Our Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Dandy

My fabulous step-dad turned 95 on the 4th of July. His birthday and the holiday weekend combined to provide a wonderful opportunity for a family reunion.

Most of the days were spent splashing in the pool and dodging the periodic Florida summertime thunderstorms.  My son and daughter-in-law are wishing they had a pool after they experienced the affect an hour of swimming had on the babies’ naps. The boys slept like…well, like babies – very relaxed and sleepy babies.

Because they live in different parts of the country, the cousins don’t get to see each other frequently. But when they are together, they have a blast.  The ages range from 6 to 31. It’s quite a confusing blend of generations.

The little guys (ages 6 and 9) are very clever and have incredible imaginations. They love to create imaginary lands, figuring out everything from the characteristics of the land to the type of currency.  The older cousins love this game and especially enjoy the wacky twists and turns their little cousins come up with.  One night the land that was created included mutant bunnies living underground which eat all the garbage created by the inhabitants and bees that have been genetically altered so they pollenate but don’t sting. Wacky, eh?

On the 4th, we surprised the birthday boy when he arrived for lunch.  We were all wearing matching t-shirts honoring the occasion (Celebrating John’s birthday, Est. July 4, 1918) and had a custom made Tampa Bay Rays jersey for him (number 95, of course).  As John entered the room we broke into a pretty darn good rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy followed by a chorus of Happy Birthday. Cue the tears and the laughter.  It was just perfect!

The celebration continued with a  fabulous dinner at the resort.  Even the fireworks-canceling rain could not dampen our spirits.

We packed the remaining days with a trip to the beach, more pool time, another celebratory dinner, and ended with an epic pool party at my sister-in-law’s.  By Sunday night most everyone had headed to the airport for their flights home.

Our Yankee Doodle Dandy re-read all his birthday cards, looked over all the pictures from the weekend, and reminisced about the non-stop fun.

And then he said good-night and slept like a baby – a very happy baby.

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  1. Sounds absolutely perfect! So glad it was a fun celebration with amazing memories created! :)-Ashley


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