Past And Future

We enjoyed an action packed weekend featuring a blast from the past and a look toward the future.

Our weather could only be described as glorious. Bright sunshine, temperatures in the low 70s – the kind of weather that earns San Diego their reputation for the perfect climate. Here in Chicago, because our weather is not so perfect, we celebrate these days and appreciate them greatly.

Glenview Methodist Pre School

On Saturday, my pals Peggy, Nora and I spent the afternoon at a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Glenview Methodist Pre-School, the warm, loving and nurturing place that our children spent their pre-school days.

There are three independent pre-schools in our town. Each of them, Glenview Methodist, St. David’s and Community are named after the church facility in which they are housed although none have a religious affiliation.

When our son, Walt, turned 2 1/2 he was ready to go. Peter and I did what we always do: let a friend (someone we trust completely) research the heck out of the subject then go along with what they choose.

Thanks to Peggy’s diligent investigation for her own children, Walt entered Glenview Methodist Pre-School in 1985. Our daughter, Annie, in 1988.

Nora, with six children, had a long tenure as a pre-school parent. She joked that by the time her youngest enrolled, she could have been the grandparent liaison to the much younger new parents. Fast forward to today, Nora’s grandson just started at Glenview Methodist Pre-School.

GMPS – the next generation.


GMPS hallway

Walking into the building on Saturday, I was brought back to those days, decades ago, when our life revolved around simple things like circle time and play-doh.

Our children spent many hours in happy classrooms like this being guided by warm and kind women, many of whom we got to reunite with at the party.

GMPS classroom

Way back in the day, I volunteered to be on the pre-school board. My first job was Newsletter Editor.

Sounds glamorous, right?

Please recall that this was a time long, long ago. Well before email and social media. I actually typed the newsletter on an electric typewriter then made copies at the local print shop.

Peter says that one of  his “fondest” memories from those days was enjoying the monthly ritual that went something like this.

Mo: type, type, type, type, type, type

Mo: “#*@!$%!!!!”

Mo: applies copious amounts of white-out to cover up the typing mistake

Mo: blows softly on white-out to dry it before continuing.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Seriously, I think it would have been quicker to have chipped the newsletter out on a stone tablet.

Taking pity on me, the board decided to move me out of that position and into the position of board president.

Because we had wonderful parents and teachers, this job was 99% easy. Yes, there were a few challenges but, after all, we weren’t trying to take over the world just provide a safe and loving environment for our kids.

Mission accomplished.

GMPS Anniversary party

The party was like old home week. I ran into a former neighbor, Mary Beth, who teaches at the pre-school.

One of the most important things I did as president was to convince Mary Beth to join the staff when we had a last minute opening just weeks before the start of the school year. That was probably in 1988 and she is still there.

I told her that I was very impressed, although not surprised. When this gal makes a commitment, she sticks with it!

GMPS party

It was a perfect afternoon spent celebrating this special little school and many of the wonderful folks who have kept the spirit alive for a half century.

Sunday morning found us up and at ’em very early heading to Lincoln Park for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5k race.

MMRF team gathering

The team gathered to support this organization in honor of our dear friend who recently completed a successful round of treatment for this disease.

Our pal’s wonderful children did an amazing job of rallying the team, organizing our fund raising efforts and designing our team t-shirt.

MMRF walk

As a tribute to our honoree and her wonderful children, over 80 people signed up to walk or run. Many, many of those were 20-something friends of the children who participated to support their friends and because they adore our honoree.

Many others who were unable to attend the event, donated to the cause.

Team Schrammrock stepped up to the plate, helping to raise funds toward research and the development of more and more effective treatments for Multiple Myeloma.

Our goal: a bright future for our dear friend and all those affected by this disease.

team schrammrock

Go team!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dear school. My children also attended a Methodist Preschool, and we loved it. I’ve got a background in Early Childhood Ed. and think it’s difficult now to find a good preschool that allows children to just be children and not shove academics (and computers) down their throats so early. Congratulations on a great milestone!
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Meeting on Ono Island by Leslie AnneMy Profile

  2. I have very fond memories of the pre-school my boys attended. Such a nice tribute to the school. Thanks for sharing.
    Beemie recently posted…Moves like…My Profile

  3. We are having great weather here aren’t we! That isn’t is so fun-we are researching preschools now for my three year old and it is daunting-but I think we found one-pretty exciting and sad that they are growing up so fast!
    Deanna recently posted…Sleeveless Chambray Shirt + Black Dress ShortsMy Profile

  4. oops I meant it IS fun!!! Im on a rocky cta bus right now-sorry for the typo!
    Deanna recently posted…Sleeveless Chambray Shirt + Black Dress ShortsMy Profile

  5. I have such fond memories of my girl’s preschool too. It was a co-op so we had to help in the classroom and we still laugh about washing paintbrushes in the art closet. I was on the board too ( Membership Chair) and I think being involved makes a huge impact on your kids. Looks like a great day!

  6. What fun! And even moreso with the added purpose of helping someone struggling with illness. Loved the vintage feel of the inside of the school and the crisp, perfect September day.
    Barbara recently posted…On Civility.My Profile

  7. The preschool’s 50th anniversary celebration sounds like a terrific trip down memory Lane. My kids loved pre-school (run out of the nearby Lutheran church) – Michael Jordan’s son went to pre-school with my son!
    We too support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). My husband’s business school classmate and dear friend (who lived close by at the time) founded the organization in 1995 shortly after she was diagnosed with the disease. She has raised more than $250 million and pioneered innovative research strategies; never underestimate the impact of one person. Last year she was ranked #19 on Fortune Magazine’s Worlds’ 50 Greatest Leaders!

    • Oh my gosh, Kathy, what an amazing story!!! My heartfelt thanks to your friend and deep appreciation for all she has done. God bless her, all the supporters and all of the brilliant folks who are working so hard on breakthroughs in treatment.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Know Your Wine PreferencesMy Profile

  8. A great tribute to a wonderful school!!

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