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We are, for a few years at least, living in a place that is far, far from home.  This place is beautiful and everyone LOVES living here…everyone, it seems, but me.


When I go home I am on a mission – a social butterfly in overdrive.  I schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner plans (sometimes throwing in a brunch or afternoon coffee in between) so I can connect with the people that fill my soul.  Not great for the diet but magnificent and necessary for the heart.I know I should ‘make my own happiness’ and ‘cherish each day’ and ‘make home be wherever I am’. Blah, blah, blah…  I do try to do all that.  Well kinda…  The problem is that my children (and now grandchildren) and dear friends live in distant places.  So, my solution is to visit them as often as I can.

On my last visit, I had breakfast with my pal Linda.  We’ve know each other for years, navigating the school years with our oldest children who are now 30.  We served together on many committees, the Parent’s Club and even worked at the same place a few years ago.

So we were catching up, talking about our lives in “retirement” (aka over 50 and unemployed – “retired” sounds so much better!).  Linda has become quite involved in genealogy and authors a wonderful blog about her discoveries.  Be sure to visit her site: 1625 Lincoln Avenue .

I, rather sheepishly, mentioned to Linda that I had started a blog but had been away from it for some time because of all the downs and ups of the last year.  By the time I got home from breakfast, Linda had looked up my blog, read my past posts, sent a comment and emailed me encouragement to get back to it.  And now I have.  Thanks, Linda!!


We all need the support of friends and family to give us a boost – and sometimes a kick in the pants – to get us energized.  Look at me: moving ahead just like the bunny – until my battery runs low and I need another trip home to recharge.


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