I was traveling today. Flying from San Diego to Tampa to visit my mom.  When I landed in Houston for my short layover and turned on my phone I was shocked to see 16 text messages.

Fortunately, the first one I read was from my daughter saying, “explosion at marathon finish line but we are all ok.”  They were at mile 23 watching the race.

I am so very thankful that my family is safe but heartbroken for those whose family members are not. May they feel the blanket of love, support and prayers from friends and strangers who are all horrified by this tragedy.

My son posted this on Facebook about his adopted hometown: “238 years ago today Bostonians started the process of taking down the most powerful empire in the history of the world. Whomever is responsible for this, I hope they don’t think we’re scared or impressed.”

Prayers also for the law enforcement agents who WILL find whoever did this.

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  1. Oh my Gosh, I am SO SORRY. 🙁 I just cannot imagine all of the feelings you must be having. Hugs to you.-The Dose Girls

  2. Oh my Gosh, we are SO SORRY. Honestly, we cannot even imagine all of the feelings you must be having about this. Please know we are thinking of you and your family. Hugs.-The Dose Girls

  3. Thanks so much. We are so very thankful for our family’s safety. Can’t imagine the pain of those who were at the site. I appreciate the virtual hug from you girls!

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