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I switched from a PC to a Mac almost two years ago. As my fabulous son-in-law Jerry says, the iPhone is the gateway drug to all Apple products. Once I had the iPhone and the iPad, it was only a matter of time. I’m pretty sure I see an Apple TV in my future.

Last week I finally took my first class at the Apple Store. I learned a million new features of iPhoto and then spent the rest of the day kicking myself for waiting so long to sign up for the class.

It made me think of other things in my life that, once I had done them, regretted not taking action sooner.

For instance, when putting our house on the market I took care of all the annoying little repairs that had been put off. We had a brick hearth that had been painted white by the previous owners. Some of the paint was chipped. Those chips annoyed the hell out of me for years.  In my obsessive getting-the-house-ready-to-sell frenzy I gave the hearth a fresh coat of shiny white paint and it looked beautiful.  Why had I not done that sooner?   Pure laziness.

The chipped paint, though, was minor compared to the gut-remodel of the kitchen and two bathrooms that we undertook just months before finding out that Peter’s company had been sold and we would be moving. Literally, the kitchen and bathrooms had been stripped down to the frame when we got the news. When our remodeling was complete we got to enjoy it for about a month before moving out. The silver lining: a brand new kitchen and two new bathrooms helped the house sell pretty quickly. Still, it was too bad that we didn’t start the project sooner.

buy the ticket

This “I wish I had” is different than regret. As I see it, regret is reserved for those choices we make either by taking action or forgoing action that result in a missed opportunity. I try not to regret things in my life. If an opportunity is lost, there is no sense in pining over it.

This is more a delayed (re)action. I eventually get around to doing something which makes me realize what I’ve been missing. Once I jump into action, though, I have the opportunity to make up for lost time.

When I started blogging earlier this year, I “met” lots of folks who had been at it for three years, five years, eight years and here I was just joining the party with a whole lot of catching up to do. I’m having such a blast; it’s too bad I jumped on the train so long after it had left the station.

My daughter, Annie, is encouraging me to join Instagram. I think I better do it now lest I miss out on even more fun.

That’s going to be my new mantra.  Get Off Your Tukus! Board The Train At Its Origination! (OK, that one might be a bit cumbersome.) Don’t Wait!

To that end, I am pretty proud of myself as I am headed to Minneapolis to attend Bloggy Boot Camp. I will tell you all about it next week.

Have you dragged your feet then wished you had taken action sooner?

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  1. All the time!!! Great reminder to just do it and then enjoy!!

  2. Bloggy Boot Camp? How do I find out about that stuff. Your post was truly inspiring, Mo. I came late to the game of blogging but at least I got here. It has saved me from some lonely days. Hope you share some tips that you learn. Safe travels!

    • Bloggy Boot Camp is sponsored by the SITS Girls. Do you visit their forum? I will fill you in on all the details after the conference.

  3. We have a long list of home projects that will need to be done to update the house if/when we get around to selling it. However, right now I’m fine with polished-brass fixtures and old carpet.

    • I get it. There are many parts of my home that would have to be updated before I would sell it but that I am completely comfortable with and actually love. I think too many buyers are watching too much HGTV and expect places to be perfect and move-in ready!

  4. All the time! I don’t really like change, so I tend to resist new things…and then kick myself when I finally try them for not doing it earlier! Great post Mo! :)-Ashley

    • Thanks, Ashley! Yeah, I don’t see myself becoming a crazy early adopter of things but it’s nice to jump on a bandwagon when there are still people on it!

  5. I am totally,TOTALLY with you on being late in the blogging game!! I had a personal blog that I started 5 years ago but didn’t put too much effort into it-the majority of big bloggers I noticed started in 2008. I had way more time then too because I had no kids and my husband pulled overnights when I could have been building my blog.

    Better late than never though as they say!

    • I’ve also noticed that 2008 seemed to be the magic year. At that time I was having way too much fun with my accounting job to think of doing something as fun and creative as blogging! 😉

  6. great advice, mo. i’m also so excited you’re going to BBC. can’t wait to hear about your experience!

  7. Ooooohhhh… I can’t wait to hear about Bloggy Boot Camp! I’m really, really hoping I’ll be able to attend the one in Atlanta next year.

  8. Oh so many people going to Minneapolis!! We can’t wait to hear about it. I am going to Dallas, which I am excited about too! I need to give myself a kick in the pants some days to get things done. I procrastinate sometimes.

    • The conference was fantastic. Completely packed with info and advice. It was also fabulous to meet so many fellow bloggers in person. Lots of great connections made. Have fun in Dallas!

  9. Happy SITS Day! I am in the same boat now! Madly getting to all those things in the house In case we have to sell. ( hubby getting new job). Wish we had done them years ago! You are so right. You just need to get on the train!

  10. Hi, stopping in from SITS. Great advice in this post! I am new to the blogging world too. Lots to learn and I still feel mostly overwhelmed. Nice to meet you. 🙂
    Roberta (RJ) recently posted…Fall in Colorado is BeautifulMy Profile

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