Me? A Grandmother? Say What??

I became a grandmother at 54.  At that age, lots of people are just starting to navigate the college process with their kids.  Mine have graduated, earned advanced degrees and gotten married. AND my dear son and awesome daughter-in-law made us grandparents with the arrival of not one, but two grand sons.  Identical twins.  The boys are beautiful and they are perfect.

Everyone says that becoming a grandparent is the most extraordinary experience.  Of course there is the cliche – “You can love them and spoil them and return them to their parents.” But really it is so much more.  And tough to describe.

These fabulous little guys live 3,036 miles away but we are very lucky.  The company that my dear husband works for is headquartered in the same city.  When Peter has to travel to HQ, well DUH, I have to go along too. And we both get to hug and hold the babies. Win-Win.

After the babies were born, and after my daughter-in-law’s mom had her turn, I got to spend weeks and weeks, day and night helping out with the little nuggets.  Sure, the babies’ parents appreciated the extra set of hands but I’m not sure they understood the incredible gift it was to me to be able to spend those precious first weeks bonding with the boys.  I truly am a very lucky gal.

Dear, sweet Peter is a wonderful father but was never a huge fan of the baby years. I’m telling you, this grandfather thing is a WHOLE new world.  Seeing him just melt in the presence of these little 18 pound miracles is both hilarious and touching beyond words.  And how the babies light up when Peter enters the room – un-freaking-believable.  During Face Time the boys go CA-RAZY when TaTo is on the screen.  Honestly, I can’t wait to see the relationships develop as the little tootsies grow up.

Babies are the best medicine, ever.  They make a bad day great and a great day spectacular.  Get ready little guys, MoMo and Tato will be back to see you soon!


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