If I Were Invisible…

Hi. I’m Mo. You might remember me? I used to write a blog…

The days and weeks have flown by and I’ve missed being here.

My absence has been the result of many things including lots of (mostly good) activities but also, to be perfectly honest, a bit of post-election blues.

Although I rarely make New Year’s resolutions because they are usually kicked to the curb by Valentine’s Day, I realized that right now I need a resolution or, better yet, a mantra to get back into my Pollyanna groove.

“I will choose love over hate, happiness over anger, kindness over vengeance and action over idle complaints.”

I feel better already.

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Moving on…

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve heard me talk about Coach Daddy’s 6 Word Challenge.  Each month, Eli poses a question that participants must answer in exactly six words. It is a creatively challenging and sometimes maddening exercise in clever conciseness.

This month’s question: “If you could be invisible for a week, what would you do?”


There are so many directions this could go.

Would I want to use this super power to get even with someone? To feather my pockets with ill-gotten gains? No, too mean and dishonest. (See mantra above.)

Perhaps I’d spend a week hanging out among lions or polar bears to soak in their beauty and majesty up close, without the fear of being eaten. Not a bad idea but, after all, isn’t that the job of the National Geographic Channel?

OOOO! How about this: I could park myself inside Buckingham Palace to see just what the Royals do all day. Oh sure, they have some duties to attend to as part of their ceremonial positions and then there’s the daily high tea, but other than that? I’d love to know.

With 188 staff bedrooms, the palace houses plenty of folks to do all the work around the place; surely that means the Royals have scads of free time on their hands. What do they do all day?

Do the Royals sit around watching “Ladies of London”, reading Hello! magazine or pinning items to their “Fascinating Fascinators” or “Recipes For The Downstairs Staff” boards on Pinterest?

If I were invisible, I could find out.

I guess I could also read a book about the Royals. I suppose that might answer my curiosity but certainly would be way less fun than roaming the halls in my invisibility cloak.

Alright, here’s a thought.

If I were invisible, maybe I could get myself a magic wand (if you are dreaming, dream big) and then maybe I could use that magic wand to go around doing anonymous good deeds.

Yes, that’s it.

My 6-word response to the question,”If you could be invisible for a week, what would you do?”:

Grant wishes with my magic wand.

Kind of like Ellen or Oprah without the zillions of dollars required to be a real-life fairy godmother.

Wouldn’t it be fun to perform random acts of kindness and get to see the surprise in the faces of the recipients without it seeming like you are just hanging around looking for a “thank you”?

To be able to catch a glimpse of the joy experienced by your target before reholstering your wand and invisibly moving on to the next “victim”?

No pats on the back, no newspaper headlines. Simply kindness for the sake of kindness.

Well, I’m not likely to come into possession of an invisibility cloak or magic wand anytime soon but I can do my best to spread light in the world through positive words and kind deeds.

Random acts of kindness, standing up for and protecting others, thwarting bullies wherever and whenever they surface, encouraging hope, always hope. I’d like these to be my superpowers.

I can think of no better way to clear the blues.

Make the world a better place

What about you? What would you do if you were invisible for a week? What would you want your superpowers to be? Do you ever wonder about the idle time of the Royals or is that just me?

By the way, do yourself a favor and spend some time visiting Coach Daddy’s site. You will be glad you did!

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  1. Love the idea about the Royals. I would like to park myself at George Clooney’s house to see if he really is all that happy with Amal. Have a great week!

  2. glad you’re back. i took a break too and just popped back in on my blog as well. funny. something must be in the air. 😉

    • Something in the air, indeed! Not only did I miss writing but I missed visiting my blog pals to read what you all had to say. I’m glad you are back, too!

  3. I remember you! That’s a lovely way to spend your week as the Invisible Woman. I chose something much more selfish – to watch every show on Broadway.
    Dana recently posted…Joyous Thesaurus Day!My Profile

  4. I like your mantra, Mo! And what a noble thing to do with invisibility. I don’t spend much time contemplating the Royals (though I would like to meet them … and especially the remaining Corgi!!) I’m not sure I’d want to be invisible for a whole week, though. That sounds pretty lonely to me (whole days already go by like that, when I’m working on my book, ha!)
    Debbie recently posted…HarbingerMy Profile

    • My mantra is even better now that I fixed the typo in it (misspelled “vengeance”). I never thought about the loneliness that would go along with invisibility. I guess I was thinking of it more in a Harry Potter way – I’d have access to the cloak for a week and toss it on as needed. 😉

  5. Being a fly on the wall in Buckingham Palace sounds like a lovely way to spend a week.
    Kathy G recently posted…The Evidence Is OrangeMy Profile

  6. Hmmmmm … There are just so many options.

    I’ve got it! I adore your idea of popping in on the Royals. Can I come too? Have you heard the rumor that the Queen put the kibosh on Will and Kate’s upcoming annual trip to Mustique with Kate’s fam? I’d love to listen in on the conversation over that gem. And apparently she’s asking W and K to put in more of an effort. Now that would also be fun to be in on. And to check out the playrooms and bedrooms of B and G. Ooooh. And checking out the ladies’ closets and their jewelery boxes … Yes, I’m on board. Where shall we get our cloaks?
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…A Just TypiKel Catch UpMy Profile

    • Oh, yes! This would be much more fun with a partner in crime! I like that you have started a list so we don’t waste a second of the week of invisibility.

  7. I would spend my invisible week attending sessions of Congress and whisper in the Senators’ and Representatives’ ears, playing good angel. “Remember Mrs Jones? Passing this bill would really make a difference in her life.” “Remember Ms Franklin? She could really use an opportunity to learn new skills.” “Remember the people who elected you. You are responsible to them, not to Big Company who promises money for votes.”

    • I LOVE it! I fear, however, that you would be hoarse from having to whisper so many “good angel” messages. Maybe we need a trunk full of cloaks and lots of volunteers to join in!

  8. Everyone forgets about Pippa. I’d check in on her, for sure. I thought she and I had the magic.

    • And based upon Kelly’s comments about the Queen’s admonishment of Will and Kate, wouldn’t you love to hear some of the sister-talk between Kate and Pippa?

  9. I hadn’t thought about the Royals – as far as what they do on a daily basis – an inside peek – but you’re right – that’d be fun. Especially Kate and William and the kids because they’re so interesting and fresh to me.
    Barbara recently posted…Color on the pageMy Profile

    • I agree, Barbara. I think Will and Kate would be the most interesting and, might I even say, more relatable? It would be interesting to hear how they are navigating their duties and orders from the Queen while still trying to live a modern, family life.

  10. I missed you, Mo.
    I know what you mean about post-election blues. Fasten your seatbelts today, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • Today is when I need to start putting my complaints into action. I’m marching tomorrow in Chicago – pink hat and all! By the way, I LOVE that mama duckling and all of her babies on Boston Common have ben outfitted with their own pink hats!

  11. Well hello! I love the way you’d use your invisibility powers. Granting wishes would really be so rewarding and amazing. I choose love over hate too… and am marching tomorrow. Sigh. Trying really hard to be positive. Thinking about granting wishes helps. Thank you!
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Usually, I’d Say I Want to Change the World, but Tonight, I Want to Change Trump’s Education Secretary NominationMy Profile

    • I feel so much more positive now having participated in the march. Seeing the show of strength and support from around the world was powerful!

  12. I do wonder how the royals spend their free time. Heck, now that my kids are getting older and less demanding of me, I’m wondering how I’m supposed to spend my free time!
    Katy recently posted…Funny Motherhood Memes RoundupMy Profile

  13. That is a provocative question, Mo. Part of me thinks about eavesdropping on a variety of conversations, but sometimes I think that not knowing actually contributes to my happiness. Perhaps I would like to be able to listen to conversations where corruptions is being furthered so I could bring that into the light of day.
    Seana Turner recently posted…Digital Declutter Day 23: Online AccountsMy Profile

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