Visiting Chip and Dale

I was on radio silence for most of last week because I was very, very busy hanging out with these guys.

How on earth did our grand babies get to be so big?

the boys by stairs

It seems like just yesterday that our son, Walt, was in his high chair eating pureed prunes, and now, a minute later, he is feeding his own children pureed prunes. (Oh, sorry, now they are called “dried plums”….like that really makes a difference…)

Considering the fact that we live 3,000 miles away from Chip and Dale, Peter and I get to visit a lot. Still, each time we see them, we are amazed by what they have learned and how their little personalities are developing.  Looking back at pictures from even just a couple of months ago, we can’t believe how little and scrawny they were! Maybe every little thing is highlighted because we aren’t with them to see the gradual progression of new skills. Or maybe it’s just because we are utterly obsessed with the little rascals.

Although Chip and Dale are identical, they are still pretty easy to tell apart – at least in person.  Chip is in constant motion, Dale is more mellow.  Chip crawled first, always wanting the toy that was across the room (or in his brother’s hands). Dale’s attitude seemed to be, “Meh, that toy over there looks cool but this one right next to me is just fine.” Or “Hey, bro – while you are over there, can you fetch that toy for me?”

One thing they do have in common, as I have mentioned before, is their complete and utter devotion to Peter.  If he is in the room, the rest of us are chopped liver.  My darling daughter-in-law, Lily, says that if Chip and Dale were cartoon characters they would have hearts floating around their heads every time they looked at their grandfather. It’s kind of adorable.

Walt and Lily are incredible. They are calm and confident as they navigate the world as new parents of twins.  Do any of you have twins in your family? If so, you will understand just what this means.  I had NO IDEA that twins would be not twice, not three times, but at least four times the amount of work as one baby. Everyone says it will get easier and in some ways it already has. Although Walt and Lily are straight up terrified about the mayhem they will face once the boys can walk. Crikey!!

Being with the boys is constantly entertaining. I can spend all day watching them play, eat and nap (thanks to the baby monitor, the show goes on even when they are in their cribs!).  Everything else falls away.  Nothing else matters.

It’s no fun living so very far from our darling little nuggets but we make every minute with them count. We spend our days storing up mental images, hugs and kisses to carry us through until our next visit.  Our own children never lived near their grandparents but still have a very close and loving relationship with them. So it is possible to be a big part of their lives, even if you don’t live across the street.


Calling all geographically separated grandparents out there: what do you do to mitigate the distance between yourself and your precious grandchildren? Ideas welcome!

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are just adorable and reading about them totally made me smile! We, sadly, live far away from my in-laws, but they have still made an effort to be with my children whenever possible. They came twice this summer and took each of my girls one at a time for a few days to stay with them. Can’t imagine twins…everyone in that house must crash at night! ;)-Ashley

  2. We utilize Skype and lots of pic updates. They are adorable!

  3. Ok, does anyone else think it’s hilarious that your grandchildren are named after the strip club Chippendale?! They are so cute in their striped outfits.

  4. So fun Mo. Love the photo and the cartoon! Perfect.
    My sister has twin girls who are now, shockingly, 31. Yes, time flies. For me it was just yesterday that they were winging cheerios at me from their highchairs or walking back and forth across the newspaper I’d laid out on the floor to read.
    I’m pressing the fast forward button for you! Hope it works and you get to see the boys again very soon!

  5. AW!!!! I bet you are simply the most precious grandparents these two adorable twinies could ever have!! I cannot imagine juggling twins. You must have incredible stamina to watch them and be “in it” with them in this marvelous parenting journey!!
    Quality versus quantity- always. 🙂

    • The real hero is our daughter who goes over to my son and daughter-in-law’s house every single day from 9-5 to help out!

  6. We are lucky to have all four grandparents live locally. But even so, sometimes my kids will face time my mom instead of calling. I know you have awhile before that can happen, but as the boys get older you can Skype or face time with them so you can see one another more often. And then there’s snap chat – so many possibilities to connect!

  7. Hi Mo – stopping by from a comment you left at my site – so fun to hear and read about your twins – they are adorable! I look forward to following some of your grandparenting adventures of twins since I have a set on the way. And I’ll be a long distance grandmother too – I’m in Oregon and they’ll be in Arizona. That’s the hardest part. I only saw my grandparents once or twice a year and although i loved them (and they all 4 lived into their 90s) I was not close to them. I hope to have a different relationship with mine. I agree that technology helps us stay in touch better these days – especially the visual like skype and facetime.

    • Hi Barbara! Twins, and grand babies in general, are an amazing gift! My daughter put together a book (through Snapfish I think) that has a picture of each member of the family and their name so the boys can see our face every day in a fun way. Congratulations on your soon to arrive grand-twins and enjoy!!
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