Personal Preference And Other Board Games

Personal Preference game

I’m making a list of the things I want to bring along on my girlfriends’ getaway to Montana.  It’s a mental list of course.  Why would I want to write it down and increase the likelihood that I would actually remember everything?

One thing I want to bring for sure is our family’s favorite board game, Personal Preference.  It is a fabulously fun game, especially for a group.  There are four categories and a box of picture cards for each category. For instance, if the category is “Food and Drink”, you might turn over 4 cards: pizza, ginger ale, chocolate mousse and mushrooms.  The purpose of the game is move around the board, advancing spaces by correctly guessing your opponents order of preference.  It’s a very interactive game and you learn a lot about the others you are playing with. Some of the cards are pretty dated but that adds to its charm.

Personal Preference is a very old game.  I first played it while visiting my pal Catherine a million years ago.  I loved the game so much that I wanted to track down my own copy.  Now this was way before the magic of the internet, Amazon and ebay.  I actually had to get on the phone (attached to the wall) and CALL stores.  Can you imagine?!?

My first call was to a local store called Kroch & Brentano’s.  I tried them first because they were sort of a niche bookstore that carried some fancy pants, non-mainstream games.  No Milton Bradley, no Parker Brothers, but games like Broderbund, etc.  Anyway, this is how my phone conversation with the nice clerk went:

Me: Hello, I am calling to see if you carry the board game, Personal Preference.

Clerk:  I’m not familiar with that game. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Me: It’s an adult specialty game.  (Yes, I actually said that.)

Clerk: (after a long and awkward silence) I’m sorry ma’am.  We don’t carry that type of game here.


I couldn’t respond even if he hadn’t hung up on me because I was a) mortified and b) laughing my ass off.

Eventually I did find a copy of the game and we are still playing it, some 30 years later. Nowadays you can occasionally find Personal Preference on ebay.  I’ve bought copies for my kids and other friends who have played with us and loved it as much as we do.

Board games are great for crowd interaction.  Whether it’s family game night or a girlfriends’ getaway the right game can provide wonderful entertainment.  There are the old stand-bys like Monopoly or Scrabble and some newer favorites like Bananagrams.  But the BEST choice for group game playing, in my opinion, are games that require the players to work with each other on teams.

Do you have family members that love Legos?  Creationary is the wonderful marriage of Lego building and Pictionary or charades.  Players pull a card then must build a Lego creation that will enable their partner to correctly guess what is on the card. My son-in-law, Jerry, is a HUGE Lego fan so we got him Creationary for Hanukkah.  This is a game that can include a pretty wide range of ages.  Great for family game night or to pass the time when you are stranded in your apartment because of a blizzard.

OK, but the very best new board game I have seen and played is the Awkward Family Photos game.  You’ve seen those greeting cards like this:

Awkward Family Photo

The game includes tons and tons of awkward family photos. Players write a caption about the photo, the captions are read anonymously then everyone tries to guess which player wrote each caption. This game is HILARIOUS (all caps and bold).  I guess it helps when the people with whom you are playing have a sense of humor and/or have had some wine but trust me…. Definitely a laugh riot.

At least a couple of games will join Personal Preference in my suitcase as I pack for my trip. I’m always looking for new games to play with the family or friends.  Suggestions?



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  1. We love games, but I have never heard of this one. I’ll have to track it down, because it sounds like fun!

    • Sometimes you can find Personal Preference on eBay. I keep saying I’m going to reach out to a toy company to encourage them to reissue the game. It is perfect for family game night or a game night with friends!


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