Go Where No Other Readers Have Gone

Today’s theme for the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge (which, it seems, I have turned into an every other even day blog challenge) is: Resurgence.

Our fabulous host, Kim, from Being a Wordsmith is giving us the opportunity to show off some of our older posts that perhaps didn’t get the viewership we had hoped.  Oh, I’ve go a lot of those! Since I didn’t share my blogging adventure with my family and friends (except Clare) until I had been up and running for awhile, I’m not sure anyone has read these gems.

Enjoy going where no other readers have gone.

Barbie flight attendant

First, my rant about the scofflaws on airplanes who do not feel the same compulsion to follow rules as I do.  “It Is Now Safe To Turn On Your Electronic Devices”

iPad and wine

Next, my confession about my lack of productive hobbies. “My Constant Companion”

Personal Preference

And finally, a silly little piece about board games. “Personal Preference And Other Board Games


On a personal note, one year ago today we were pacing the floor of our condo in California, anxiously awaiting the news that our identical twin grand baby boys had been born in Boston. These little guys have filled our lives with joy and love. They are perfect in every way.

Today we will be with them as we celebrate their first birthday.

Happy birthday, boys! Momo and Tato love you!


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