A Mac Miracle

As you might remember, I suffered a complete computer crash just one week before our big move from California back to Chicago.

Not good

I lost all of my photos and all of my documents – and I had neglected to back up a single file.

The Genius Bar guy at the Apple Store could only do so much. He suggested that I bring my computer to one of those super high-tech data recovery places.

Sure enough, they said that they could probably retrieve my files for the low, low price of $1,372.

Their plan involved a sterile, temperature controlled, sanitized, air tight room and blah, blah, technical stuff, blah blah.

I stopped listening after the $1,372 part.

Needless to say it was on to Plan B.

In the meantime, I limped along with my ancient laptop which thankfully still worked although got pretty cranky with me when I tried to have more than one tab open at a time.

Long story short(ish), after we moved and got a bit settled in, I was directed to Lapin Systems in nearby Evanston.

I shared my entire sad saga with the nice man at Lapin saying that he was my last hope for retrieving my missing files and, more importantly, my missing photos.

“What about fixing your computer? Don’t you want me to get it back up and running?’, he asked.

“Well sure”, I thought, “But I’d also like to win the lottery and act as the celebrity bartender in the Bravo Clubhouse but I’m pretty sure none of that is possible.”

Three days later, Pete called to tell me that he was certain he could save my files AND save my photos AND get my Mac back to its old self…for $288.

It's a miracle!

As I drove over to pick up my computer, I wondered to myself if it would be creepy for me to hug my miracle worker, Pete. I refrained but sure was tempted.

The only teeny, tiny, little issued caused by having to blast the hard drive to coax it out of its hiding place?

My files are spread all over the place and my photos managed to clone themselves into an army of over 47,000. Hey, I’d rather have 47,000 than zero!

Imagine that your hard drive is like a series of file cabinets in which the files are neatly organized in perfect harmony. Then imagine it is necessary to shake those file cabinets to within an inch of their life.

You get something like this.

pile of files

So, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks BACKING UP and cleaning up my files. Now, finally, I can get back to blogging!

I’d like to take a moment to thank my wonderful, Apple savant, son-in-law for guiding me through this debacle and talking me down off the ledge on more than a couple of occasions.

Now let’s get back to talking about something more interesting: wine!

Next up, Napa!

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  1. Hooray. Good try in saying that there are multiples of all your photos, we all know you have 47,000 pictures of grandsons.

  2. It’s the equivalent of having terrible water or fire damage to our old photo albums and file cabinets. Very traumatic. Glad you’ve been able to make some progress!
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Grandman Triathlon, VBS and a pie by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  3. So sorry about this huge headache…glad you’re back to blogging.
    Beemie recently posted…#Newbie…My Profile

  4. Oh yay – all’s well that end’s well – or begins again well.
    Barbara recently posted…Dipping a toe or diving in?My Profile

  5. Welcome back, Mo! $288 and a working computer is so much better than $1300 for just your data!!!!
    Tammy recently posted…Live TheatreMy Profile

  6. It IS a miracle!
    Kathy G recently posted…What Would You Call It?My Profile

  7. Yay!!!!!!!! Laughed out loud at your all over hell’s half acre photo. I am delighted for you, Mo!
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Good Neighbors Make Good FencesMy Profile

  8. Whew! That IS a miracle…good luck sorting everything out!!

  9. So glad that your files and photos have been recovered and your laptop is fixed. The first thing I did after reading your last blog was back up my laptop, which I had not done in a year. Now that your are moved in and have your computer issues behind you, I look forward to your upcoming blogs.

    I hope that you will be back in Boston visiting your grandkids before too long so we can have lunch with Katie C. again!

  10. Yay! That is great news? Seriously 1,700 to fix it? My goodness!

    Glad you found a WAY better deal and your files have been recovered. Looking forward to seeing you blog some more now!
    Deanna recently posted…My First Cab Ride Experience with Chicago CabbieMy Profile

  11. Welcome back, friend!!!! I missed you. You poor thing – what a pain in the neck! Counting the minutes until our blogging weekend!

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