Baby Sister And Retirement – Take 3

Recently, our family has experienced two momentous events.

A few weeks ago we welcomed our fifth grandchild and first granddaughter!!!

Baby sister

To say that girls are scarce in our family would be an understatement. Baby sister is the first female to be born on either side of our family in almost 25 years.

She’s kind of a big deal. And she is beautiful.

Her twin older brothers, Chip and Dale, are quite besotted with her. The household is settling in nicely; that is to say, they will be once the wee darling gets a little better grasp on night vs. day.

To celebrate her arrival, we opened a bottle of 2009 Wallis Family Estate “Little Sister” Proprietary Red Wine from the Diamond Mountain District of Napa Valley.

2009 Wallis Family Estate Little Sister Proprietary Red

Perfect, right?

We discovered Wallis Family Estate at a Family Winemakers of California tasting event about 5 years ago. Pouring wine at their booth on that day were both Mr. Wallis and his younger daughter, AKA the Little Sister.

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Shortly after Baby Sister’s arrival, Peter started retirement.

For the third time.
Peter Begins Retirement

Retirement #1 never really happened even though the date was set and we completed the planned relocation.

You see, Peter is a team player. When the company came to him saying, “We’ve had a bit of a situation and we really, really, really need to have you stick around for another six months or so. Pretty please???”, he couldn’t say no.

Retirement #2 proceeded swimmingly for a grand total of three months.

During that time we packed in all sorts of fun activities like concerts and wine events.

I became quite accustomed to having Peter cook dinner, pairing it with the perfect wine, as I perused my People Magazine.

Well, that arrangement came to a screeching halt when Peter received a call asking if he could help out on a teeny, tiny project  – “should last no longer than a couple of months” – which turned into a big, big project consuming about fifteen months.

Now, finally, all is as it should be in Maison Lux. Peter is home and splitting his time, once again, between his two happy places: the kitchen and the wine cellar.

Wine Spectator magazine’s website has a series called “8 & $20” which features wonderful recipes (with suggested wine pairings) serving up to 8 people for $20 or less (not including wine, obviously).

One, in particular, caught Peter’s eye and he decided to give it a whirl.

Braised Chicken Thighs in Mushroom Sauce

Braised chicken thighs in mushroom sauce.

Now I was a little wary of this dish for two reasons: I don’t like dark meat chicken and I REALLY don’t like mushrooms. Other than that, it sounded great…

But, if Peter was doing the cooking I figured the least I could do was to be a good sport and try the dish without complaining. Besides, I knew it would be served with a great wine so not a total fail.

I may not have instantly become a dark meat/mushroom convert, but I will tell you that this combination was delicious! Check out the recipe here.

Peter paired this yummy gem with a 2012 Foxen Melville Vineyard Pinot Noir.

2012 Foxen Melville Vineyard Pinot Noir

Located in Santa Barbara County, Foxen makes a wide variety of wines including single-vineyard Pinot Noirs like this one, as well as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah and red blends.

The Foxen tasting room in Santa Maria is a simple and rustic but beautiful place and one I highly recommend to anyone visiting Santa Barbara County. Just a tiny bit down the road is their second tasting room, known as The Shack, where visitors can enjoy selections from Foxen 7200 which focuses on Italian style and Bordeaux wines.

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Now that Peter has more free time, I’m looking forward to many delicious meals, great adventures and lots of time to spend with the five grandchildren: Baby Sister, brothers Chip and Dale and cousins Andy and Harry.

Life is, indeed, good!

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  1. Good luck in keeping that retirement permanent. Hugs and kisses to all and Harry is very aptly named.

  2. Katie Clooney says:

    Welcome back, dear friend. I missed you. Your new addition is a little doll! Looks like you’re the bread winner now!! I hope the Peter cooks us a meal fit for a queen. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Congratulations on the birth of the tiny, new girl! I hope your husband’s retirement “sticks” this time. -Jenn
    Jenn recently posted…Hello Tulips!My Profile

  4. Happy Retirement (again) to you and Peter! Sounds familiar, but since we are moving I don’t think my hubby will get pulled back in. However, he is going to be doing some on line consulting that he can pick and choose. At least that’s the plan. I bet that sweet little girl will be spoiled, but how fun to do so!

    • See now that’s perfect – online consulting to keep a bit active but not get roped completely in. I’m guessing that once you get to FL with the siren song on the golf courses, beach and pool your husband may have less time to work! Baby sister is sweet and adorable. We sure do enjoy shopping for “pink”!

  5. Congratulations to Peter in his re-re-retirement! I hope 3 times is the charms! And super congratulations on your adorable new bundle! She will indeed be spoiled – how fun!

  6. It sounds like life is good all around. Congratulations 🙂
    Kathy G recently posted…Unexpected ArtMy Profile

  7. We’re the same here except we have girls. In August, DD1 will have a baby BOY. We were all in shock. We have no idea what to do with one of those. LOL Congrats!

  8. Kathy L says:

    A grand-daughter – how exciting! The female mantra in our house: Girls rule; boys drool!
    I hope that your husband finally retires (and spends more time in the kitchen). My husband cooks a lovely dinner every Sunday. Maybe when he retires he will cook more often 🙂
    I hope to see you this summer if you are in town.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Congratulations on your growing brood of Grandchildren!! You are truly blessed! Wishing you a glorious Mother’s Day!! xoxo

    PS…I am overdue in emailing you back – last week was CRAZY…I promise tomorrow!! 🙂

  10. Congrats on the baby girl and the retirement. Enjoy the spoils (good cooking)!

  11. Although I can’t see her face, your granddaughter looks so cute and I especially love that hair!!! Looking forward to seeing more posts!
    Catherine Gacad recently posted…An Exploration of World Religions: Buddhism / CatholicismMy Profile

  12. How exciting to finally have a gorgeous girl! That hair looks sweeter smelling than any shampoo commercial. I know retirement must be wonderful, but to have such a talented and skilled husband is a joy as well. Enjoy the good things, which are swirling all around you, and Congratulations on that baby!
    Leslie Anne Tarabella recently posted…Random things from an average week in FairhopeMy Profile

  13. Family, wine, and food. Perfect! Enjoy the good times, Mo.
    Katy recently posted…Observations from Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTVMy Profile

  14. The first girl born in the family for almost 25 years? Well, that is positively magical and meant. Not only that, but her Granddad is retired and available 24/7 to cook her delicious meals and share everything wine in the years and years to come? Holy Moly, she’s set. What an absolute poppet. Did you have something to do with the outfit she’s wearing? Honestly, she could not be cuter.
    And yes, you’ll be that person with a million pictures. I would expect nothing less. The Happiest of Mother’s and Grandmother’s Day to you, dear Mo.

    • I had to upgrade my phone to have room for all of the pictures I take. Imagine how many I’d have if I lived in the same city as the 5 little ones! PS Poppet is the perfect of our baby girl!

  15. Aw, how exciting to welcome a new baby right around Mother’s Day — and what a tiny cutie she is, too! She won’t be one bit spoiled, of course, not with all those BOYS in the family!! And congrats on the third take of Peter’s retirement! I don’t know this for certain, but it seems like that’s a common path for lots of folks — retirement, work, retirement again, work some more. I imagine it’s a difficult transition (probably why some folks never officially retire at all). I’m not a mushroom or dark chicken meat lover, either, but his dish looks fabulous!
    Debbie recently posted…EcholocationMy Profile

    • Debbie, you are right about the back and forth between retirement and work – it seems so many people continue to dip their toe back into the workforce after they see what retirement is really like. The grandchildren are a very good incentive, though, for staying retired this time!

  16. Mazel tov, Mo! My mother-in-law was beyond thrilled that her first grandchild was a girl, as she is the mother of three boys. She ended up with five grandsons and two granddaughters – that YY chromosome must be pretty strong!

    Enjoy Peter’s third retirement, and all five grandbabies!

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