Memory Upgrade

I have a terrible memory.

I forget names, important dates and vital details.

I can’t blame it on being “of a certain age”. I’ve always had this issue.

I used to rely on my beloved sister’s amazing memory to keep track of events in our childhood.

“Did we do that?” “Where was that place we rode the horses?” “What was the name of that crazy babysitter?’

I should have kept a diary….

So when presented with this month’s “6 Words” challenge by Coach Daddy, I had an easy answer.

September is Self-Improvement Month.

What’s one thing you’d like to upgrade in yourself in six words?

My response:

“ENGAGE MEMORY” switch for my brain.

Funny thing, though. As soon as Eli sent the prompt, I came up with the perfect 6 words but didn’t immediately write them down.

And promptly forgot.

Then came up with a new way to say the same thing – in 6 words – failed to write it down and, you guessed it, forgot.

Gone. Nothing. Zippo.

This happened more times than I care to admit. I may have come up with the same 6 words over and over again, I don’t remember. We’ll never know.

But if I had a switch for my brain that I could turn on to purposefully engage my memory? Amazing, right?

Engage memory

For starters, I’d fall asleep more quickly.

My nightly insomnia is, again, not caused by my age or by late afternoon lattes. It is a direct result of my terrible memory intersecting with my pathological need to make to-do lists.

Not a good combo.

Imagine if I could wiggle my ear or tweak my nose to fire up my memory on demand.

I’d be unstoppable!

I’d remember the bread and eggs and Dijon mustard on my mental grocery list.

I would remember to send cards and gifts on time.

Appointments would be made! Airline tickets purchased! Brilliant blog posts written!

Seriously, folks, if only I could remember all the clever, witty, lyrical prose I compose while laying awake each night, I’d be awarded a Pulitzer or something.

I’d spend less time conferring with Professor Google, looking up the answers to the same questions time and time again.

I’d complete crossword puzzles every day, not just the easy ones on Mondays.

Parties and meetings would be a breeze if I could turn on my memory to record the names of all the people in the room.

Flip the switch. Memory engaged. All is good.

But, alas, there is no such magical solution to my faulty memory condition.

My lazy brain and I are going to have to take on the hard work of self-improvement all on our own.

It sure would be easier, though, if pizza and wine were super brain foods rather than blueberries and sardines. (And yes, I had to google “brain foods” to remember what to write. I’ve got some work to do…)

Coach Daddy’s 6 Word Challenge is inspired by Earnest Hemingway’s assertion that any story can be told in only 6 words. Be sure to hop over to Coach Daddy to see all of this month’s entries.

In the meantime, play along! In 6 words, what would you do to upgrade yourself?

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  1. Love the engage memory switch…I am not trying to brag, but I actually have an excellent memory for lots of useless information which sometimes clogs the brain…I sometimes wish I had an “escape hatch” for the useless information, but there are times the useless information does come in handy; when playing trivia games.
    Beemie recently posted…Double Nickels…My Profile

  2. I am terrible at song lyrics! I can’t get more than a few words right. Meanwhile my kids are singing along to the Top 40 hits word by word. I joke that my mom must have indulged in too much wine the day the lyric-remembering neurons were supposed to connect in utero. Maybe that’s what happened in your case with your memory, too?! 🙂
    Katy recently posted…Look Back in HumorMy Profile

  3. My long term memory is great, and I once drew a house plan of where we lived when I was two years old to prove to my Mother I remembered that house! But names? I have no idea who half the people are when I see them. If they change hair or clothes, it’s like a whole new person.
    Love your outlook on brain food! You always give me a smile!
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Many Events, Many Photos by Pretty Poppies in Fairhope – Fairhope Supply Co.My Profile

    • And if I see people out of context? Total memory fail. This is exactly why I think everyone should wear name tags. Not just at parties and meetings but all day, every day.
      Mo Lux recently posted…BeautyMy Profile

  4. I feel your angst. And the human brain is so fascinating to me. Like why do I remember some things from so long ago, every song lyric I’ve ever heard, how to get to places in cities I’ve only been to once or twice – yet can’t remember someone’s name five minutes after they’ve introduced themselves. Words – certain words – have been escaping my grasp lately. This is worrisome for someone who makes her living writing. Thank goodness for online thesaurus’. I DO remember that I enjoy your posts and so I click through. Some things stick.
    Barbara recently posted…Bonjour 40!My Profile

    • Aw, thanks! Isn’t it funny though, in Katy’s comment above she says that she can’t remember lyrics to save her soul and you have a super memory chip for that! The brain is a mysterious creature.
      Mo Lux recently posted…BeautyMy Profile

  5. Honestly thought I’d posted a comment already. I’d forgotten I hadn’t. Sheesh! My memory is good on the unworthy, unimportant stuff. You can count on me to remember who said what back in grade three. However, lately I have been missing words. Can’t remember for the life of me. My mum and dad went to the Alzheimer clinic and mum always remembers the nurse telling her “you needn’t worry about your memory until you can no longer do zippers and numbers. Zippers and numbers are the first to go.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Do Quirk Magnets Attract?My Profile

  6. Well there is some great solace in that because numbers are about the only things I can remember. Zip codes, old phone numbers and addresses. Useless things like that. Now zippers on the other hand…
    Mo Lux recently posted…BeautyMy Profile

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