Five Things I Loved This Week

1. The Oscars…
I love the dresses, the movie clips, the musical numbers, even the acceptance speeches (usually).  But this year I especially loved…

2. …Jennifer Lawrence
The adorable Jennifer Lawrence wins my vote for “Grace Under Pressure”.  Anyone who has ever tripped or slipped at an inopportune time or place must admire how Miss Lawrence brushed off her stumble up the stage steps.  And, I loved this video of Jennifer being stalked by Jack Nicholson during her interview after the show.  Hilarious!!!

3. Making me Laugh on Twitter
Speaking of stumbling…

Although sometimes irreverent, “The Tweet of God” (@TheTweetOfGod) is also hilarious. One example:

Based on how often I’m asked to “Save the Queen”, she must be the clumsiest oaf in the world.
— God (@TheTweetOfGod) February 26, 2013

And from Ken Jennings, the guy who won a boatload of money on Jeopardy, and who is quite the comedian:

within 5 years suburban kindergartens will be full of little girls named “Sybil” and “Edith” THE TIME TO PREPARE IS NOW
— Ken Jennings (@KenJennings) February 23, 2013

I don’t fully understand how Twitter works with all the tweeting, retweeting, quoting, tweeting back and what not.  But I follow a crazy range of people from serious to silly that inform me and make me laugh.

4. Words to Live By
In her blog Brunello’s Have More Fun, Whitney proclaims her motto for 2013 is CAPS LOCK LIVING.  I love that!  All in!!  CAPS LOCK and throw in some exclamation points!!!!!

5. Legos Meet Hogwarts
This from Gizmodo:  A replica of Hogwarts built using 400,000 Legos (and more patience than I will have in my lifetime).
© 2013 MocadeauxWonder if I will see anything like this when I go to Legoland with my nephews on Sunday.

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