Words With Friends adversaries.

Just enjoying my “hobbies” like any “normal” person.

© 2013 Mocadeaux

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  1. Bliss is where you find it.
    Ipads are this wonderful little piece of connectivity, aren’t they?

    • That they are! Between Words With Friends, Face Time, shared Photostreams and the rest, the iPad helps me to feel so connected with far-off friends and family. What a gift!

  2. I think wine can be a hobby. Why not right! I love my iPad too, it is always with me.

  3. Mo, I don’t think you need to apologize for doing what you love and having the time to do it (without all those pesky hobbies getting in the way). I wish I didn’t have so many projects going and stuff to do them with flowing over in my closets. I think you have the right idea. . . and it probably means you are a very content lady.

    • Thanks for the pep talk! I’ve definitely gone through stages during which my closets were filled with supplies like yours. Right now we are in a small 2 bedroom condo so, by necessity, I had to scale back. Maybe this is a good chance to start fresh with only a couple of little things. I’ll do some research on my iPad.

  4. Ok – so wondering if you are part of her thesis group? Does she need to interview others – if so, I could be a candidate.

  5. Drinking wine while building my city on Cityville is my bliss. FaceTime is the best! My 6 year old has it on his iPod Touch. He can call his cousins with it and talk as much as he wants to via an e-mail address. That’s genius!


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