A Little Power, A Lot Of Annoyance

We’ve all had to deal with them.

People who, given a tiny bit of perceived power, go absolutely crazy and act as if they rule the world.

My sister-in-law, Kate, recently moved into a condo building which is apparently filled with these special folks.

Kate has a friend who lives in the building. He hinted at the situation, in particular mentioning the sparkling personality of the property manager.

Kate and I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. B a few days before closing. She was so remarkably not helpful!

witch on a broom

I believe that this is how Ms. B commutes to work.

Kate’s conversation went something like this.

Kate: I was told that you have a contact with the cable company. May I please get that information?

Ms. B: You will be told during your orientation meeting.

Kate: And my parking pass?

Ms. B: You will be told during your orientation meeting.

Kate: How do I make arrangements to move my belongings in?

Ms. B: You will be told during your orientation meeting.

Kate: How do I schedule my orientation meeting?

Ms. B: You will be told during your orientation meeting.

You get the picture.

Several days later, Ms. B’s assistant finally contacted Kate to set up the Holy Grail aka the orientation meeting.

At the orientation meeting, Kate was told that the first available move in date was in three weeks.

“Excuse me?!?! I have to wait 3 weeks before moving into the condo I own?!?”

“Yes, and oh, by the way, don’t even think about bringing any boxes over early or large bags, or large suitcases, or a computer or anything before your moving day or you will be fined $300.”

Welcome to the building!!!

Many deep breaths and many glasses of wine later, moving day finally arrived.

Then Kate met this guy.


Mr. Diablo, the building manager.

This sweet fellow is in charge of the loading dock. He is, quite literally, the gate keeper.

Between the moving company arriving 2 hours late, bringing the biggest moving truck ever made, and the adorable lack of compassion shown by Mr. Diablo, the day got off to a rocky start.

It was almost stopped before ever getting started.

Kate had had enough.

After what can only be described as a beautiful, masterful and completely justified meltdown, Kate convinced Mr. Diablo of the error of his inflexible ways.

The move did go on.

It was an incredibly stressful process and didn’t need to be so.

Here’s an idea Ms. B and Mr. Diablo. How about you do your jobs from the mindset of helping the residents in your building rather than making their lives more difficult?

Pretty please?

Kate is now busy unpacking and settling into her new digs. With this view.

Lake Michigan

Yes, this kind of takes away the sting of dealing with Ms. B and Mr. Diablo.

And Kate’s new place was the perfect spot from which to view the Chicago Air & Water Show.

blue angels

Have you ever encountered someone like Ms. B or Mr. Diablo?

I sure hope not but if so, do tell! Venting about it will make you feel better.

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  1. Yikes, how exceedingly frustrating and stressful this must be for Kate! At my first “real” job I had a manager who let the power go to her head. She was often rude for no good reason. Thankfully my interactions with her with very limited!
    Bev recently posted…Tips for taking your toddler to an art museumMy Profile

  2. What a nightmare! Glad the worst is over. I hope she never has to deal with them again.
    Beemie recently posted…Friday: Food…My Profile

  3. Boy, can I ever identify with this post. My last run in with one of these ego driven individuals was at the DMV. They’ve got plenty of them there. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Yes, clearly these are miserable people. I assume that what goes around comes around for the condo ‘cops.’
    Fond memories of the Chicago Air and Water Show – the Blue Angels, the huge cargo airplane that can transport tanks, the plane that can take-off near vertically – and the practice flights that swung out over the suburbs with that low-flying ROAR that scared my kids to death.

  5. So sorry for Kate! What kind of welcome was that? The view from her condo is lovely, tho.
    I was just reading about the bullying culture at Amazon.com – maybe Ms B and Mr Diablo can find employment there!
    I hope Kate and the other residents can overthrow the management and enjoy all that Chicago has to offer in peace.

  6. Oh yeah – we’ve probably all come across people like that – and they do seem to run in packs – or in corporate situations or group think – convincing me even more so that energy is contagious. Comes from management down, or parents down, or group member around – I had a nasty mean snarky encounter with TSA in Phoenix Sky Harbor last spring – the attitude was pervasive in Gate C. I know because when I went to complain to the head MFWIC – she was the worst of the worst among them. And it works the other way – doesn’t it? Like a restaurant where every person working there is so gracious and service oriented – or a shop.
    Barbara recently posted…Why and for what do you travel?My Profile

  7. Only all the time!!!! It’s out of control…the control some people want to have. So glad you were able to get it all out and WOW that view is so worth it. Thanks for the laugh 🙂
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown – Burning Up on Re-EntryMy Profile

  8. Mom had their cousins in her building! I’m sure of it. They once allowed a stranger into her suite when Mom wasn’t there. Woman ended up sleeping on Mom’s bed. They did a sloppy cleanup on her wooden floors and refinished them. Grime and dirt are fixed under the sealant. Woman had to know everything about everyone and she was the first to spill the beans. Horrid. They’ve finally moved on but their stories remain.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…He Did What?My Profile

  9. People like this are hurting deep inside, and we must be kind to them.

    What **s holes!

    Look at that gorgeous view with a glass of vino and then sneak down and put Vasaline on their doorknob.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Why we’re leaving public school by Leslie AnneMy Profile

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