Backpacks and Bear Spray

Tomorrow I leave for my girlfriends’ getaway trip to Glacier National Park. Can’t wait to share pictures from beautiful Big Sky Country! And I can’t wait to share the fun with these wonderful women whom I have known and loved for over 30 years.

My already overstuffed suitcase contains my hiking shoes (diligently broken in to avoid blisters), band-aids in case I get blisters, three different jackets plus a rain poncho, various layers of clothing and two pairs of travel pants.

Do you have a pair of these fabulous pants? Our hostess for this weekend, Ellen, first suggested travel pants for a trip we took to Ireland last year.  These lightweight gems can be rinsed out in the sink and dry fast enough to wear the next day.  The pairs I have can be converted to capris or shorts with drawstrings. (This is not a look I would sport in Manhattan or Paris but there is a time and a place for comfort and a hike on a mountain trail is that time and place.)

I also needed a pair of shoes with a heel for our horseback trail ride. Living in southern California, most of my footwear is in the flip flop family.  Definitely not equestrian friendly.  I’ve been kind of wanting some sassy ankle boots and this seemed like the perfect excuse to get them. (Hope my cute new boots don’t get dusty on the trail…)

Once we get to Montana we will pack up our backpacks with supplies for our hikes. Ellen assured us that she will be prepared with bear spray. Excuse me? Toto we are not in Kansas anymore.

Catherine is bringing some of her favorite trail bars (perfect for trail rides and trail hikes!).  After a morning of trading texts about what we are packing and what we might need she sent me this text:

bear spray text

I was telling my brother about the 10 mile hikes that are planned for this adventure. My sweet brother, expressing reasonable concern about my fitness for such an undertaking, said, “You should take it at your own pace. If the others go ahead you can just wait for them to pick you up as they loop back on the trail.”

Normally, I’d say his advice is sound. But this time, in this place, I’m sticking with the gal who is carrying the bear spray. The desire to avoid being eaten by a bear will surely provide the necessary motivation to keep me moving.

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  1. Pretty much one of my worst fears and probably why hiking is not for me! That being said, Glacier National Park is gorgeous and you will have the BEST time ever! :)-Ashley

  2. Thanks, Ashley! I will keep you posted!

  3. Have a wonderful time! We *live* for our girlfriend trips away. (Do stick with the one with the bear spray!!) –Lisa

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