May Gardening And All The Rest

Holy moly, this month has been busy!

We are all experiencing it, right?

May always seems to be one of the craziest months of the year.

Mocadeaux - page break

Early May marks the beginning of gardening season – at least that’s what gardeners tell me. I’m a bit of a black thumb gal myself.

After a few years of neglect while we were in California, our garden had become quite overgrown. It was time to tear everything out and start anew.

Mocadeaux - garden before

Fortunately, our dear pal, Zsa Zsa, gardener extraordinaire, came to the rescue creating a fabulous landscape design for us.

Zsa Zsa and I have traveled to practically every garden center in the greater Chicagoland area searching for the 38 different types of plants included in our design.

The most successful trips were those on which Peter, the gardener half of this marriage, was able to join us. He and Zsa Zsa could speak the same language.

When Peter wasn’t available, poor Zsa Zsa had to cope with me – the D Team – and my endless ineptitude.

Zsa Zsa: OK, now we are looking for Raspberry Truffle Echinacea.

Me: Say what now??????????????

Heaven forbid I had to go to a nursery unaccompanied. Can you say “deer in the headlights”?

Eventually, we procured most of the plants on the list and we were ready to go.

Zsa Zsa carefully laid out the plants based on her plan.

Because there were over 120 pots to plant and because I’m a team player, I offered to get started on the planting.

Peter and Zsa Zsa gently (and wisely) declined my offer.

Instead, they worked like crazy and now we have this.

Mocadeaux - garden

Beautiful and it’s not even blooming yet!

We can’t thank Zsa Zsa enough for her generosity and gardening brilliance.

Mocadeaux - page break

While Peter and Zsa Zsa were up to their elbows in garden dirt, I was attending a charity luncheon as a guest of my pal, Clare.

The luncheon was a benefit for Misericordia, Heart of Mercy, an organization that provides a wide range of services and residential options for developmentally disabled children and adults.

At its core, Misericordia is all about bringing happiness, comfort and support to those they serve and to their families.

A group of residents, The Misericordia Heartbreakers, performed. They were amazing.

Through this luncheon and many other projects, the dedicated and hard-working women’s auxiliary raises funds to support the excellent work of Misericordia.

Mocadeaux - page break

On Sunday, I spent Mother’s Day attending a performance of The King and I at the Lyric Opera with my mom and my sister-in-law, Kate.

The King and I program

Kate snapped up tickets as soon as they went on sale so we had excellent seats on the main floor.

The 3-hour performance flew by. Everything was dazzling: the costumes, the scenery, the dancing, the singing and the entire ridiculously talented cast.

The curtain call brought us all to tears. It was a beautiful day.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!

What has been keeping you busy this May?

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  1. Looks beautiful. What are the white spiky plants?

  2. Your garden looks great, Mo! Who cares if you weren’t the actual one to roll up your sleeves?!? Take all the credit!!! As we Housewives know …charity work is MUCH more important. Love the video of the dancers. FYI… I know every word to The King & I! Yup, I knew you would be jealous. Have a great week.

  3. A VERY nice garden! I see at least some perennials, which means you won’t have to duplicate all your work again next year.
    Kathy G recently posted…The Mystery Of The Materializing WormsMy Profile

  4. I would have loved to have seen The King and I. What a total treat! Your yard is looking beautiful. Keep us posted as it fills in and blossoms even more!

  5. Sometimes we all need a little help from a friend 🙂 It looks lovely already and I bet it will be low maintenance too.

  6. Wowza – that garden looks smashing, Mo. Thanks for providing the before and after. And I’m with Katie. Your job will be watering, perhaps? And weeding? I had a dear friend help me with the plants in my front yard and my job now is all about the watering and weeding. And enjoying the delights she suggested we plant.
    You’ve had a busy May, indeed.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…What Mothers Really Want For Mother’s DayMy Profile

  7. Getting to know you, getting to know all about your black thumb…ok so not the correct words, but you get the drift. You have a great friend in Zsa Zsa…the garden looks spectacular.
    Beemie recently posted…The B word(s)..My Profile

  8. I watched the King and I so many times as a small child. I bet it would be amazing to see live!
    Your garden looks incredible, I bet it’s even better in person 🙂
    Bev recently posted…How to make your own elegant freshwater pearl earringsMy Profile

  9. Can Zsa Zsa come to my home, please? I am also a deer in the headlights and a black thumb!

    I have heard from many Chicago area friends how excellent The King and I is. I’m excited to take my daughter to Beauty and the Beast at Detroit’s Fox Theatre next weekend.
    Katy recently posted…The Long and Short of ItMy Profile

  10. Kathy L says:

    Your new flower beds look great; ripping everything out and starting from scratch is clutch.
    How fortunate you were to be able to spend Mother’s Day with your mom. The show sounds terrific.

  11. Such a beautiful Mothers Day ! The songs are still dancing in my head & the seats were perfection ! Brings me back to my college days in NY in the 50’s & all of the magnificent Rodgers & Hammerstein shows which thankfully we can still enjoy. Garden is amazing also & I will be your weeding assistant. XOXOs!

  12. Your yard looks great! We just had our deck redone, so I need to buy some pretty pots to plant flowers in for that. Maybe this weekend if it stops raining. I feel like I live in Seattle!
    Dana recently posted…Insert or swipeMy Profile

  13. I just love seeing the garden come into bloom….having your two photos was like a time lapse. I remember a woman when I was a young mom in a new home in a new neighborhood and an older woman I met at church invited me to her older home with a mature yard, then dug out a bit of this from the dirt and a bit of that, new starts of various perennials just peeking out of the ground and how thankful and mesmerized I was at her skill and knowledge in the garden. Those graced my yard with beauty and her kindness for years. The King and I? Love. Glad you had such a nice day with women you love.

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