Magical Trip To Montana

Last year my college friends and I were treated to a fabulous girls’ trip to our friends’ vacation home in Montana.

This year we decided to bring the husbands along because a) they are fun to have around and b) they take pretty good care of us.

Each morning, after this gorgeous sunrise

Montana Sunrise

Ernie whipped up made-to-order omelettes for everyone just as he does every day for his wife, Elizabeth, before they head out the door to work.

Well fed, we headed out for the day’s adventure.

One day we took the ski lift to the top of Big Mountain. Once there we split up to enjoy the different summertime activities offered at the ski resort.

Peter rented a mountain bike and rode the eight mile trail down the ski mountain. When he was done – exhilarated and exhausted – he threw the bike on the ski lift and rode back up to the peak. He was in heaven.

Elizabeth, Ernie and Cooper hiked for a couple of hours taking in the spectacular scenery and racking up Fitbit steps.

The rest of us rode the alpine slide and then went shopping at the gift shop. Real extreme sport enthusiasts.

Riding the lift back down the mountain we were treated to these sweeping views of Montana countryside.

Several days we hiked in Glacier National Park.

Last year we made the trip to Montana in June. Many trails and the road through the park were partially closed because they were still covered with snow. This year we were able to make it up the road to Logan Pass to hike the Hidden Lake Trail.

This was the view along the way. Not bad, eh?

Glacier National Park

And this was our view of Hidden Lake.

Hidden Lake

This hike took us through lovely meadows filled with families of goats. Most of the goats did not seem at all bothered by the hikers, although I’m sure they prefer the time of year BEFORE the road is opened when they don’t have to share their space with pesky humans.


One goat in particular was not at all interested in sharing space with the humans. As our group traversed along the Highline Trail, this guy was unwilling to yield the right of way. After a stare down by Ernie, the goat deftly scaled the cliff and went on his merry way.

Goat on the Trail

By the way, I did NOT go on that particular hike. As you can see, the path is very, very narrow. One one side of the trail is the mountain; on the other side is death. There is no guard rail, only a garden hose chained to the mountain to hold on to.



Ummm, no thank you. I’m getting a little woozy even writing about this. And I find myself leaning to the left when I look at the picture. Heights are not my friend.

At the end of each day, we returned to the home of our fabulously kind and generous hosts, Ellen and John.

Cooper manned the grill, Peter poured the wine and John made sure that everyone was comfortable and having fun.

Donner on the deck

We ended every evening sitting around the fire (expertly tended by Byff), retelling stories and laughing our heads off.

After more than 35 years together, we can finish each others’ sentences. We have made lots of great memories together and are looking forward to making many more.

And if the guys keep behaving, we will probably continue to bring them along.

Around the firepit

Stay tuned – next time I will tell you about the Princess who kissed the fish. A real Montana fairy tale.

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  1. Old friends are the BEST!
    Kathy G recently posted…A Sad State Of AffairsMy Profile

  2. Wonderful photos. I would so love to hike in the mountains – excluding that narrow trail of course, but through the meadows sounds lovely!
    Vicki recently posted…Under the Full MoonMy Profile

  3. I’m with you. The rolling meadows and paths through the woods are much more up my alley than cliff side peril!
    Mo Lux recently posted…Magical Trip To MontanaMy Profile

  4. What gorgeous pictures!!!
    I would have been torn about going on that hike – the views are so incredible that it might have pushed me even though I would be scared the entire time.
    Kim recently posted…Super Sonic TeachersMy Profile

  5. Montana is pretty much at the top of my vacation wishlist. It looks so beautiful and I’m glad you got to enjoy it with good friends!
    Trish recently posted…Depression ConfessionMy Profile

  6. Oh My Word! Who took the picture of the mountain trail? I’m nauseous just looking at it.

  7. Smiling at your comment that you are still leaning to the left when you look at the picture. I think I’d be a be sceptical about the garden hose too. I’m ok if it’s a short garden hose and I can see the end of it but when it’s a long one that bends around a corner and disappears no thank you.
    The pictures are gorgeous – really remind me of Whistler and Blackcomb Mtns here. Sounds like the perfect holiday with everyone having different things that they like to do. Perfect.
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted…Top Ten Reasons To Host A DinnerMy Profile

  8. OH my god! Seriously! I got dizzy and a bit of vertigo just looking at that picture of the narrow hiking trail. NO WAY! And your goat capture in the green field with one puffy white cloud is beautiful!

    • That photo did justice to the beauty more than most of the rest I took. It was hard to remember to put the camera down and just enjoy the scenery because we all wanted to capture the stunning views that were all around us!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Magical Trip To MontanaMy Profile

  9. The made to order omelettes would be an automatic reason to let the men come along the next time! How much fun! By the way, we LOVE the alpine slide…just did it in Breckenridge and had the best time! It looks like the PERFECT vacation…minus the garden hose…YIKES!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Leaving It All On The FieldMy Profile

  10. Wow! Good friends, views and food. Sounds like an amazing trip!
    Kate recently posted…The palm trees are always greener…My Profile

  11. I love reading about your group of friends – Matt and I have some that I hope will be a part of our lives for a long, long time. And Montana – breathtaking!
    Dana recently posted…Holey Red Tights, Batman!My Profile

  12. Those views look spectacular! And that hike with the garden hose reminds me of a hike I did years ago in Israel that also involved goats and during which I feared for my life.

    My college friends and I are a very tight-knit group and I look forward to continue making memories and going trips such as this one with your friends for years to come! (I actually also just spend time with mine, we had college friend wedding #2 out of 3 for the summer this past weekend.)
    Bev recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Steal Like an ArtistMy Profile

    • You are brave! Given the “heads up” about the garden hose I opted out immediately!
      I remember those days when our group all got together for weddings (5 in one year!), then for family gatherings at someone’s house, and now, with our children all grown, hiking adventures!
      I know that you and your friends will love every phase!
      Mo Lux recently posted…The Princess And The FishMy Profile

  13. What a fabulous trip! We don’t have scenery like that, nor snow in June – or January for that matter – here on the Gulf Coast. But we do have goats with attitude.

    How benevolent of you to include the men. They do make pleasant conversation every now and then!

    Glad to see your fun trip.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…An old, old building in MobileMy Profile

  14. And they cooked, did dishes and tended the fire! They definitely earned their passage!
    Mo Lux recently posted…The Princess And The FishMy Profile

  15. wow, now i really need to put glacier on my bucket list. it is so beautiful. loved looking at all of your pictures. what a fabulous vacay.
    catherine gacad recently posted…I Was Not Born to Be a MomMy Profile

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