Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

After over 5 hours at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, reluctantly we had to leave.

I would have stayed another 5 hours and would go back tomorrow.

It is that good.

Cleveland rocks.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The building is as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside.

Visitors are greeted with a wall full of quotes from “non-believers” railing about rock & roll and it’s evil influence, sure to cause the downfall of mankind.

My favorite, from the John Birch Society in 1966:

“The Beatles have loosed a veritable flood of musical trash on a generation of young Americans. Parents have been shocked to see their daughters charged in a state of hypnotic frenzy, clutching at the long-haired slobs who twang, screech and thump in a mixture of unrelated noise.”

Ouch! Imagine what they must have to say about Eminem.

The Hall takes visitors through the early influences with an exhibit called Roots of Rock & Roll: Blues, Gospel, Country/Folk/Bluegrass and R & B.

Of course, there is an entire room devoted to


Actually, this room was the first spot in the museum in which I realized we might be staying a while. The giant video screen showing a constant loop of Elvis performances had me frozen in place for a long time.

Little did I know that was just the beginning.

Video may have killed the radio star but it made the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame SO.MUCH.FUN.

For instance,

The Beatles

featured 13 mini documentaries about each of the 13 Beatles albums.

Beatles albums

My feet got a little tired but fortunately, I outlasted a family from Omaha and grabbed a seat on the bench when they moved on to see Mick Jagger.

So many Beatles’ artifacts…



Beatles outfis


Beatles drums

Next up were exhibits highlighting cities that were important in the evolution of rock & roll: Memphis, Detroit, London and more. One entire room was dedicated to “home grown bands” from Cleveland.

I loved seeing the displays of costumes throughout the years.

Diana Ross & The Supremes

DIana Ross & the Supremes



and more Beyonce!!!!


Michael Jackson’s iconic jacket

Michael Jackson

And even more iconic, glove.

Michael Jackson glove

A room dedicated to Paul Simon took visitors from his early days at music camp (including a letter from his friend Artie who was at a different camp) through the Simon & Garfunkel days (with the same Artie), the break-up and Simon’s long and successful solo career.

The Paul Simon exhibit had lots of video screens showing clips and interviews and, once again, had me frozen in place.

Paul Simon clips from Saturday Night Live? Paul Simon clips from concerts? Clips of interviews of Paul Simon exploring the angst of the demise of Simon & Garfunkel? Loved it all!

On the serious side, there were exhibits about the influence of the press like Rolling Stone Magazine and Alternative Press Magazine on rock reporting.

While not necessarily my taste, I recognize the importance of rap and hip hop in rock history.

Rappers' Delight

The special exhibit celebrated the brilliance of Herb Ritts. This wildly talented man, was responsible for many of the most memorable photos of rockers through the ages until his untimely death in 2002.

Check out this video about the exhibit

The Hall of Fame did not ignore more current artists including the one and only – surely a future Hall of Famer herself, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

The video experience continued in one theater dedicated to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, another showing The Hall of Fame Film (the story of inductees from 1986-2013) and another showing highlights from the Rock Hall’s 25th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden.

I could have sat in that last theater for hours watching a series of performances by past inductees.

Stevie Wonder and Sting. Steven Still & Graham Nash with James Taylor. Paul Simon with Art Garfunkel. Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Bonnie Raitt, and on and on and on.

Seriously, I tried to leave the theater THREE times and got drawn back in each time.

All too soon, Peter and I had to head back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. We were meeting one of his childhood friends and his wife for dinner. Both are judges doing great work in the area. Truly wonderful people and lifelong friends.

Before heading off to dinner with our pals, we stopped for a snack at the hotel bar.

Five hours of rock & roll make one VERY hungry.

Peter and I decided to celebrate our trip to Cleveland by eating like locals.


Pierogies smothered in shredded Amish cheddar cheese, bacon bits and garnished with chive sour cream.

Truly a snack fit for a rock star.

And so ended our lovely weekend in Cleveland.

If you are a fan of music, I heartily recommend that you make a trip to this great city to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Absolutely worth the trip!

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  1. What a great museum! I hope to travel across the country one summer and this is now definitely a stop on my bucket list.
    Beemie recently posted…Who’s Who Wednesday #4My Profile

  2. I don’t what I want more – Tina’s outfit or one of those pierogies. Never mind – I just decided – I’ll take one of the pierogies. Have a great weekend, dear Mo.

  3. Gosh, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame looks great! Who knew?! I had a roommate from Cleveland, and one weekend we went to her home for the ND vs Navy(?) game – and she gave us a tour of the city. I don’t remember wanting to return to Cleveland, but your posts have changed my mind.

    • I had a roommate from Cleveland, too and I remember staying with her one Thanksgiving or something. We went down to The Flats which was the only safe place to go in the city…not much. Such an improvement now!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Rock & Roll Hall Of FameMy Profile

  4. Love pierogis – especially homemade by my polish friends who get together with their family and make them together. Great photos!

    • We actually first ordered the hummus plate, trying to be “healthy”, then thought “what the hell…”. Our sweet waitress actually ran to the kitchen to change the order for us. We tipped her well. 😉
      Mo Lux recently posted…Rock & Roll Hall Of FameMy Profile

  5. Oh my! Those costumes! What fun.
    Barbara recently posted…How will you celebrate a milestone birthday?My Profile

  6. Very cool! I went to a music museum in Nashville and could have spent days in there. I think the Simon & Garfunkel stuff would have really held my attention.

    • Was that the Country Music Hall of Fame? We visited there a few years ago and loved it, too. I am in awe of the talent of these musicians, especially those who sing, compose and play a few instruments.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Kind WordsMy Profile

  7. What a great experience. I didn’t realize the museum had so much to offer. No plans to go to Cleveland any time soon, but maybe we should think about it just for the museum alone!
    That one shiny glove!!!
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on A Day on the Sound by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  8. I’ve never been – how cool! I made my own Michael Jackson sparkly glove in the sixth grade – I think I may have swooned a little to see the real thing.
    Dana recently posted…Phases of readingMy Profile

  9. Oh wow Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I have actually been there but it was yeaaaaaaaaars ago, like, I think I was still in undergrad lol. It looks different from the outside. I am trying to remember what I saw there but my mind is a blank. I wonder if I can find those pictures-lol!

    Those pierogis-yum!

  10. Oh my, my, my. You’ve got me cringing as I remember the time we were sitting around a campfire with strangers. It was on a vacation at a ranch up north. We were all asked to answer “Who is your favourite band?” As everyone was dutifully coming up with treasures of old I found myself blurting out “the Black Eyed Peas.” Everyone, including my two darlings who refuse to let me forget this, stared at me. In utter horror. Lord. I can name maybe one, ok, two BEP songs. TypiKel.
    This post made me want to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame right this very minute.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Birthday Chaos Not Just For KidsMy Profile

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