Let’s Go Fly A Kite

With only a couple more weeks of my Granny Nanny stint to go, I’m trying to drink in every delicious baby scent, every adorable baby coo, every moment of this very special time with baby Andy.


The days just fly by and I have that familiar feeling, a memory from the days when my own children were babies, “what on earth did I do all day?!”.

Each morning starts with a tour of the kitchen where we greet all the family members whose pictures are posted on the refrigerator.

We also give a “How do you do” to The First Lady or more accurately, to the Michelle Obama magnetic paper doll.


Such a snappy dresser! Plus she is enjoying a slice of Chicago-style pizza – excellent taste!

We stop by the Disney posters and sing a rendition of The Mickey Mouse Club song and It’s A Small World.

The Disney indoctrination is well on its way.

(We have even booked Andy’s first trip to Disney World since he was too young to go along on our last pilgrimage.)

For some reason I’m a little obsessed with the soundtrack from Mary Poppins.

So many excellent songs: A Spoonful of Sugar, Chim Chim Cher-ee, I Love To Laugh…

I’m pretty sure that Andy’s first word is going to be



My go-to lullaby is Stay Awake.

The song sounds slightly different in my “melodic” voice…

But my very favorite song, the one that we (and by we, I mean I) sing all day, is Let’s Go Fly A Kite.

I sing this while changing diapers, while putting Andy in his car seat and anytime the little guy needs to calm down. I don’t know why it is so effective but it sure is!

In addition to spending time with Andy, I’ve also enjoyed some adventures with Chip and Dale. Their little 2 1/2 year old selves seem like such big boys compared to their wee cousin, Andy.

Boston Aquarium

Chip and Dale at the Boston Aquarium

In a couple of weeks I will leave Boston and my Granny Nanny job to start working on our next big adventure: moving from California back to Chicago!! Never a dull moment.

I will always cherish this very special time with Andy, just as I do the many weeks I was able to spend with Chip and Dale when they were babies.

And I look forward to many, many more fun times with all of these guys.

Let’s go fly a kite!

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  1. So great that you could do this! Melissa was just in Chicago for Spartyball and still has the bug to move there 🙂

  2. Mary Poppins and Cinderella were always my favorite vinyl albums to play over and over again when I was a little girl. Great songs, indeed!

    What a gift you are to these babies and their families. So much fun ahead.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on And the winner is . . . (and some bricks) by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  3. I don’t know who’s luckier…your daughter, who gets a first-class babysitter or you, who gets to make first-class memories.
    Kathy G recently posted…Cast Iron Skillet TLCMy Profile

    • We will call it a tie! For myself, I am thrilled to get to bond in this way with the little guy and I’m so, so happy to have been able to make Annie’s transition back to work a lot easier.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Let’s Go Fly A KiteMy Profile

  4. Darling post about such sweet moments. Even though it’s cold outside, you have that sweet baby to keep you warm!

  5. That Michelle Obama magnet is AWESOME! Way to represent Chicago there!

    Glad you got to soak up every moment with your grandbabies-I love thet Kite song too-I can’t wait to actually fly a kite with my daughter and sing this song to her! I usually associate songs that relate to what we are doing.

    And it’s getting that time to move to the Windy City huh? How exciting! We can meet up for wine and apps soon! It’s finally in the 50s and the city is already bustling! And you’ll be much closer to your family in Boston!
    Deanna recently posted…Sweetwater Tavern and GrilleMy Profile

  6. Oh so much fun…those baby days. Enjoy your time in Boston…I miss my family who are still within the city limits and surrounding suburbs. At least it may have finally stopped snowing.

    I have a nephew in Chicago trying to make his way through Second City…we will see, maybe the next Jimmy Fallon.
    Beemie recently posted…Clarification…My Profile

  7. Love Mary Poppins and all the songs in it!!
    And, that cute picture of your little guy – I love the outfits with stuff on baby butts!!!
    Glad you have had so much fun with your grandkids!!
    Kim recently posted…Not Every Day Is PerfectMy Profile

  8. Baby Andy in Seal pose – way to go Granny Nanny on getting him into yoga early!
    Debbie recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  9. Oh what a spoonful of sugar for you to have been there! I so enjoyed listening to stay awake again — I used to sing that to my kids when they were little. Haven’t heard it from Ms Andrews for years.
    Barbara recently posted…Are you a Locavore?My Profile

    • Of all the lullabies in the world, there is something about Stay Awake that has always touched my heart. I love the scene from the movie, watching Jane and Michael try desperately to keep their eyes open against the power of Ms. Poppins melodic voice.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Let’s Go Fly A KiteMy Profile

  10. Look at little Andy checking himself out in the mirror. That’s so adorable! I’m so glad you got this time to spend with all the little ones!
    Kristen recently posted…AskAwayFriday with Talbert ZooMy Profile

  11. These are such precious times! Good for you for savoring EVERY moment! I am still hoping for a Boston meet-up, but I will also be in San Diego in May – will you still be there then? Have a wonderful weekend with that adorable baby! xoxo

  12. My kids and I were just listening to Supercali…today! I’m too lazy to spell out the whole thing. You’re never too old for Mary Poppins. Or Disney World!
    Dana recently posted…Who is this Pat guy and why are we celebrating?My Profile

  13. mo, you are such a great grandma! your children and grandchildren are blessed 🙂
    catherine gacad recently posted…Will My Baby Go to College?My Profile

  14. Oh you made me grin, yet again, with the image of your morning rituals. Can’t say who’s luckier! You or your daughter. Both of you are blessed. You’ve reminded me of how I’d sing “Oklahoma” to my nephew years ago. Over and over. Yet I don’t remember singing it to my two. Ever. Hmmm.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Will You Be Remembered?My Profile

  15. This made me smile so much. It’s so awesome that you are able to do take care of your grandson like that. I love that song too, and it brings back memories of the songs my late father in law used to sing to my kids when they were little.
    Michelle recently posted…7 Ways to Rock Your Disney Princess Race ExperienceMy Profile

    • The only downside to this two month nanny gig has been that I’ve gotten way behind on blog reading. But soon enough I will be back and I will need all of you guys to take my mind off how much I’m missing the baby and his twin cousins!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Let’s Go Fly A KiteMy Profile

  16. I wish all kids could have a granny nanny experience like this. I love that you love it so much! (I don’t think Michelle Obama would let the kids eat Chicago-style pizza at lunch though!)
    Eli recently posted…#GirlsRock: An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Erin BowmanMy Profile

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