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The other day I was at an all day meeting which kicked off with some ice-breaker activities. Yay…

For one of the exercises we were to draw an image on a piece of paper that described one of our interests and everyone else would try to guess. The twist was that we had to hold the paper up in front of our foreheads and draw blindly.  With a sharpie.  Nope, can’t see anything that could go wrong there.  I’ve always wanted a permanent marker mole on my forehead.

Any-who, this is the picture I drew:

wine drawing

Before I even finished my (if I do say so myself) pretty decent blind drawing of a wine bottle, someone screamed out, “YOU LIKE TO DRINK!”  Well, um, ok…. I might phase it a bit more elegantly like, “I appreciate fine wine.”  But you say po-TAY-to and I say po-TOT-to.  Either way, she had me pegged. I like to drink…wine.

So, I’ve decided to start what I hope and expect to be a weekly feature about wine.  I will make recommendations, talk about wine tasting, wine pairing, and other wine related “stuff”.

But I need a name for this thing.  I’m looking for something clever and not vomitously cute, ok? I’m thinking this feature will publish on Mondays so maybe that should be in the name.  Or not… but probably the word “wine” should be.

I will put my thinking cap on but I would appreciate it if you guys could make some suggestions. (And a note to my dear son, whose only apparent flaw is his dislike of wine, no, I will not call this The Spoiled Grape Juice Review.)

Girls trip to Napa 069

Please and thank you.

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  1. Love the new haircut! I am looking forward to reading your wine recommendations. Mo Wine Please? Vintage Mo?

  2. I like mo wine reviews! Or it’s five o’clock somewhere

  3. Love the Mo Wine Please! That one is funny! 🙂 How about “No Mo Wineing Mondays”?! 😉 Cracked up at this post!-Ashley

    • Thanks for the twitter love!! Your “No Mo Wineing” reminds me of a business my friend Nancy and I talked about starting together years ago. An errand business called Quit Your Mo-Nan as in quit your moaning and let us take care of it for you!
      Mo recently posted…Best Thank You Note EverMy Profile

  4. Brilliant idea. Love that you drew that particular design. Now folks from here might have shouted out “snow shovel” but I would have guessed correctly. Love the ” mo wine” concept. How about “mo wine please”

  5. Hmm.. what a fun problem to have! I love to think about things like this! Off the top of my head: Mo Cork Love. Drinking With Mo! Or… Mo & Wine- My best picks!

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