My Childhood From A To Z

Today begins the year long “Who I Am Project” hosted by two fabulous blogger friends of mine, Dana from Kiss My List and Bev from Linkoture.

The purpose of the Who I Am Project is to give participants an opportunity to record the story of their life – for themselves, for their children, or just because.

A different topic will be explored each month and by the end of the year we will have compiled 12 chapters of memories, shedding light on how we became who we are.

The first chapter starts, as you might expect, at the beginning.


Reflecting on my early years and looking through photos for this post, my mind was flooded with little random snippets of memories. In no particular order and completely out of context, here are some of those snippets for you to enjoy.

No judgement.

A is for ADVENTURE – As a family, every endeavor we undertook, every opportunity that crossed our path and every challenge we faced was treated as an adventure. Having that attitude has served me well throughout my life.

B is for BUFFY – The first dog I remember having. Buffy was an adorable, blond cocker spaniel and just the sweetest little thing.

C is for CLUMSY – When I was six years old, my ballet teacher took my mother aside and told her that I was not welcome back for the next session since I was just a bit too clumsy for ballet and the family shouldn’t waste money on lessons. Ouch…

D is for DOLLS – Oh how I loved my dolls, particularly Chatty Cathy (perhaps that is her is the picture?) and every single one of my Barbies.

tea party with my childhood doll

E is for EVIDENCE – One time I snuck a finger-full of frosting from a Sara Lee chocolate cake that was in our refrigerator. When my sweet mother asked me about the missing frosting, I played dumb. However, I was busted by the evidence I left behind: my lovely, lace monogrammed hanky.

F is for FAMILY – Family is everything. Always has been; always will be.

G is for GOLF COURSE – The house I grew up in backed up to a golf course. It was like having acres and acres of land as your backyard.

H is for HORSE – In my final ballet recital, I was cast as a horse. Not the back side of a horse as my dear husband likes to tease me; the entire horse.

My childhood as a horse

I believe my friend, Kitty, was cast as a fairy or something sweet like that.

I is for ICE CREAM – The sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street still puts a smile on my face.

J is for JOURNAL – A number of years ago my mom came across a journal I wrote in school – probably 3rd grade or so. Reading what I wrote and the teacher’s responses had my mom, my sister and I crying with laughter.

Me: Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. She got a thing maker, a mummy model and a guillotine.

Teacher: Whatever do you do with a thing maker and a guillotine.

Me: You make creatures with a thing maker. You chop off a man’s head with a guillotine.

Teacher: How dreadful.

You can’t make this stuff up. The poor teacher must have thought she was dealing with the Addams Family and was surely ready to call protective services.

K is for KATHRYN – This saint of a woman took care of our family, watched over me and my siblings and even moved across the country with us after my dad passed away leaving my mom with four small children.

L is for LESSONS – Every day in the summer, we would walk across the golf course to the clubhouse and pool. I started swim lessons practically before I could walk. We also had lessons in arts and crafts or, as my sister called it, arfs and crabs.

fresh from a childhood swim lesson

Fresh from a swim lesson, no doubt.

M is for MINNOWS – We would catch minnows in the little inlets near our house using hot dogs as bait. Oscar Mayer worked best.

N is for NEXT DOOR – When I was a baby my grandparents relocated from Connecticut to Florida and moved in next door to us. The path between our houses was well worn.

O is for ORANGE GROVE – At that time Florida was so undeveloped that my grandparents had an orange grove in their yard. Sweet, delicious oranges.

P is for PACIFIER – The story goes that I, being a model child except for that tiny chocolate frosting transgression, gave up my pacifier one night of my own volition. I got out of bed, went to the kitchen where I placed my pacifier in the garbage can under a banana peel, and never needed that crutch again.

Q is for QUIET RECONNAISSANCE – Having made elaborate escape plans in advance, every Christmas Eve my sister and I would sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to scope out the treasures that Santa had left for us. The trick was always to act surprised when we got up on Christmas morning with the rest of the family.

R is for ROUND TABLE – The long gone, but not forgotten restaurant where I tasted pizza for the first time and a culinary love affair was born.

S is for SPURS – As a child I had a problem with a turned-in foot. The doctors tried a few different things but what worked best were leg braces. When I look back, I don’t remember the braces as something difficult. In fact, we pretended that I was Dale Evans and the braces were my spurs. Another adventure.

Me as Dale Rogers Another childhood adventure

Wearing my spurs and riding my horse.

T is for TAP – The kind of dance I took up after being kicked out of ballet. I liked the shoes better anyway.

U is for UNMENTIONABLES – As another family story goes, I was so excited about the prospect of beautiful big girl panties that I breezed through potty training without incident. This story could also have been filed under “T” for TMI.

V is for VEGETABLES – I was obsessed with a set of plastic vegetables I saw at the store. I still remember that happy day when the vegetables came home with me to play.

W is for WOOLWORTHS – Our local Woolworths store had a soda fountain where my mom and I would often stop for a treat. Behind the counter they had a wall of balloons each containing a coupon. Customers were invited to throw a dart at the balloons to reveal how much they would save on their bill. Better than any carnival game.

my childhood

Off to Woolworths for a lunch date with my mom.

X is for X-RAY – As a young girl, I fell and broke my arm. What I remember most from the incident is that after the X-ray confirmed the break, I got a shot of novocaine with the most gigantic needle I’ve ever seen. I also got a Cinderella wristwatch.

Y is for YORKSHIRE POPOVER – On department store outings we would stop for lunch and I would always enjoy this yummy treat. (Have you noticed that lots of my memories involve food?)

and finally….

Z is for ZORRO?

My childhood as Zorro

I have absolutely no memory of this day or this outfit. I can only imagine that I was trying to dress myself as some cowboy hero because I guarantee that my mother would never do this to me.

This picture does, however, make us laugh every time we look at it.

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  1. We totally had a Woolworth’s here, too and my grandmother would always get me lollipops from it whenever we would go shopping there, as well as my mom still tells me that the cashiers knew me as “The Pink Girl”, because I loved the color pink and always was dressed in some form of the color and would pick the pink lollipop, too each time. Funny what you do remember, but loved hearing all about your childhood here 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…The Day The Doll Carriage Died…My Profile

  2. That journal entry is hilarious! I really like how you took this prompt and went with it, Mo! I feel like I learned a lot about you reading this post. Those photos are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Bev recently posted…I rememberMy Profile

  3. What awesome memories! I was amazed that your ballet teacher tried to kick you out at age 6. Loved hearing about Woolworth’s, the oranges and all your food memories.
    Katy recently posted…10 Things You Can Say to a Kitten or a BabyMy Profile

  4. Isn’t it funny what you remember so clearly. I remember my first restaurant pizza too at a place called Pizza Pete’s. Have a great day and stay warm!
    Vicki recently posted…A Winter WeekendMy Profile

  5. What a great project! What a different childhood growing up in warm Florida with oranges and golf courses. No judgements on what you’ve shared with us.
    I took dance lessons too, although I don’t recall if it was ballet or tap (that’s how awful I was!) I remember dancing to “When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbing along” The class was fun but I was terrified when I heard we were supposed to perform in front of other people. I don’t think I made it through the performance. My mom was probably told that dance was not for me, but I didn’t want to go back anyway.

    • Love it! And I’m with you. I don’t think that performance was ever my thing (other than in the comfort of my own basement with family members dragged in as the audience). You are welcome to join in on the project! I can let you know what the prompts are and you may even want to guest post here and publish one of your entries. Think about it… 🙂
      Mo Lux recently posted…My Childhood From A To ZMy Profile

  6. It’s hard to cover your entire childhood with just one post, isn’t it? I like your approach – you touched on so many great things. I hope you had fun writing – I had fun reading.

  7. Were any of your three siblings older? That last picture is something “as a big sister” that I would have done to my little brother. LOL! Loved your A-Z. That was an ouch comment from the ballet teacher!

    And how nice was it to have your grandparents right next door!

    I’m not that certain that I’ve been here before, but nice to read you!
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Telling My StoryMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Kenya, I’m delighted to have you here! As a matter of fact I did have an older sister and that is just the kind of wacky prank that beloved gal would have pulled on me. I’m going to have to ask my mom and see if she remembers how the Zorro look came to be.
      Have a great day!
      Mo Lux recently posted…My Childhood From A To ZMy Profile

  8. What a cutie-pie you were! Our letter “C” could be the same, except I didn’t even try dance lessons because of my clumsiness. Perhaps they would have helped!
    Great writing challenge!
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Hound Dogs by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  9. Oh, Mo – this is wonderful! The photos, the funny stories, even the TMI – not only do you share about your childhood, but I see the woman you have become in the telling of it. The ABC list was perfect – may I use that as a suggestion for approaching a future prompt? What a great way to pull together all the snippets of your childhood. Thank you for joining us!

    I took ballet as a kid too, but not for long. I tried tap as an adult, but it was much too difficult for my level of coordination!
    Dana recently posted…Come out and playMy Profile

    • Absolutely feel free to use the ABC idea! I was inspired by a post by our pal Eli who did an “old school blogging” challenge involving A to Z questions about yourself. I thought I might do a post like that but then realized that the A to Z format might be just what I was looking for to complete my “Who I Am” piece. I’m thrilled to be part of the project!
      I’m not sure why anyone thought tap would be a better option for my clumsiness. It seems that I could only do more damage to myself and others!
      Mo Lux recently posted…My Childhood From A To ZMy Profile

  10. Love this post! Enjoyed learning more about you. The photos are clutch. What a great idea. I plan to implement it in my own life somewhere, somehow.
    PS: I broke my arm when I was 7 – and I loved my dolls and every single Barbie!

  11. That’s a fantastic way of sharing snippets of your childhood. The balloon wall at Woolworths sounds BRILLIANT 🙂

  12. Mo… I LOVE this post and all the pics of you. I loved my Barbie’s so much! Let’s bring some Barbies to the conference just in case we get bored. Remember Skipper? And Midge? And who could forget handsome Ken?? Can you bring your Zorro hat too?

    • How did you know that Skipper and Midge were my favorites?!?! For some reason we never had a Ken doll. We had Ricky (his nephew or something?) but for the other males (I can’t believe I am admitting this) we chopped off the hair of some of the Barbies and dressed them like men. Men with very large chests.
      Mo Lux recently posted…My Childhood From A To ZMy Profile

  13. What a great idea. I’m curious enough to pop over to the source and participate and I like that it’s in snippets. They’re more readable and the slices of life give a great feel. You are such an adorable child – obviously still have those beautiful eyes. And we must be close to the same age (I’m 58) as Chatty Cathy was a favorite around our house. I had two sisters so we had three of them and played for hours with them. Barbies saturated my days too. Our first dog was also a cocker spaniel – who would be T for Taffy. I broke my arm roller skating and had a cast, and while I didn’t sneak a swipe of chocolate from a Sara Lee chocolate cake, I did get into the jar of tootsie rolls (not allowed) while my parents were sleeping and left evidence of a little drool of chocolate on my white with navy blue polka dot nightgown. You have such a fun way of remembering and many of your snippets feel like a sister from another mother.
    Barbara recently posted…Who shares your dream?My Profile

    • Oh, Barbara, I hope you do join in on the project! You are absolutely right. We are the same age and, as it seems, sisters from another mother. No wonder I like you so much! My sister and I used a cabinet in our bedroom so serve as a home for Barbie and crew. We made furniture out of boxes. When we were done playing for the day we would just close the cabinet then pick up where we left off the day before. Such great memories!
      Mo Lux recently posted…My Childhood From A To ZMy Profile

  14. Mo…I absolutely LOVE this!!! What a great idea to have the posts as a remembrance. Your pictures (and comments) really made me smile. Hope you are staying warm! xoxo

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I sure had fun putting it together! Today the temperature is 22 degrees so it feels practically balmy compared to the below digit temps of last weekend! Hope you avoid most of the storm this weekend!
      Mo Lux recently posted…My Childhood From A To ZMy Profile

  15. Totally Awesome…I may need to do this. Such wonderful memories…
    Beemie recently posted…Much ado…My Profile

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