Getting Off The Couch

TA DA! How do you like it?  I’ve totally redesigned my site and hope you love the new layout as much as I do.

One of the many things I love about having a blog is the balance of right brain activity (writing, design) and left brain activity (figuring out the technical stuff).  It provides a great sense of accomplishment when I can figure out how to make the coding do what I want it to do.

As a beginner, this takes me a long, long time.  I have been on my fanny for what seems like 48 straight hours.  Time to get moving.

An upcoming girls trip to Montana is providing me with added motivation.  Hosted by my wonderful and generous pal, we will be spending four days hiking, horseback riding, rafting and drinking wine.  Now, I have the wine drinking thing down pat – consider myself somewhat of an expert in that realm.  But the hiking – and we are apparently talking about 8 to 10 miles – YIKES!

Here are the new shoes I have purchased for the trip.  Note that they still have the tags on.  Probably should break them in before hitting the mountain…

hiking shoes

So here’s the problem.  All of the other gals are athletes. Tennis players, runners, power walkers…  I, however, am the lump of the group.  Let’s just say that my gym and I are just passing acquaintances.  As in, I “pass” by the gym on the way to Starbucks. My excuse reason for easing back into fitness is that I had foot surgery on both feet.  Sure, it was seven years ago. And it was to treat bunions. But still, they are delicate little appendages, delicate little size 9 appendages.  

Then I read this post from Mindful Mama.  Micaela talks about her running practice and how she tries to mindfully approach each day’s run to stay motivated.  Her last paragraph reminding us to be grateful that we are ABLE to exercise really hit me.

Inspired by Micaela’s message, I’m going to hit the road. NO! I’m not going to start running…let’s not get crazy here!  But I am going to break in my new hiking shoes and commit to daily exercise of some kind.

Because I can.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip Mo – both the hiking and the wine drinking parts! You are smart to break in your new hiking boots before you go. Have fun!
    Micaela recently posted…How to Enjoy Running When You Don’tMy Profile

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