Go Where No Other Readers Have Gone

Today’s theme for the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge (which, it seems, I have turned into an every other even day blog challenge) is: Resurgence.

Our fabulous host, Kim, from Being a Wordsmith is giving us the opportunity to show off some of our older posts that perhaps didn’t get the viewership we had hoped.  Oh, I’ve go a lot of those! Since I didn’t share my blogging adventure with my family and friends (except Clare) until I had been up and running for awhile, I’m not sure anyone has read these gems.

Enjoy going where no other readers have gone.

Barbie flight attendant

First, my rant about the scofflaws on airplanes who do not feel the same compulsion to follow rules as I do.  “It Is Now Safe To Turn On Your Electronic Devices”

iPad and wine

Next, my confession about my lack of productive hobbies. “My Constant Companion”

Personal Preference

And finally, a silly little piece about board games. “Personal Preference And Other Board Games


On a personal note, one year ago today we were pacing the floor of our condo in California, anxiously awaiting the news that our identical twin grand baby boys had been born in Boston. These little guys have filled our lives with joy and love. They are perfect in every way.

Today we will be with them as we celebrate their first birthday.

Happy birthday, boys! Momo and Tato love you!


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  1. So wonderful that you get to celebrate those precious twin boys again! These are the grand benchmarks and rich moments of life. Enjoy every moment of it! I’m still anxiously awaiting the birth of twins in our family -not far now – due November 26th. Can’t wait!

    • Get ready for your life to change – times 2! Everyone told our son and daughter-in-law that the first year is the hardest and after that it gets so much easier because the twins keep each other entertained. We have definitely found this to be true. It is the most magical thing to see how these brothers interact. Sending best wishes to your family! Please let me know when the babies arrive!

  2. OK, I feel like we are kindred spirits here. I am such a rule follower. I don’t like to jaywalk because it’s against the rules. They put those crosswalks in for a reason, and it’s not going to kill me to walk a few extra feet to get to one.

    Plus, I hate when people ask what my hobbies are because I feel like I have to make up ones just so I don’t sound lame by telling the truth. Yes, my hobbies truly do include writing and surfing the web. Yes, in my mind, the perfect evening truly does consists of curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and my iPad.

    • It is so nice to know that other rational and sane people feel the same way I do! I totally make up hobbies when asked. But you have to be careful – once I told someone that one of my hobbies was cooking. She started sending me three or four recipes a week and wanted my “reviews”. I had to confess. Awkward…..

  3. Mo… after I leave you I am going to read your past posts. In the meantime just want to say I would love to meet you sometime when you are in Boston. I’m not going to be there for awhile, but when I get there maybe you could squeeze in a little lunch when visiting you grand babies…

    • It’s a date, Katie! Just let me know when you get to Boston and we will make it happen. I am a very lucky girl and get to visit the babies every 6 – 8 weeks so I’ll be in your new neighborhood often!

  4. Hi Mo,

    I LOVED each and every one of these posts – thank you for sharing!! I am a rule follower too and get all hyper when other people don’t “tow the line”…My iPad is also my loyal companion…And, I definitely NEED to check out the games – they all look like fine. Your grand babies are priceless!!

    • What really makes me crazy is when people act as though the rules apply to everyone BUT them. ARGH!!!!
      We had a wonderful party for the babies. I just can’t believe how quickly their first year flew by!

  5. Thank you for calling me fabulous! Your grandbabies are cutie patooties. Happy Birthday to them. I’ll be checking out these “lost” posts. I appreciate you linking up, Mo.

    • Well you ARE fabulous, Kim! This challenge was especially fun for me because I got to share some of my first posts that (almost) literally no one had read before! 😉

  6. Can’t wait to go read those older posts…love seeing what I missed on a blog! Happy birthday to your ADORABLE grand babies! :)-Ashley

  7. So fun to read your previous posts Mo. I left comments at the end of each. Two jumbo Happy Birthdays to your two grand lads. What a special day for you and them!

    • Glad you enjoyed the posts, Kelly! It was fun to be able to give them another go! Thanks for the birthday wishes for the little guys! We had a great day!

  8. Awww Happy Bday to them both! Grandparents are the best!
    Hope you are having a good time with them in Boston! 🙂

    • Everyone says that being a grandparent is the best job ever but, of course, I didn’t appreciate how true that was until these guys were born. Just amazing!!!

  9. i love what they call you. that is so cute. momo and tato!

    • Tato is what my husband called his beloved grandfather. It took awhile to come up with my name. So long that my son threatened to start calling me “Grandma to be named later”. Momo was so obvious, I’m not sure why it took us so long to settle on that!
      Mo recently posted…Mo Wine Please – ViognierMy Profile

  10. Happy birthday to your grandbabies, Mo! Checking out your “lost posts” now.

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