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Today I am delighted to be contributing to Coach Daddy’s monthly feature: 6 Words.

The very talented Eli, aka Coach Daddy, shares sweet, funny and sometimes serious stories of his own while also shining a generous light on other blogs via guest posts and the 6 Word feature.

Eli was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s assertion that any story can be told in 6 words. So, once a month, Eli selects a theme then asks bloggers to come up with a 6 word sentence to answer the prompt.

This month’s theme: “What’s one thing you never want to hear from a friend, in 6 words?”

6 words

My first thought was something like “Remembered the wine; forgot the corkscrew.”

The scenario I imagined was meeting a friend for a picnic to which she brings a great bottle of vino. But the bottle just ends up taunting us from the picnic basket because my friend forgot to bring a corkscrew (or have the good sense to bring a screw top bottle of wine).

Nah… something wine-themed was just a little too easy, too predictable.

Six words is a challenge so I decided to think outside of my wine bottle.

What else could a friend say or do that would make me unhappy, uncomfortable, unfriendly?

Then it came to me.

Six words that I never want to hear from a friend:

Forward this right away, or else. 


I am not a fan of chain letters.

Or emails that implore me to pass the message along to a dozen of my nearest and dearest. Or Facebook memes which demand that I share.

I don’t like the implied guilt.

“Don’t break the chain or everyone else will suffer the consequences of your failure.”

“Share this if you love your daughter. If you don’t share, we will all just assume that you don’t love her.”

“Forward this right away, or else.”

Listen folks, I am an Irish Catholic mother – the trifecta of champion self-guilters. I am perfectly capable of piling enough guilt on my own shoulders. I don’t need help in the form of passive-aggressive shade from “friends”.

In truth, the biggest reason I don’t like this kind of call to action is that it requires me to impose upon others. It’s like I’m part of a pyramid scheme and those I invite will only be successful if they can rope in friends of their own.

That’s not a way to treat your friends, right?

It’s why I try to avoid in-home demonstrations by earnest students selling Cutco.

From experience I know that, once they’ve cut a penny in half and sliced a tomato with the same knife used to saw through a rope, they will bat their eyes and ask me – pretty please – to open up my address book for their future bookings.

It’s why I never liked to host Tupperware parties back in the day.

Immediately after showcasing the newest model of “burping” bowls, the representatives would launch right into strong-arming my guests into hosting their own parties at which their guests would be hounded until they agree to host more parties, and on and on.

Stop the madness!

So there you have it.

I’ve decided to embrace my aversion to forced forwards. Never again will I “accidentally” delete a chain letter email or be shamed into sharing a post that pretends to speak for me.


Friends, I love you and I support your choice to forward and share but I’m going to be honest and just say no. I promise it is nothing personal.

It is absolutely me, not you.

OK, now that I’ve bared my soul, do you want to play along? What 6 word sentence would you never want to hear from a friend?

And join me over at Eli’s Coach Daddy site to see all of the entries in this month’s challenge.

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  1. Oh yes, I’m so with you on this! (Actually, was just thinking about this the other day.) I typically feel guilty for not passing on, but I feel worse for forward it to others. Friends & family, you are very important to me, which is why I neglect to participate in your chain letter ponzi scheme!
    Bev recently posted…How to get out in the frozen tundra with your toddler in 39 easy stepsMy Profile

  2. Your first senario made me laugh – oh the horror of a bottle of wine you can’t open 🙂

  3. Too funny Mo. The first 6 word sentence certainly got my attention! I agree about chain letters. I just hate them. I used to a lot of recipe chain letters where by the end of it, 2 million people will send you recipes. Don’t know whether it worked because I broke every one of them. Hope you are staying warm!

    • Hahaha! I’ve gotten that one too! Before I decided to take a stand, I too, would just ignore the request – or worse, make some feeble excuse about not being much of a cook. Which is true. Plus, who needs 2 million recipes??
      Mo Lux recently posted…6 Words From A FriendMy Profile

  4. I’m a recipient of one of your gracious rejections. It was to a call out to join one of the delightful recipe chain letters that Katie talks about up there ^^^. I am delighted to reveal that despite your refusal to participate I received a wealth of recipes. At last count I am at 2,876,991 … Ha! I think I got 2. At the very most.
    I’m hopping on the rejection train too Mo! Thanks for leading the way.
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted…All Creatures Great And SmallMy Profile

  5. I always love Coach Daddy’s 6 word posts!!
    I can’t stand the forwards – I always delete them. When I worked at a school I got them all the time!!!
    Kim recently posted…TrailHeads – Not Just for Running Trails!!!My Profile

    • Kim, you reminded me of another pet peeve about forwards: when the sender includes all the addresses in their email rather than doing a BCC. I don’t want a whole bunch of folks I don’t know having my email address at their disposal!
      Mo Lux recently posted…6 Words From A FriendMy Profile

  6. If you didn’t just take the words right out of my mouth! I suwannee, you are my puppet! I sometimes think all my woes in this world are because I’ve never passed on chain letters. I don’t really want 50 new recipes or the worst – 50 new dishtowels. Seriously?

    You crack me up. Now go tell four more people about this, or you’ll get bad breath.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on And the Oscar goes to . . . by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  7. I love Coach Daddy’s 6 word posts! They’re always so fun to read and I think your six words for this prompt are perfect!
    Kristen recently posted…Florida’s Wild ParrotsMy Profile

  8. Amen. Definitely guilty of the ignore and delete.
    Would you look at my taxes is mine.

  9. Mo – so glad you were in the mix this month! And I love that you posted about it. That wine scenario sounds atrocious though – worse than a full tank of gas and four flat tires, even.
    Eli recently posted…Friendship (Words You Don’t Want to Hear), in 6 WordsMy Profile

  10. It’s been several years since I decided not to feel guilty about not passing things on. Thankfully, among my group of friends the email requests have almost completely dried up and I maybe get one or two a month. There are a couple of Facebook friends who are forever posting updates I’m supposed to pass on; I just ignore them.
    Kathy G recently posted…Wonder If We Will Regret This?My Profile

    • It sure does seem like fewer and fewer of these things cross my radar. I thought people were just getting tired of me “losing” their requests but it seems like more and more folks feel the same way we do.
      Mo Lux recently posted…6 Words From A FriendMy Profile

  11. I completely agree with you on this!!!

    I am literally on the plane (thank you Jet Blue wifi) headed to Cali for our Napa weekend…I am SO excited! Thanks for all of your tips!! xoxo
    Sandy recently posted…One Magical Night…In ParisMy Profile

  12. As we all know, the reason you are supposed to pass these emails to your friends (verifiable email addresses) is that embedded coding allows spammers to send nasty junk mail to GOOD addresses – your friends. I have told the people I know to stop it, that they are playing into spammers’ hands, but they all love that, “I love you, do you love me too?” crap they all send to each other, so I delete it outright when I sense what it is. You are doing everyone a HUGE favor when you delete these chain letters!

  13. I got in a lot of trouble for fowarding a chain e-mail once – my signature line was on the email and it made its way to some jerk in Texas who emailed my boss to complain about it. Two lesssons: (1) Do not forward chain emails (2) Use a signature line very carefully.
    Dana recently posted…My Love List for MarchMy Profile

  14. Ohhhh the dreaded chain letters! And lately the recipe exchange E-mails. Just stop!
    Kate recently posted…As the ship turned…My Profile

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