A Letter To My Grandsons

A letter to my grandsonsTo my dear grandsons,

They say that becoming a grandparent is one of the greatest gifts in the world. I did not have a full appreciation of that until you guys came into my life.

I loved you even before I met you in person. Once I laid eyes on you, that love grew by infinite measure.

It was an honor and a privilege to help your parents care for you after you were born, to watch you for endless hours as you made your adorable squinchy baby face expressions, yawns, coos and smiles.

To experience the bliss of having you sleep in my arms.

And now, I am having the joy of watching you grow and the delight of watching your parents guide you with love and devotion.

Your parents are pretty amazing people. Do you know how lucky you are?

Of course they will love and protect you forever but they are also showing you what you need to know to be a good citizen of the world.

I love the way that you cooperate and share with others. Your parents taught you that. May this kindness always be the cornerstone of your soul.

I love that you protect each other. Throughout your life, may you speak up whenever you see injustice and always defend those who are being picked on or bullied.

Your parents are showing by example what it means to be a true and loyal friend to others. Along with the close-knit family you are blessed to be a part of, friends should be an important part of your life.

May you have family who are your friends and friends who are your family.

Friends and Family - Mocadeaux

I love that you are so curious about the world around you. May you always have a keen interest in learning about people, places and things.

I love that you love books. May you always have a passion for reading and a thirst for knowledge.

Your parents will take your education very seriously and make sure that you are exposed to a wide range of cultures and ideas so that you can learn the importance of diversity and acceptance.

They will encourage you to always be true to your selves, to be an individual, to be the best “YOU” you can be. You are quite fabulous, you know.

Your parents will travel with you. You will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of places around the world. May you take advantage of every opportunity and may each experience make you yearn for the next one.

May you find things in your life to be passionate about. And may you be lucky enough to incorporate your passions into every aspect of your life.

May you someday be lucky enough to meet the person you are meant to be with. Your partner. The love of your life. Remember to always be kind, supportive and respectful of that person and always expect the same in return. You deserve nothing less.

Thank you for the joy you bring to our family. Please know that you are surrounded by people who love you fiercely and will support and protect you forever.

With all my love,

your Momo



This post was written as part of the “Who I Am” series hosted by Dana of Kiss My List and Bev of Linkouture. This month, participants were to answer the questions: Who are the people you love, and who love you? How are they are part of your story? Please visit here to read more “Who I Am” stories. And, visit here to read more about the “Who I Am” series. 

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  1. What a beautiful letter to your grandsons and although I only have kids right now, I truly hope to be able to express to my grandkids someday like you did here what I truly feel for them 😉
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Set Your Winter Reading On FireMy Profile

  2. “May you have family who are your friends and friends who are your family.” That may be my favorite line, although this whole letter is amazing. Your grandsons are lucky to have you as their Momo (how cute is that name?), and I bet this letter made their parents tear up a bit.

    So glad you joined us again, Mo!
    Dana recently posted…If you cross your eyes, they’ll stay that wayMy Profile

  3. Mo… This is so beautiful and sweet it brought tears to my eyes. You should have this framed for each one of your grand babies. Great post!!

  4. Oh, Mo, this is so beautiful! Seeing Eve’s four grandparents interact with her….well, there’s no doubt that there are no bounds to a grandparent’s love. I can only imagine how much love there is in your grandsons’ lives. They sounds like some very lucky boys!
    Bev recently posted…Appreciating my healthMy Profile

  5. This is SO lovely, Mo! I don’t have grandchildren yet, but I want to save this to reflect upon when that day comes. You grandchildren and children are SO lucky to have YOU in their lives!! xoxo
    Sandy recently posted…Passport Stamps As Art!My Profile

  6. Lovely lovely post, Mo. I have four grandchildren and wish the same for them but not as eloquently. I love Katie’s suggestion.

  7. When I stop crying, I will tell you how touching this is.

  8. I love this. Your love for them, and their parents, oozes out!
    Katy recently posted…Disney World Rides, Food, and FunMy Profile

  9. Oh this is just precious! I hope you shared it with your grandsons and their parents! It’s a treasure they will all hold onto forever. <3

  10. This is beautiful, and timely to me, because my parents just welcomed their fifth grandchild – my nephew. And I can’t wait to be there.
    So the tally is that they now have two granddaughters, three grandsons, and a grandson on the way!

  11. What a lovely letter to your little guys. This can be something they will keep. I remembered when reading the title that their birth and the time you spent with them and their parents was my introduction to you. I think my daughter was still pregnant with her twins at the time, who are now 2 1/2. Time flies! I’m so glad that another blessing of their birth(s) was meeting an online friend.

  12. Momo, this is such a treasure. I know your children and their spouses will be so touched to read this as will the boys in the years to come. What a gift you’ve given them. My favourite takeaway is the “May you have family who are your friends and friends who are your family.” Honestly, beyond having good health, what else is truly important? I’m off to share.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…And The Oscar Goes ToMy Profile

  13. The love you have for your grandsons is absolutely GORGEOUS. It makes me so happy to know that they’re so loved, so secure, and so very held within a family who all LOVE to love them, and let them know they’re cherished beings, capable of wonderful things.

    Thank you for showing that wonderful families do still happen, completely beautifully, and completely wholly because of love 🙂
    Lizzi recently posted…You’ve ALL dunnitMy Profile

  14. Wow, I am quite tearful today, as I am in a round of testing for my students, but thankfully this was a good cry…loved it!
    Beemie recently posted…Sew little time…My Profile

  15. I don’t know how to spell the sound that just came out of my throat — it was partially a gasp and another part sigh.

    Your letter was so very sweet, and although as teenagers someday they’ll act like they don’t care, they really do. You are an awesome Momo.

  16. Beautiful!! You are a very special person to us all and together with Tom the solid foundation which gives us all the strength to carry us forward each day. We love you!!!

  17. Lovely, eloquent, heartfelt. You are adept at expressing yourself (which comes in handy as a blogger). Two things are very apparent to me when I read your blogs: (1) Your life centers around your family. (2) You love wine. I feel the love and devotion when you write about your kids, grandkids, husband, parents and extended family. It’s inspiring to me.

  18. This was so sweet! I love seeing my parents feel what you’ve expressed here with their one and only grandson. I love seeing my parents as grandparents. My dad tells me often, “Thank you for my grandson.” Isn’t that sweet. What’s sweeter is when he tells be that we are excellent parents. So I just love your letter, seeing it from Momo’s perspective. My mom is Mimi.

  19. i know this is a weird thing to say, but people like you and your children and grandchildren should continue to procreate and travel and live all around the world. this is exactly how we should all live.
    Catherine Gacad recently posted…Spotlight on CatholicismMy Profile

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