Nap On A Plane

Half past midnight and I’m still awake. A cab is arriving at 4:30am to take me to the airport for my 6:15am flight.

As my ridiculously adorable grand sons would say,


It’s going to be a very long day.


Insomnia is never fun but insomnia and travel are a really bad combo.

Fortunately I’m pretty good at taking a nap on a plane. Sometimes I think I sleep better in an airline seat than in a bed. You know how some kids have beds that look like a race car? I’m thinking I need a bed that looks like seat 11C.

I have my routine down to a science.

I plop in my seat, stash my backpack under the seat in front of me, and put on my headphones. If there is on board music I’ll dial up the classical music channel or, my new favorite, the spa music channel and close my eyes.

Even if there is no music, I still wear my headphones to discourage chatty seat neighbors.

Zip – minutes later I’m snoozing away.

Sure, I occasionally wake myself up with a snort. When that happens, I cough a lot so people think that I coughed and did not snort. I’m pretty sure I fool them every time.

(People LOVE to hear other people coughing on an airplane especially nowadays, right? Doesn’t scare them at all.)

I’ve sometimes needed my Tide To Go pen to clean up a teensy, tiny bit of sleep drool. But really, who hasn’t?

All of this got me to thinking…

I need to invent a new product. A Chin Hammock. Something to support my chin so that my mouth does not droop open in a most unladylike manner during an in-flight nap.

The Chin Hammock (Trademarked, patent not yet pending) would loop over the user’s ears, or maybe over their headphones, and very discretely give their chin some gentle support.



Simple, effective, brilliant!

If I’m lucky, my new product might even be mentioned by my pals at The Dose of Reality who highlight “really special” finds on Pinterest.

At the very least The Chin Hammock seems like just the kind of product that makes the Sky Mall catalog so very intriguing.

This product could go viral!

In the meantime, until I drum up some investors and convince my favorite patent attorney to take up this boondoggle case, I and thousands of others will have to endure the humiliation that comes when one startles awake from a nap on a plane.

Am I alone on this? Any tricks or tips for getting a restful nap at 30,000 feet? Or for covering up the sound of snoring?

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  1. Hahaha, a chin hammock sounds like a great idea! I’m impressed you can nap so easily. I feel like I can nap for about 15 minutes on a plane, and red eyes are the worst! I’m exhausted and yet unable to sleep.
    Bev recently posted…Transitioning from dark to light: An interview with Firefly Yoga InternationalMy Profile

  2. OMG…this is hilarious!! My husband is already worried about sleeping (and thus snoring) on our long flights…I usually nudge him about 20 times every flight. I, however,can’t wait to have hours and hours of relaxation time…I am actually looking forward to the flights! Call me crazy but I like the food, the movies, the little amenity kit…it is all part of the fun!

    I have awful insomnia too and always have trouble sleeping the night before a trip. Wish there was a solution for THAT besides pharmaceuticals.

    When you release Mo’s Chin Hammock, I promise to feature it on the blog! 🙂

    Sandy recently posted…Wednesday Wanderlust ~ Tortuga Bay by Oscar de la RentaMy Profile

    • Sandy, I will give you exclusive rights to the premier of my Chin Hammock. I’m with you – I enjoy the flights particularly if a) there is a movie or Direct TV or b) I get upgraded!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Nap On A PlaneMy Profile

  3. You are so funny – and I can’t sleep a wink on a plane. I love to sit and chat with strangers who are wearing headphones and chin hammocks.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Anne Byrn Saves The Day by PatsyMy Profile

  4. The only time I’ve been able to sleep on a plane was on a (12 hour) international flight. Otherwise, my head falls to one side just as I’m dozing off and I jolt myself awake. Maybe the second round of your chin hammock can figure out a way to remove that problem, too?
    Kathy G recently posted…Holy “Mole-y”My Profile

  5. Ok now this is where we differ. I fly every aeronautical mile with my pals up front. It’s not that I’m scared. I love to fly. I just can’t sleep. Not a wink. That dimming of the cabin lights? Ha! Can’t fool me. My energy ramps up, feet want to dance and my mind zooms. I knit, read and people watch. Get that chin hammock into production Mo! It’ll provide me with hours of entertainment.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Corn Maze Hell Over At Coach DaddyMy Profile

    • My mom pointed out that the chin hammock could have non-aeronautical applications as well, like training a saggy chin to tighten up. She suggests wearing it while washing dishes to get a facial steam and chin tuck. Ideas abound!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Nap On A PlaneMy Profile

  6. I am a poor sleeper all the time and this is especially true when I travel – I don’t sleep on buses (years of high school and college track trips without ever sleeping), in cars or on airplanes. The few times I’ve flown on the redeye flight this has been really rough – I just read.
    Kim recently posted…A Weak Week (10/19 – 10/25)My Profile

  7. I am also a plane sleeper. Now are you an aisle or window sleeper? I have to be on the aisle. Something about the vibration of the plane keeps me awake. Of course the peril of being on the aisle is getting woken up by people who need to use the restroom.
    Tammy recently posted…Second ReadMy Profile

    • I know just what you mean! The aisle is my preferred seat but it does come with the price of being the gateway to the rest room. The window seat feels a little claustrophobic to me.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Nap On A PlaneMy Profile

  8. A chin hammock is a brilliant idea, Mo! I was just on a plane last weekend and had the same issue. My kids mock me when I fall asleep in the car – head back and mouth open. Although I think wearing a hammock on my chin will only intensify the mocking!
    Dana recently posted…Why Halloween with older kids is awesomeMy Profile

    • There is that, Dana…. Maybe if I partner with Tory Burch or someone like that and make it a fashion piece it would overcome the “awkwardness”. Or would that be just lipstick on a pig?
      Mo Lux recently posted…Nap On A PlaneMy Profile

  9. I hope any future flights I get on along with my toddler especially we will be passed.out.
    That is the best way to get through a flight. And taking the red eye flight sounds like a great idea.

    You can try to get on Shark Tank and try to get that chin hammock off the ground! lol.
    Deanna recently posted…When those you are close to move far away.My Profile

  10. So, I am not even lying that as I was reading about the chin hammock I was totally thinking that it would be the PERFECT Pinterest Nightmare and that was before I got to your FABULOUS shout-out to us!! HA HA HA HA!! I feel like you must invent it now. This product has to exist!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…The Year My Parents Tried To Ruin HalloweenMy Profile

  11. Ashley, I would be honored beyond words to have my Chin Hammock featured on Pinterest Nightmares. Way, way better than a feature in Sky Mall!
    Mo Lux recently posted…Nap On A PlaneMy Profile

  12. Love the chin hammock idea though as we are entering cold and flu season you should check this out The side benefit would be the drool from sleeping would be hidden. Safe travels

  13. I am the exact opposite – I have the hardest time sleeping on a plane. As for your invention, my hubs has been talking about something like this for years (and I keep keep telling him no one would want it, lol). It is a somewhat different idea than yours, but close enough that I’m sending him the link to your post, just so he can say, “SEE????”
    Amy recently posted…Baked Apple CompoteMy Profile

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