Old Friends

Two of my college roommates married two of my husband’s college roommates.  Crazy, huh?Peter and I started dating first, and within a few weeks the others had started their relationships.  We all got married the year after graduation.  This year we will each be celebrating our 33rd anniversary.

The six of us, along with several other couples that make up our close-knit group of college friends, joined together last weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of our next generation.  We were hosted by the same couple that hosts us for football games at our alma mater.  They are MOST EXCELLENT at the hosting thing – generous and gracious, always.


old friends

We all met when we were 19 or 20 years old.  We didn’t start hanging out as a group until our junior year (some joining even later) so we really only “lived together” for two years before graduating and dispersing to various points in the U.S.  And by the way, “living together” at our university meant hanging our on the quad, sharing tables at the dining hall and watching movies in the engineering auditorium and did not mean living in co-ed dorms.  All dorms were single sex with strictly enforced curfew.  You DID NOT want to be caught sneaking out of the boy’s dorm at 2:01am.  No sir!  But I digress….

Anyway, the intervening 35+ years, was spent working, raising children, moving, celebrating highs and lows and doing our very best to stay connected.  None of us are the same people we were in 1977 (amen to that!) but still, there must have been some common thread, some morsel of magic that has kept us together, loving each other for all these years.  

It takes a long time to grow old friends.

I am so, so thankful that we all can and do make the effort to reunite as often as possible.  Distance and life’s events sometimes makes it tough but always, always there is the desire and intention to join in the fun.  

This gang brings richness to my life.  The gift of their friendship makes me a better person.

I am a very lucky girl.

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  1. What an amazing story – one that you keep adding chapters to for the last 30+ years. thanks for writing about this group and your enduring marriages and friendships. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks so much!


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