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I am always keeping my eyes open for wine related news and tips to share with you. And I love when friends send me links to interesting bits I may have missed.

It’s a team effort, folks.

You had me at Pinot Noir marshmallows.

One of my very favorite food blogs is the widely acclaimed, My Name is Yeh.

Written by the brilliant and talented Molly Yeh, this site features a variety of great recipes, gorgeous pictures and fun stories about her life on a farm in North Dakota.

I’ve known Molly since she was a baby and have loved following her story from Chicago to Julliard to the farm.

As soon as I read Molly’s recent post, Pinot Noir Marshmallows + A Bonfire, I knew I had to pass it along…and make some Pinot Noir marshmallows.

My only problem: I just might devour all of the marshmallows before I have time to start a bonfire for s’mores.

I can live with that. 

Drinking Red Wine In Lieu of Exercise

My friend Leslie Anne, author of the blog Fairhope Supply Co., sent me this article about a recent SCIENTIFIC study which found that drinking a glass of red wine gives the same physical benefit as an hour of exercise.

There’s something about resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, that fools your body into thinking you have worked out. And if you both work out AND drink red wine, the resveratrol acts like a power booster giving you extra exercise credit.

Now I just have to figure out a way to get credit for steps on my FitBit for each glass of red wine I drink.

Truthfully, that is the only way I will ever be in the lead on my FitBit Friends Scoreboard.

From The LA Times: Pet Peeves About Restaurant Wine Service

It’s one thing if I’m ordering wine at Applebee’s, but if a restaurant prides itself even a little bit on their wine selection they should take care to make the buying, serving and drinking experience a good one.

Three of my personal pet peeves made the list:

  1. Red wine served too warm – Sure, red wine should be brought up to temperature a bit more than white wine but when I receive a glass of Cabernet that’s warm it tells me that the wine is being stored in a warm corner of the kitchen rather than carefully preserved in a wine cellar. Not cool – pun intended.
  2. Oooops, we no longer have that wine on hand and haven’t bothered to take it off our wine menu. – It’s disappointing when you take time to select a wine only to have to choose another one (and another one, and another one) because the restaurant hasn’t updated their list. I know, first world problem.
  3. No vintage listed – Vintage does matter. In fact I’m working on a brilliant and informative post on that matter in consultation with my personal wine expert and husband, Peter.

What is your restaurant wine service pet peeve?

And finally, Dumb or Dumb Like a Fox?

Thanks to my pal, Catherine, for bringing this craziness to my attention.

The story goes like this:

A group of 10 is having dinner at Bobby Flay’s Steak restaurant in Atlantic City. The host of the dinner asks another guy in the party to choose a wine. The guy asks the waitress for a recommendation. The waitress directs him to a bottle of the 2011 Screaming Eagle. The guy says he forgot his reading glasses at home so asks the waitress, “How much?’

“Thirty seven fifty.”, is her reply.

The wine is ordered and enjoyed, every one is happy until the bill arrives and the guy and the host of the group discover that the bottle of wine is $3,750 and not $37.50 as they thought. The diners throw a fit and after some “he said, she said” the restaurant agrees to reduce the price to $2,200.

Here are my questions:

First of all, when was the last time you saw a bottle on a wine list priced with dollars and cents? Not even at Applebee’s.

Even if the guy was, as he professed, not much of a wine drinker, I can’t believe that any one would walk into a fancy-pants steak restaurant and think they would get a bottle of wine for $37.50.

And why on earth would you order just one bottle of wine for a party of 10 people?!?!

Screaming Eagle

via Screaming Eagle website

A word about the 2011 Screaming Eagle: this wine is very, very, very, almost impossibly difficult to buy. The wine is sold only to the very select few on their allocation list. Only a handful of restaurants have it on their lists.

So that brings me to this:

Did the waitress try to pull a fast one? Was she hoping to boost her tip by making the total restaurant bill much, much higher?

Did the guy REALLY not know that the bottle of 2011 Screaming Eagle cost more than $40?

Or, was it a pre-meditated plan hatched by the dining group to seize an opportunity to taste this cult wine at a reduced price by feigning that they had been duped?

We will probably never know but you can bet your bippy that restaurants all over the country will post this story as a cautionary tale for their waitstaff.

And I’m definitely Team Waitress on this one.

That’s all for now.

Now I’m heading off to have a glass of red wine exercise.

Because the scientists said I should.

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  1. Oh I learned a lot here today Mo. Thank you. Smiling over the question as to why on earth a table of 10 would order only bottle. I am so cruious as to the background of the Screaming Eagle story. Seriously. $37.50? With 1/20th of your wine knowledge even I know to question a restaurant price for under $40 and the inclusion of the 50 cents. Hmmm.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Dad SayingsMy Profile

  2. Hmm…since I can’t do much working out right now I guess I will just drink more wine!!! (I prefer white so let’s just pretend that it has the same benefit!)
    And, I think that group knew exactly what they were doing otherwise they would have order 5 bottles so everyone could have a couple of drinks!!!
    Kim recently posted…Disorganization Is Sapping My JoyMy Profile

    • Yes, Kim, it was the one bottle of 10 people that really raised the red flag for me. I’m very happy to pretend that white wine has the same health benefits as red wine. At the very least, it will keep you entertained as you pass the time until you are back on the running trail!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Random Things In The World Of WineMy Profile

  3. Steve Carney says:

    Charles Shaw, California 2014……………………………………………$1.99

  4. First of all, I am totally switching to red wine to sub for my lack of exercise!!
    Have you been to AC? I actually can see that happening there. Hope all is well with you…have a lovely day, Mo! xoxo
    Sandy recently posted…Quintessential Japan ~ KyotoMy Profile

  5. I am voting Team Waitress too. How could he not know! I’m betting it was just a scheme to see what they could get out of it. Especially since he asked how much. People are crazy. And, beer is good. Bad country song pun.

    Julia 🙂
    Julia recently posted…Green Rutile Quartz Necklace TutorialMy Profile

  6. Love your random wine posts! I am thinking of starting to do one too, I always come across pretty cool stuff.

    That marshmallow recipe sounds SO good! Boozed up marshmallows, brilliant.
    Deanna recently posted…The great city vs suburbs debate.My Profile

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