Typos, Travel Troubles and Trucks

What would you call it?

Irony? A lesson in humility? A reminder that forgiveness is important because we all screw up sometimes?

My recent post, “The Apology”, included this graphic

good customer service

instead of this.

Customer-service-quote corrected

Yes, in a post about receiving an apology after mistakes had been made, the lovely graphic I painstakingly created contained a mistake.

In the word(s) of Homer Simpson, “D’Oh”!”

Did you notice the typo when you first read it? Because I sure didn’t. Not the first time, not the 21st time, not ever.

You know how it is when sometimes you read something the way you think it should be, rather than the way it actually appears? Clearly I need a better proofreader than myself.

Enter the eagle-eyed Kelly McKenzie, blogger extraordinaire, who came to my rescue. On her blog, Just Typikel, the very talented Kelly shares hilarious tales about her own antics and those of her 92 year old accomplished artist, purple pants wearing, force of nature mom. Do your self a favor and go visit Kelly here for, as she calls it, a giggle and a chinwag.

Thanks to Kelly, the mistake came to my attention so I could correct it and say sorry about that!

Mea Culpa.

Peter and I have been spending some busy days in Boston. Between Father’s Day, our 35th wedding anniversary, babysitting the grand-twins Chip and Dale, hanging out with little Andy and heading to The Cape for a work event, we have had quite the week!

The trip got off to a bit of a rocky start, though. The morning of the day we were to fly to Boston, Peter realized that I did not have a ticket on his flight…or any flight for that matter.

Since part of the trip was work related, Peter’s company was to pick up the tab for both of our flights. One teeny, tiny little problem: Peter never confirmed with the travel department that his dear, devoted wife of 35 years was actually going to join him on the trip.

You can imagine how terrible Peter felt about this oversight.

He felt even worse when it turned out that there were no seats left on his flight and I would have to depart an hour after him. And worse yet when my flight was delayed over 2 hours.

Not quite an “upgrade her to first class” kind of remorse but close.

However, since I am such a saint good wife and because I’d learned my lesson about mistakes and forgiveness, I laughed off Peter’s blunder.

Life is too short to hold a grudge.

Besides, it’s hard to be grumpy when you are around these guys!

Chip and Dale at the park

Andy at the Park

Andy on swing

Chip and Dale on swongs

One afternoon, on the way home from the park, we walked by the firehouse near Chip and Dale’s house. This is a frequent detour as the truck-obsessed boys always hope to catch a glimpse of the firetrucks.

Alas, the fire house doors were all closed. We stood in the driveway for a couple of minutes getting a little peek at a truck though the window.

But then the most amazing thing happened.


The look on the faces of the little guys was one of pure delight.

Fire Truck

The very kind fire fighters pulled their truck out onto the driveway and let the twins climb inside.

Simply magical.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful Waltham firemen who provided our guys with such a great thrill.

I bet those brave firemen don’t make too many mistakes!

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  1. Husbands are great even when mistakes happen…I too am my own worst editor, but such is life one of my buddies always sends me a friendly email to mention my blunder…and no hard feelings. For sure I did not see the error the first time I read that post…
    Beemie recently posted…Father’s Day…My Profile

  2. My in-laws live in Waltham! What a fun experience for the twins. We live by a firestation that we walk by all the time. I bet Eve would have fun going inside! She points out vehicles now on the road.
    Bev recently posted…{Recipe} Guilt-free avocado & kale yogurt dipMy Profile

  3. Oh bless ya, Mo. Thanks for your kind words. This post reaffirms how alike we are. That plane ticket situation? Could SO happen to me. I’m actually stunned it’s not happened yet. Yes, my husband is deceased so it couldn’t happen exactly like this BUT I do travel with others. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be on the alert. And your fire station story is magical. I bet the boys will always remember it. I can just imagine the delighted squeals when the truck rolled out. Wow.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Parental Driving InstructionsMy Profile

  4. “You know what I meant.” That’s what I tell my mom when she points out a typo in my email.

    I remember the time when a fire truck drove slowly down our street while my pre-school kids were in the front yard. The firemen saw my son jumping up and down and waving, and they stopped in front of our house and let him check out the truck. What a thrill! What a thrill!! We made cookies the next day and brought them to the fire station.

  5. My cousin just had his kids birthday party at the firehouse. My aunt said they had a room they rented out. The firemen spoke to the kids, they got to climb on the fire truck and got a ride on the fire truck. Their boys are two years apart but their birthdays are just a couple of days apart, so it was a great solution for them. You might want to ask around could be a solution for a party in a few years!

  6. Kudos to Kelly – I missed it too. My dad always gives me the heads up when he spots a typo. Sometimes you just miss them, even if you proofread.

    I remember when my son was so into fire trucks – one came to his preschool and he was over the moon!
    Dana recently posted…Some body to loveMy Profile

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