Montana – Day Two

We did not let rainy weather deter us from our horseback trail ride, led by our fabulous wrangler Adriana.

horseback trail ride in Montana

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures along the trail, something about not wanting us to be distracted riders, but this was the view from the top where we had our cookout.

horseback trail ride in Montana

When we arrived at the cookout site, wrangler Adriana prepared a fire to warm us up and cook our dinner.

horseback trail ride

Steak, corn on the cob, baked beans over the campfire.

And s’mores!

On our way back down the mountain, Adriana told us the story about the only time in the last 100 years that a bear has attacked a trail ride group in Glacier.  It happened last year to one of the groups from the very same stable we rode from.  In fact we got to meet Scout, one of the horses involved.  They tale is so spectacular that David Letterman featured the wrangler and her horse on his show. We were very happy to have not had such excitement on our ride.  The s’mores were plenty exciting for us!




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  1. I love the pictures of you all on the horses! (and Smores are always a sure thing!!)

    I cannot BELIEVE how brave that wrangler was! I want to be on a ride with someone like her. WOW. That story is amazing!! I love that they brought Tonk to the show, too!! What a horse!!

    (so glad you didn’t have excitement like that!) –Lisa

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