Boston Fun And Pi Day

Hi, folks! Checking in to let you know what I’ve been up to and to wave my nerd flag proudly, wishing you a Happy Pi Day.

Recently, I spent several weeks in Boston for part one of my current granny nanny stint when our daughter, Annie, returned to work following her maternity leave.

I was in charge of the newest arrival, Harry

Baby Harry

(as you can see we are already turning him into an Irish fan)…

and his big brother, Andy (whom we are apparently turning into a fan of lifestyle magazines like the Real Simple he is about to peruse in this photo).

Andy 2017

There is a reason that babies are born to those who are young and energetic rather than those of us who are older and, let’s say, more sedentary. Still, I managed to hold my own with these two guys.

They made it pretty easy.

On-time feedings, attention to the nap and diaper changing schedules along with perpetual song singing and book reading were all they asked of me. In return, the boys accepted my non-stop smooching, cuddling and picture taking.

We got along splendidly.

Because both of our children and all of our grandchildren live only a couple of miles from each other (approximately 1,000 miles away from us but practically next door to one another), we get to spend time with all the little nuggets when we visit Boston.

Although my granny nanny duties kept me busy, we did manage to join Chip and Dale for play dates, trips to the trampoline park and playground and general fun.

Chip and DaleChip is still in his PJs here because he was a bit under the weather. Dale, having just returned from pre-school, was helping his twin brother pick out some “quiet time” books for Momo to read.

The timing of my trip allowed me to attend a beautiful luncheon at the home of my dear pal and superstar blogger, Katie Clooney of Preppy Empty Nester.

Lunch prepared by The Mister

What a treat to spend time with this group of smart, interesting and hilarious gals. I’m eager to crash their next party join them for another get together soon!

Katie Clooney's lunch guests

Hostess Katie (with the help of her husband, the chef du jour) outdid herself. Her beautiful home, warm hospitality, and all-encompassing awesomeness made for a perfect afternoon!

Now back home I’m spending time with my folks as my mom recovers from a little something-something.

In honor of Pi Day, we enjoyed a ridiculously delicious chicken pot pie from the Centerville Pie Company in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Centerville Pie Company

My dear pal, Ellie, sent a couple of these pies as a “get well soon” treat. And what a treat it was!!

Half the pie is gone

We gobbled down half of the pie before I could snap a picture.

You are probably wondering what wine we paired with this extraordinary pie.

2008 Argyle Spirithouse Reserve Series Pinot Noir

This 2008 Argyle Reserve Series Spirithouse Pinot Noir came from our cellar but you can find Argyle Pinot Noir at your favorite wine (maybe even grocery) store. In addition to the single vineyard, reserve wines, Argyle produces quite a lovely, reliable, everyday wine.

Before too long I will head back to Boston for nanny granny part two and to wait for the arrival of our next grandchild – OUR FIRST GIRL!!!!!!  A shower of pink is coming our way!

So stay tuned for that excitement and, of course, more wine.

Happy Pi Day!

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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

With only a couple more weeks of my Granny Nanny stint to go, I’m trying to drink in every delicious baby scent, every adorable baby coo, every moment of this very special time with baby Andy.


The days just fly by and I have that familiar feeling, a memory from the days when my own children were babies, “what on earth did I do all day?!”.

Each morning starts with a tour of the kitchen where we greet all the family members whose pictures are posted on the refrigerator.

We also give a “How do you do” to The First Lady or more accurately, to the Michelle Obama magnetic paper doll.


Such a snappy dresser! Plus she is enjoying a slice of Chicago-style pizza – excellent taste!

We stop by the Disney posters and sing a rendition of The Mickey Mouse Club song and It’s A Small World.

The Disney indoctrination is well on its way.

(We have even booked Andy’s first trip to Disney World since he was too young to go along on our last pilgrimage.)

For some reason I’m a little obsessed with the soundtrack from Mary Poppins.

So many excellent songs: A Spoonful of Sugar, Chim Chim Cher-ee, I Love To Laugh…

I’m pretty sure that Andy’s first word is going to be



My go-to lullaby is Stay Awake.

The song sounds slightly different in my “melodic” voice…

But my very favorite song, the one that we (and by we, I mean I) sing all day, is Let’s Go Fly A Kite.

I sing this while changing diapers, while putting Andy in his car seat and anytime the little guy needs to calm down. I don’t know why it is so effective but it sure is!

In addition to spending time with Andy, I’ve also enjoyed some adventures with Chip and Dale. Their little 2 1/2 year old selves seem like such big boys compared to their wee cousin, Andy.

Boston Aquarium

Chip and Dale at the Boston Aquarium

In a couple of weeks I will leave Boston and my Granny Nanny job to start working on our next big adventure: moving from California back to Chicago!! Never a dull moment.

I will always cherish this very special time with Andy, just as I do the many weeks I was able to spend with Chip and Dale when they were babies.

And I look forward to many, many more fun times with all of these guys.

Let’s go fly a kite!

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