Tradition And A Beddian Birthday

All the credit goes to Oprah.


Almost twenty years ago, when Miss O turned 40, she threw a slumber party for her girlfriends. I remember thinking that was the coolest idea and something I wanted to do.

Oprah’s version of the slumber party was to jet 40 of her closest friends to LA, put them up in suites at the Hotel Bel-Air then host them all in her bungalow (must have been quite some mega-bungalow) for a pajama party.

My version: invite two friends from high school and three friends from college (all turning 40 in the same year) to join me on a girls’ trip – Dutch treat.

For our 40th birthday trip we traveled to Nantucket and stayed at the legendary White Elephant Hotel. We spent four glorious days shopping, riding mopeds around the island, wining and dining and enjoying every minute.

A Tradition was born. We vowed to gather every five years to celebrate our “big” birthdays.

Five years later we headed to Las Vegas where Ellie was able to secure us an outrageously good deal on rooms at the Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons Las Vegas is the only non-gaming hotel on the strip. Although physically connected to the Mandalay Bay, the tiny Four Seasons is a peaceful and quiet oasis amid the flashing lights and constant dinging of the strip’s casinos.

Plus we saw John Mellencamp at the pool with his very tall, very beautiful (now ex) wife.


At 50 we went to Napa. As you might imagine, I planned that trip and loved every minute of it.

While in Napa we decided on the destination for our 55th birthday trip.

Grab your passports ladies, we are heading to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Except that we didn’t.

As tough as it was coordinating everyone’s schedules when our kids were young, we thought it would be easy-peasy when we were empty nesters.


Between weddings and graduations and super high power jobs with demanding schedules, our 55th birthday party happened two years late.

And it was in lovely Port Washington, Wisconsin, not Quebec City.

Still, as the saying goes, better late (and in a different location) than never.

The silver lining? Delaying our trip until 2014 meant we could celebrate our Beddian Birthday together.

Beddian Bithday

What is a Beddian Birthday, you ask?

A Golden Birthday is when the age you turn is the same as the day of the month on which your birthday falls. A Beddian Birthday happens when the age you turn is the same as the year in which you were born.

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but our group was born in 1957 and we turned 57 this year. Pretty cool, eh?


The concept was first noted by a fireman named Bobby Beddia. You can read about him here.

Fun fact: Beddian Birthdays only occur in even numbered years.

Nerdy explanation: A Beddian Birthday is basically the result of a doubling of a number.

Born in 1957, turning 57.

57+57 = 2014

The sum of any two identical numbers is an even number. Therefore, a Beddian Birthday can only fall in an even numbered year and never in an odd numbered year.

Don’t you feel a tiny bit smarter now that you know that? Or bored out of your mind?

Stay tuned for a full report and pictures of our Beddian Birthday celebration in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Or, as it will forever be known to us, The Quebec City of the Midwest.

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  1. Mine is not until I’m 79! Lol

    Let’s see, I could be celebrating by renting a condo in Miami and throw a shin din,the weather will be tolerable and fly in my closest friends.
    Deanna recently posted…Wordless WednesdaysMy Profile

  2. Fun fact I have never heard of. Mine is a few years off but it’s always fun to have something to celebrate! Look forward to the photos 🙂

  3. I think my original comment went away . . .

    I’m intrigued by the Beddian birthday formula! I’ll teach it to my son this afternoon when he gets home from school and he can dazzle his math teacher with it.
    Your birthday trips sound like so much fun.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on The Fairhope Film Festival is finally here! by CarrieMy Profile

  4. What a super fun idea to take birthday trips with friends!!
    And, I loved the explanation of the Beddian birthday – mine will be in 2038!
    Kim recently posted…Family DinnerMy Profile

  5. Well I’m smarter now than I was five minutes ago! Thanks Mo. BTW I’m thinking a Beddian Birthday initiated in Amenia….
    PS. GREAT meeting you!

  6. I do feel smarter! What a fun birthday tradition. I have exactly 50 more years until my Beddian Birthday, that’s a long ways away!
    Bev recently posted…9 tips for holiday shopping at craft showsMy Profile

  7. Yikes- I hope I make it until my Beddian birthday at 83!!

    Love this idea and am going to share it with my best friends 🙂
    Kate recently posted…Oh hello, November!My Profile

  8. Ohhhhhh. Now I am sorry that you missed out on your trip to Quebec City. Please reschedule it for you won’t regret it. QC is magical. Absolutely magical. However I am delighted to learn about the Beddian Birthday concept. I’m not bored in the slightest. Sadly I missed my Beddian chance… a few years ago. Is it possible to get a redo?
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Grandma Treats Us To Drag ShowMy Profile

  9. Mo… I never heard of a beddian bday. I learn something every day! Sounds like a wonderful time. Just can’t beat the Four Seasons. How fun to have a celeb sighting!!

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