Places To Visit

Hi folks! I’m currently working on an adventure that is keeping me away from the keyboard. Details to follow but here are a couple of clues:

Mocadeaux wine glasses


Mocadeaux - shell

No, we are not drinking wine on the beach. Keep guessing.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you just a few of the places I like to visit in blog land. For more of my favorites, check out the blogroll on the sidebar over there 

The Enchanted Home – Tina shares ideas on decorating and fashion. She has a shop featuring all sorts of gorgeous things for the home. I always look forward to her Seven on Sunday posts in which she shines a light on her favorite things. It’s Tina version of Oprah’s “O List” and it is fabulous!  Every week I discover new Instagram pages to follow thanks to Tina’s curation.

Preppy Empty Nester – It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of my dear pal, super-model trophy-wife Katie Clooney and her hilarious stories. You will also want to check the virtual tour of her Texas and Massachusetts homes and the photos of her adorable pups, Chowdah and Chili.

Kelly McKenzie – Just Typikel – This sweet and very talented Canadian spitfire is a self-described “Quirk Magnet” who tells tales about the pickles she has gotten herself into and her adventures with her 93-year-old mum. She is also a published author having, among other things, an essay published in Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover’s Soul even though she doesn’t own a cat. Just Typikel.

You May Be Wandering – This is my very favorite travel blog. The photos make me want to pack a suitcase and go! In addition to tempting destination ideas, Sandy posts great travel tips about everything from planning to packing and all things in between. Sandy is also a fantastic travel agent who can make your travel dreams a reality. That might be a hint but I’m not saying.

Coach Daddy – Eli writes about “Fatherhood, Futbol and Food”.  (I feel a kindred spirit-ness with Eli, having bonded over our love of pizza.) I especially love Eli’s “6 Words” challenge which requires participants to craft a 6-word answer to each month’s question. It is way harder than you would imagine. I love participating for that very reason because it is such good exercise for my old and addled brain.

That’s all for now. What about you? What are your favorite places in blog land to visit?

See you soon!

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24 Hours is Not Enough

24 hour clock

There are people who manage to get more than 24 hours out of their days.

I am not one of those people.

My theory is that those folks A) do not own an iPad and/or B) have far more self-discipline than I do.

I am constantly reading blogs written by women who have the exact same 24 hours in a day that I do but they also manage a full time job, six children whom they are home-schooling, a wildly successful Etsy store,  all while remodeling their home, writing a clever, aesthetically beautiful blog about their day to day lives and making, from scratch, a nutritionally balanced, farm to table dinner EVERY NIGHT.

Seriously?!?!?!  How do they do it??? I may be dancing a little in the world of hyperbole here but virtually every blog I follow is written by someone who can mark at least four boxes on the checklist: office job, mom of young children, artist, business owner, excellent cook, home improvement champ, blog author, etc.  I, on the other hand, am not working, not artistic and not remodeling our empty nest rental apartment.  Of course, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others and instead should celebrate our own specialness, even when our own specialness is a (not yet clinically diagnosed) addiction to technology.  I’m not so much comparing myself to the super-efficient and super-talented as I am trying to figure out just how they do it.

I know, I know…it’s all about scheduling, planning and discipline.

Here is my schedule:

I wake up. Since relocating to California I have developed this bizarre time zone induced neurosis. If I wake up at 6 am (which I never do, but just for the sake of this example, let’s say I do) I instantly calculate that it is 9 am on the east coast and I feel like my day is behind before I even get started. So I go back to sleep. Why not? The day is already shot.

After a little more sleep, I get up, grab a cup of coffee, a bowl of greek yogurt (which PS this morning I knocked over, creating a yogurt-splatter tableau on the family room floor and chairs), turn on the Today Show and sit down with my dear friend, little Miss iPad.

ipad and coffee mug

I check my email, catch up on Words with Friends games, see what’s happening on TMZ and the LA Times, explore Pinterest pinning recipes I will never make, decorating ideas for a house I will never own and craft ideas I will never have the patience for, then step off the cliff into the black hole of Facebook. I have a pretty intense love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Yes, I love that I can keep up with friends and families, especially seeing pictures, but I hate that there are so darn many “sponsored posts”.  I also hate that Facebook filters my newsfeed and “decides” which of my friends’ posts I might be interested in.  ARGH!!!!! Does this anger keep me from spending an inordinate amount of time scrolling through the feed and wandering down a path of links from one story to another? Absolutely not.

When I finally break out of my Facebook trance, I start the real fun of my day: the blogosphere.  I start by checking out all the blogs I follow on Bloglovin’.  Let me just say I am thrilled that Professor Google and his colleagues decided to pull the plug on Google Reader forcing me to find an alternative. Bloglovin’ is SO, SO much easier to use.  I read, I comment, I click on links from other comments to find new friends to follow – easy, peasy.  I work on my own site but never seem to have time for all the forums, link parties, affiliate outreach, design tweaking and  growth I want to do.

The next thing I know it’s 6 pm and I think, “Dammit, I bet Peter is going to want dinner again tonight.” So I step away from my computer and throw together a serviceable meal. Fortunately for me, any meal I cook can be improved greatly by the wine that is paired with it!

Alright, so the secret is a schedule, a plan and some self-discipline.  I have a schedule.  I plan to make my schedule more efficient.  Now I just need to find an Etsy store that sells self-discipline and/or a 36 hour day.


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