About Me

Mo Lux MocadeauxHi there. I’m Mo. Nice to meet you.

Born in Florida, I’ve lived on the East coast and the West coast but my heart and I belong in the Midwest.

My dear husband and I met many years ago when we were both studying accounting at the University of Notre Dame. Go Irish!

Our first date (the result of a bet on a Business Law exam) was to see the Star Wars movie…the first one. See, I told you it was a long time ago!

Having recently finished a stint in California, we live with our wine collection in North Suburban Chicago. We are trying to start a new trend: empty nesters leaving San Diego to retire in Chicago. Brilliant, right?

Our two grown children, their fabulous spouses and our three adorable grandsons live a short plane ride away.  Do I wish they lived next door? You bet! But we make it work.

My wonderful, close-knit family and circles of friends feed my soul.  My favorite adventures involve the people I love.

I’m a very lucky girl trying every day to create happiness and celebrate my life’s gifts: family, friends, food and fine wine.

You can reach me at mocadeaux at gmail dot com.

Thanks for stopping by,