Life Experiences: Some Wacky, Some Wonderful

“Who I Am” – Chapter 6

Throughout 2016, I am participating in the “Who I Am” project which is the brainchild of Dana from Kiss My List and Bev from Linkouture.  This month’s topic is: ‘Betcha didn’t know…’.

(You can find all of the other chapters in my “Who I Am” story here.)

Mocadeaux - page breakWe all have some life experiences that stand out in our memory for one reason or another. Wacky, wonderful, life-changing or personality-revealing, these experiences help to illustrate the story of our life.

Please let me share a few “betcha didn’t know” facts about myself.

Over the course of my life, I have moved 25 times.

moving boxes

Witness protection program?

No, just a family that likes adventure and isn’t afraid to try new places.

These different homes include 3 dorm rooms in college, a couple of temporary housing apartments occupied while we waited to move into one house or another and multiple homes in five different states. Each of these moves involved copious amounts of boxes, paper, and tape.

So, yeah, I’m kind of an expert at moving. If you need any advice, I’m your gal.

I’ve been to dinner with Phil Donahue and on a late night Denny’s run with Timothy Leary.

When I was at Notre Dame I was the Comptroller of the Student Union. This very exciting job meant that I paid the bills for all of the Student Union sponsored events, got free admission to these events (making me a very cheap date) and occasionally got to dine with the various celebrities who came to campus.


Phil Donahue, Notre Dame alumni, husband of Marlo Thomas, and former talk show host is the person whom Oprah credits with paving the way for Oprah to become OPRAH.

Phil was on campus for a lecture and four or five of us took him out to dinner at a fancy-pants restaurant.

Quite charming, he spent the entire meal asking us about life on campus and seemed particularly interested in how women were assimilating into life at Notre Dame since the school had become co-ed only a few years earlier.


Our trip to Denny’s with Timothy Leary, world-renowned proponent of the mind-expanding benefits of LSD, was something different.

I assure you that no LSD was involved but Mr. Leary did bring a bottle of liquor in a paper bag from which he took frequent gulps while enjoying his Grand-Slam Breakfast.

I’m a proud member of the CPA Exam 300 Club.

The CPA exam consists of four parts. The passing score for each part is 75. Those of us in the 300 Club scored exactly 75 points on all four parts meaning that we just barely passed studied precisely the correct amount of time and not one minute too much.

My place of employment has been robbed – twice.

The first time was when I was in high school working at a bookstore in the mall with my sister. One day I was managing the cash register while my sister was in the back room working on inventory.

There were a number of customers in the store and a few in line at the register. As one customer departed, a couple stepped up to the register. She distracted me with questions about a display behind me before I had a chance to close the register drawer. After what seemed like only a few seconds, I turned around to see her accomplice yanking money out of the cash register.

Insanity kicked in. Yelling something like, “What do you think you are doing? Give that back!”, I grabbed the money out of the robber’s hand and the duo ran out of the store.

(Definitely one of the most foolish and unsafe things I’ve ever done and was, in fact, my answer to Coach Daddy’s 6 Word Challenge for June: Tell us about something you did decidedly unsafe – in six words.)


The second time, I was working at a bathing suit shop on the beach and noticed a woman stick a couple of string bikinis in her beach bag. This time, I was smart and called the authorities rather than taking matters into my own hands. The police nabbed the woman in the parking lot and – wouldn’t you know – she had a gun in her purse.

I’m not sure that those bikinis were worth risking a charge of armed robbery. Throw in a Speedo or two then maybe…

I volunteered on the committee to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago.

Chicago 2016

For a couple of years, I spent hours each week as a volunteer with the Chicago 2016 committee. Without a doubt, this was one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences I have ever had.

I rode the train downtown one or two days per week to work in the office doing everything from making copies to researching international holidays. I helped out at events all over the city including Taste of Chicago and youth fitness events.

I greeted International Olympic Committee members when they came to Chicago for their site visit and stood on the stage near President Obama as the city celebrated making the first cut from Applicant City to Candidate City.

Even as a volunteer, I got to participate in small ways at big events.

I collected a lot of great SWAG and most importantly met lots and lots of incredible people who were all working diligently towards the same goal.

Sadly, the International Olympic Committee decided that the games should, for the first time ever, be held in South America rather than in the greatest city in the greatest country in the world.

Go figure.

So as you are watching the Rio Olympics with all of the talk of Zika and filthy water and crime and power outages, remember the folks who tried really, really hard to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to the good old U.S. of A. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

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  1. Holy Hannah, Mo. Two robberies? Yikes. Someone was sure looking after you though. Bet that first robbery was meant to deter you from taking the second one all by yourself. She had a gun in her purse? Whoa. I remember you telling me about working on the Chicago bid. I am so sorry you didn’t get it. Having the Olympics here in Vancouver was ever so special and I know that you, above all else, would have truly loved it. And it would have Trumped other news items in your part of the world … Delightful to get to know you a weensy bit better.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…93 Year-Old Mum Does Los Angeles. Again.My Profile

  2. All great stories, but as a fellow Chicago blogger (assuming Wheaton counts), I am very impressed with your Olympic Committee story. We would have been so much better than Rio.
    Janet Arden recently posted…My miscellaneous file: gardens, a geeky book and crepe-y skinMy Profile

  3. Well if I wasn’t impressed with you before (which I was), I am now. Bravery and high profile dinner and breakfast companions. And ahhh yes…..Rio.
    Barbara recently posted…By: BAlbrightMy Profile

  4. I relate to you and like your blog, but don’t see a friend connect button or a button so I can follow in those ways. You walked the Camino, I would love to do that.

    • Yikes! Thanks, Terra, for mentioning that my Bloglovin’ button was missing. I revamped my site not long ago and must have forgotten to reinstall that vital piece of information! You can now find it on the sidebar below “recent posts”. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m hoping to publish my post on the Camino very soon. Stay tuned!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Life Experiences: Some Wacky, Some WonderfulMy Profile

  5. Oh my, those life experiences are plenty…my nephew lives in Chicago so it would have been a perfect time to visit him if only the Olympics had been there. Glad you survived the robberies, I had a similar experience working in a clothing store..not fun. I do not enjoy moving, but if the need arises I know who to contact. Have a great day!
    Beemie recently posted…Greatest…My Profile

  6. You ARE a moving expert! I’ve moved around quite a bit, too (a side effect of being in journalism), and even my Domer son has had more moves than most (every single year in college, plus several times now that he’s working!). After a while, you’d think it would get easier.

    Too bad about the Olympics — Illinois could have used all that tourist money!!

    • I stayed in the same dorm for all four years at ND and even the same room for 2 years. Our section was over an archway so we dubbed ourselves the Archway Cookies.

      I know that many people here are glad we didn’t get the Olympics because of the state’s budget crisis but I’m with you. I think it would have been a big boon to the city and the state.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Life Experiences: Some Wacky, Some WonderfulMy Profile

  7. I was dying to know about your six word story – thanks for elaborating! Glad you called the police the second time.

    You’ve had such interesting experiences, Mo! I watched Phil everyday with my mom, pre-Oprah. The only famous people I got to meet through my Student Activities job at college were Carrot Top and Adam Sandler. I was unimpressed by both. Thanks for linking up again!

  8. Yikes, two robberies! Good thing you called the cops the second time around.
    I haven’t moved around quite as many times as you, but in the 12 years I’ve lived in the Boston area I’ve lived in 6 different places!
    Thanks for linking up, and sorry the Olympics aren’t going to be in Chicago. Last year they were making a bid for Boston for a future Olympics and I really did not want them here — this city is too small!

  9. Comptroller of the Student Union – that must have looked good on your resume when you were looking for your first job out of ND.

    I remember seeing Timothy Leary speak in Washington Hall; he was strange and his ideas about life were even stranger. Speaking of Washington Hall, my most vivid memory of the Sophomore Literary Festival occurred in 1977 when Tennessee Williams opened his presentation by pouring himself a glass of wine and toasting “Notre Dame’s homosexual community.” Scandalous.

    • Do you remember that Timothy Leary’s young son sat in a chair on stage and at one point interrupted Mr. Leary’s ramblings saying, “Tim, I can hear the chair talking.”? Wacky! I did not attend that Tennessee Williams presentation. Wow! Surely shocking at the time but good for him!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Life Experiences: Some Wacky, Some WonderfulMy Profile

  10. LOVE this!! Did I ever share that I too am a CPA? Although, I have to admit, it took me two times to pass the exam. I love telling my kids about how I had to sit for the entire exam with NO calculators – remember that? Too bad the Olympics are not in Chicago – it would be SO much better than Rio. Hope you have a terrific week, Mo! xoxo
    Sandy recently posted…10 Best Cities In The United StatesMy Profile

    • I also had to take parts of the exam multiple times. No fun at all! And now, not only can they use calculators, they can take one part at a time whenever they want rather than having to wait six months for the next try. Of course, there are way more FASBs to know now than back in our day!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Life Experiences: Some Wacky, Some WonderfulMy Profile

  11. I did not know that you were a CPA! Ever practice in that field? I have only moved four times in my life. One of those as a young child, which probably doesn’t count.
    Kathy G recently posted…(Temporarily) Off The GridMy Profile

  12. Theses are all fascinating tidbits! I enjoyed hearing about your meals with famous ND speakers, the Olympics volunteer gig, and the robberies.
    Katy recently posted…If Toddlers Ran the Morning NewsMy Profile

  13. You stole the show in the six words, and deservedly so. I’m imagining you doing the shaking down on that graphic you included with your explanation! Hey, at least Chicago still has the Cubs, if not the Olympics.

  14. WOW to the two robberies. Yikes. I once worked at a limo company and one of the drivers was stealing from us but I didn’t really see it. Scary that the bikini lady had a gun!! Good thing you didn’t bust her the same way as the couple. I know who to ask for advice if we move too!
    Also I’ve been meaning to participate in Dana’s linkup forever – it’s so great but… well…
    Kristi recently posted…Why Saying Black Lives Matter is Better than Saying All Lives MatterMy Profile

  15. 25 times! Sheesh. I have moved.. 11 times. I believe. Four of them were college dorms, of course.
    And you’re a regular robber napper! Congrats!
    Tamara recently posted…How to Plan & Have a Romantic Road Trip.My Profile

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