Shotbox Kickstarter Campaign

I’m fascinated by clever new products and businesses. Shark Tank is one of my favorite TV shows.

So it’s kind of surprising that I hadn’t yet jumped on the Kickstarter train. I guess I just hadn’t been drawn in by the right idea.

Until now.

At the blogging conference I attended recently, one of the presenting sponsors was a company called Shotbox.

Shotbox Kickstarter Campaign

Being a diligent conference goer, I did my homework ahead of time. I wanted to know what Shotbox was all about.

This nifty invention looks simple but after watching the Shotbox Kickstarter video, I was intrigued. After meeting the inventor, Aaron, and seeing his presentation at the conference, I was sold.

Check out the video for yourself. You will see what I mean.

(By the way, Aaron was also the co-inventor of a fabulous machine that revolutionized DIY crafts, the Cricut Cutting Machine. He’s the kind of proven inventor I can get behind. Kickstarter – count me in!)

I am so enthusiastic about Shotbox that I signed up to be a Founding Affiliate. This means that if you join the Shotbox Kickstarter campaign using links in this post, I will be compensated for the referral. Read my complete affiliate disclosure here.

So much more that a simple light box that folds up for easy storage, the Shotbox is a brilliant design that allows even terrible photographers like me to capture beautiful photos using just a camera phone.

The original idea for Shotbox came about out of frustration with trying to figure out a way to scan a 12 inch by 12 inch scrapbook page.

We all know that scanners are a pain in the neck no matter what you are trying to scan. Prior to Shotbox, it was virtually impossible for regular folks to scan oversized documents.

With Shotbox it is not only possible, it’s easy!

Certificate "scanned" with Shotbox

Family history document “scanned” using Shotbox

But scanning is just the beginning.

Think about the applications for online shop owners, crafters, food writers and bloggers like myself.

Shotbox Education and DIY

Education and DIY

Shotbox jewelry

Perfect for shop owners.

Shotbox using a different background

You can even use different backgrounds for different effects.

The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to get my hands on my Shotbox.

But Aaron and his team need your help.

The Kickstarter campaign for Shotbox lasts only a few more weeks. This is a product which needs to make it to market. Will you please consider joining me in supporting Shotbox?

Head over to the Kickstarter page for more information.

Then you, too, can start imagining all the ways in which Shotbox will improve your creativity and your productivity!

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