It Is Now Safe To Turn On Your Electronic Devices

I love to fly.  But please allow me to rant about the following:
A.  Two carry-on items does not mean one steamer trunk on wheels plus one ginormous tote bag plus one ginormous purse plus a shopping bag full of all the goodies you’ve purchased on your vacation.
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B.  When it is time to turn off your electronic devices please do so.  You’re not fooling anyone when you tuck your iPhone – lit up like an app filled Christmas tree – into your pocket.  Also, closing the lid on your laptop and making it go to sleep is NOT the same thing as powering down.
I know that the plane can fly just fine with all these electric waves bouncing throughout the cabin.  Put people…it’s an FAA regulation!  Doesn’t that count for anything??  Sometimes I think I am the only person (schmuck) who actually waits for the double ding before turning on my Kindle.
My problem is that I am a pathological rule follower.  You tell me something is a rule or an FAA regulation…I’m obeying.  You can count on it.  What’s the opposite of anarchy?  Whatever it is, that’s the type of place I want to live.
The folks that fill up the overhead bins with their excessive crap and ignore the order to push the “off” button act like the rules are made for everyone but them.  Seriously people, can’t we all just get along?  Can’t we all just play fair and follow the rules?
That is all.
And besides, the double chime just rang indicating our initial descent into Boston Logan International Airport and I must shut down.  Someone has to.
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  1. This post is SO AWESOME. I am 100% with you on being a rule follower. Why do people insist on bucking the system??!!-Ashley

  2. Can they not feel our eyes piercing into their backs? Guess not – they’re too busy catching up on “important” stuff. Nice post Mo. Loved the ending.

    • Of course I am such a wimp that I would never say anything to the rule breaker, especially if they are my seat mate on a five hour flight!

  3. I am a rule follower too, Mo – it steams me when people break rules that then affect others. I use flying time to read guilt-free; there’s nothing else to do!

    • We rule followers have to stick together! I’m not looking forward to the day when every flight offers wi-fi and cellphone calls are no longer prohibited. Yikes! Anarchy!!

  4. Mo, those folks are truly annoying. I’ve been known to break a rule or two, but the flying stuff I don’t play with. Plus, the people traveling with their kitchen sink are taking up overhead space that other people desperately need. Gets on my last quarter inch of a nerve.

    Even worse to me are those who have to play music or the movie loud enough in their earphones that the person next to them can hear every word. What is up with that???

  5. You are right, Alison! How do those people not realize that everyone can hear their music or movie or whatever?!?! It all comes down to common courtesy and respect for your fellow travelers. And following the rules.


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